Kota Kinabalu City 12 Years Before

Posted: March 28, 2008 in Sabahan Facts


How old are you during the year 1996? Where were you during the year of 1996? but that’s not really the question here, the question is.. have you ever wonder how would Kota Kinabalu city look like 12 years before? Have you noticed any development changes during 12 years back until now. For those Sabahan that have been studied, lived and survive in outside Sabah or even Malaysia and not been around Kota Kinabalu for many years, take your time to look at the picture after the jump.. I’m about to provided you with a simple graphic material showing up the changes happens throughout all the year 1996 to present.


This how Kota Kinabalu city looks like from a bird’s eye view back in the year 1996.

This photo is a Copyright©1996 by Tommy Chang and scanned from one of his photography book call SABAH Malaysian Borneo, People & Places, published by Tommy Chang Image Production Sdn Bhd. I hope he won’t take it much against me since this is not for a commercial purposes.


Here are the changes that I manage to spot on. Click the photo to have a closer view. RED color spot represent a development/buildings that been completed today, while BLUE color spot represent a future development/buildings which is not completed.

Did I miss something?

  1. ezooone says:

    iyerrrrrrr…soooo nostalgic…i was in form 3 in 1996…ekekeke…siok o itu time…ada center point,karamunsing,wisma jak…

  2. esharkj says:

    Ya tula.. tapi centre point jgk yg hapenning time tuh! Mana pembodek2nya, mana aweks-aweksnya, mana model2nya yang dari jam 9pagi sampai 9malam..

    Ohhh 1996 ko form 3 la, errr.. ko sekolah mana haa?

  3. papajoneh says:

    96=form3? Waaaahhh…. macam kau panggil sia uncle lah now ezoone or probably kungkung.. hahahha.

    sian, ndak sia ingat apa sia buat during 96.. blum kahwin, time bujang… teda GF, punya best. Hahaha. Ya, CP is the happening lah kali tu time.

  4. esharkj says:

    Uii Papauncle.. eh silap.. PapaJ, impossible la cikit pun tidak ingat that time bujang-bujangan what you was doing. Me last time 1996 baru start my law study di kehel, baru2 ja sampai dari kk gi sana, uiinah sakai btul. Tp yg best ramai aweks usha-usha, dorg ckp urang sabah sumua hensem-hensem.. Aiisehhh!! hensem la kunun.

  5. papajoneh says:

    ohhh kau pegi sana bukan belajar ah 😉
    tapi last2… orang sini juga kau pakai..hahahhaa. Bah truskan lah usaha… bila mau join sia ni jadi golongan elit2.. bapa, papa, father and uncle2.. hahahaha

  6. esharkj says:

    Parents la suru jadi lawyer kunun, last2 failed jadi lawyer buruk la pula!.. actually sia dpt offer buat architecture ba di srwk that time, but ayahda tercinta suru gi kehel gi jela buat law.

    Err.. steady la ba dulu, little ‘eshark’ sure comin soon.. kasi puas2 dulu sia, ada jugak tu anti. He! He!

  7. Nicole19 says:

    ehh …ko stdy di kl ??? hehehe
    ambil law kah hehehe wah punya lah bgs hehehee
    trus ko di mana krg di kk kah tau di kl??? esharkj??
    kerja kah ?? umur u ??????

  8. esharkj says:

    errr.. skrg di KK la keja bah.. umur sia tidak buli kestau sini, kalu ko dapat teka dgn betul I buy you ‘roti bom’.. sedap that! heh! heh!

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