51st Merdeka Parade Celebration Kota Kinabalu Sabah – Pictures

Posted: September 15, 2008 in What's Hapenin
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Finally.. the 51st Merdeka Parade Celebration at Kota Kinabalu Sabah last month has been uploaded.. pwuuhh!!

The parade start early at 7am on Sunday, 31st August 2008 and I was so lucky this year manage to snap photos for most of the parade..

The parade start with by severals Sabah State Department Services..

Bulat Sabit Merah Kota Kinabalu

Pathfinder Club Kota Kinabalu, one of the nicest costume of the day

Gabungan Persatuan Belia Tawau

aren’t Petronas color is Green?? or this because of the major sponsorship given to the F1 team BMW Williams Sauber.

Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB).. psst!! why la, my house every month got black out one haa??

Yayasan Sabah.. Brown is always their theme color, symbolised the color of Sabah timber.

ABX, also participate in the parade.. one of the corporate postal service

and not forgotten the Pos Malaysia Berhad.. nice costume btw.

Volkswagen club

Big bikes

Mini bikes??

What..a thrishaw in KK?? Apa.. beca di kekeh??

Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia – Sabah State

Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia

Malaysian Police Forces

Now that’s what I call a super boat..

After the parade finished, a short performances of martial arts by the Silat Cekak group.

and not forgotten the cultural dance shaow..

and lastly, an amazing combat show by the Malaysian Army Forces..

love it..

Happy belated Merdeka to all Malaysian..

  1. lea says:

    i spy VJ alvey~!

  2. Gallivanter says:

    I didn’t feel patriotic this time around…so didn’t bother to catch up on the march past…

  3. Daniel says:

    Sharky, tell me something. What lens do you use? Because it seems to have an autofocus on … beautiful specimens.

  4. massy says:

    Ohhh I love those old vw XD juz love it!

  5. esharkj says:

    I knew you would say that

    Aik! I thought you knew which lenses I use bah.
    .. now just using cheap EF standard lenses.. err you want to sponsor me L lenses kah?

    retro 70’s heh! heh!

  6. apras says:

    kayak gini mau nglawan indonesia . .
    pikir2 1000 x deh..

  7. Dear Esharkj,

    Good evening, I would like to feature one of your (5th) photo taken during 51st Merdeka Parade in KK (https://madeinsabah.wordpress.com/2008/09/15/51st-merdeka-parade-celebration-kota-kinabalu-sabah-pictures/) as certificate of participation in a National Social Responsibility project.

    Thus, if you still have a copy of the photo, please email me at weekhien@gmail.com or I can be reached at +60124652232.

    Thank you.

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