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Here are some pics I would like to share with you guys while I was at Lahad Datu for Hari Raya holidays recently..


Session : Makan-Makan Malas Masak Dirumah
Venue : Aman Santai Corner (I might say one of the best in Lahad Datu)


Kuew Teow Goreng Belacan @ RM3.00, we ordered twice for this..


Mee Hailam Seafood @ RM4.00


Mee Hoon Sup Ayam Spesel @ RM3.00


One of a kind ‘Milo Tabur’ @ RM1.80.. wf punya fevret!


wf enjoyed the makan-makan very much..


Those who happen to visit Lahad Datu someday, I recommend you guys to drop by here and have some makan-makan (dinner is highly recommended). Aman Santai Corner sure got varieties of delicious meals on their menu and claimed that the chef cook is Burmese. They also selling burgers + chicken wings + satay madu.. worth it!

The Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre is first known as Likas Mangrove or Likas Swamp before it changed to Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary and later Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre. The area consist of 24 hectares of mangrove forest which has 9 different species of mangrove plants. The sanctuary become the feeding ground for many species of resident birds and some migrated bird species from Northern Asia.


Situated just within the Kota Kinabalu city centre, just beside the Likas Sport stadium.


The sanctuary was first designated as a bird sanctuary in 1996 while in 1998 it was designated as a State Cultural Heritage Site.


Once you enter the area, you’ll start the journey by following this path.


Before you enter further, you may look at the location map in order to see the overall location.


The path will take you about 1.5km boardwalk into the mangrove.


You have a choice to start with the path on your left (looks a bit scarry kan!!)


Maybe that’s why, they put this sign instead.. I would recommend that you don’t go alone (like me). The place is peaceful, very fresh and really quiet.


or you may go all the way straight (I choose to go straight instead)


The first hut you will find (there are total of 10 huts along the way)



Just take a look closer at the mangrove tree.


This shot taken during my early visit in the morning at around 8am.




After about 20 minutes walk, your will reach The Rotary Nature Activities. Actually its an outdoor classroom for environmental games + activities.. just at that time it was closed for renovation.


Then, later continue the journey along this path and if you’re lucky, you’ll witness groups of birds flying across this area.


After about 15 minutes walked from The Rotary Nature Activities, you will reach at this point.. actually this is my favorite spot!!


It’s actually a Bird hide, if you pronounce it in locals it will sound like ‘tapuk burung’


But I love to called it ‘tempat batimbak burung’.. The place you can hiding quietly while witness birds trying to catch a fish + small crabs + oysters.


and it’s time for….. ‘sniper mode’!!


I have waited about 20 minutes and suddenly one bird appear..


and later came another one..


Just this is the closest I can get..


After I have enjoyed my 45 minutes ‘batimbak burung’, I continue the journey..


Through this path and all the way…

kk_wetland_centre_kotakinabalu_0742 the observation tower, about 15 minutes walk from bird hide


some shots I took from the tower



Lastly, you will reach at one path where you can walk through a gravel of mud all the way until the starting point, those who love to get close to nature can actually try this path.


Shot taken at freshwater pond at the entrance of the starting point.. just playing with the 50mm lenses.


While this shot taken at the main entrance near the main gate of Kota Kinabalu Wet Land Centre.

Those who love to enjoy some nature in the city, this is the place you MUST go!!
I would recommend to visit Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre during the morning time (7am-8am) or late afternoon (4pm -5pm) as you might get to witness those birds + other inhabitants.

These are some birds species you may expect :
– White Breasted Waterhen or Keruak
– Spotted Dove or Merbok Balam
– Peaceful Dove or Merbok Aman
– Purple Heron or Pucung Serandau
– Little Heron or Pucung Keladi
– Common Redshank or Kedidi Kaki Merah
– Common Greenshank or Kedidi Kaki Hijau
– Pacific Golden Plover or Rapang Kerinyut
– Common Sandpiper or Kedidi Pasir
– Common Iora or Kunyit Kacat
– Little Green Pigeon or Punai Daun
– Philippine Glossy Starling or Perling Mata Merah
– Pink-Necked Green Pigeon or Punai Gading
– Green Imperial Pigeon or Pergam Besar
– Common Kingfisher or Pekaka Cit-Cit Kecil
– White Collared Kingfisher or Pekaka Sungai
– Stroked Bill Kingfisher or Pekaka Paruh Pendek

Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre also provides educational activities + programmes.
for more info go to : or call : 088-246955

During my recent visit to Lahad Datu, I manage to skip some of my busy time for half day visit to the famous Tabin Wildlife Reserve.


In case if you don’t know, Tabin is the home to some highly endangered animal species and protected mammals in Lahad Datu and also plays an important role for the breeding wildlife mammals in Sabah, Borneo Malaysia.


Located about 48km north-east of Lahad Datu town, the journey to the resort is by gravel road of mud, and I recommended to use 4wd vehicles. Along the journey, you will witness palm plantation surrounding the area. Actually there’s a short cut which will take you about 50 minutes to reached the resort, due to wrong direction, the journey took me about 1 hour + 20 minutes drive.


I was lucky when someone passing by and show me the correct direction..


After about one hour drive, finally I reached at entrance of the main gate.


Once you pass by the main gate and start entering the area, you may need to drive slowly as you might see some huge wildlife crossing the road.


Suddenly I saw one huge squirrel crossing..


At last, arrived at Tabin Wildlife Resort.


Few of the chalets are just around the welcome area.




There’s another type of chalets located nearby the area, but you need to walk along this path to reach there.


Along the path, you would see this scenery.



These are the other types of chalets you may find in Tabin.



Most of the trees there are so huge.


Even this daun pun so big size daa..


Those overnight guests can always enjoy their breakfast/lunch/dinner at Sunbird Cafe rather than 1-2 hours drive out for some food.


You may not missed to see the stairs in front of Sunbird Cafe which are made from several types of Borneo timber.


You may also note down any kind of animals species that you spot during your trip to Tabin in this book.



Beside Tabin is indeed a perfect place for wildlife photographers, I don’t mind to travel all the way to this jungle for some overnight adventure trip, meaning to say not to stay overnight in a chalet, but to stay an overnight camp maybe. Heh! heh! more adventurous bah!

Things you may want to know about Tabin :
– Location : Lahad Datu, Sabah Borneo Malaysia.
– Area covered : 120,539 hectares of protected forest
– Species : 75 Mammals, 45 reptiles, 252 birds, 24 Fresh water fishes, 945 plants.

For more info, visit the official site at

Have you been to the UMS Aquarium & Marine Museum before? if not, then take a look at some of photos which I took during my recent visit. The place located exactly inside the Borneo Marine Research Institute inside the university area itself, about 7 km from Kota Kinabalu city centre.


Once you get inside to the entrance of the aquarium, just look up on your head then only you’ll see this view.


on your left, you’ll first see this mammal of Cuvier’s Beaked Whale, measuring 4.43 meters long.


This whale was actually been found dead at Mimpian Jadi beach, Tuaran back in 1997.


Some collection of corals


There are more than 50 species of Bornean reef corals displayed.


One of the aquarium you’ll see on your way to the right.



This is one of the two biggest size aquarium you’ll find.


Can you tell what fish is this?


Skip that..I also don’t know, just imagine how big is the size?


Yeahh.. it’s really huge, just look at the fish size compare to this cute babe.


Looking at this photo reminds me a Star Trek movie somewhere in a space ship scene la pulak.


Humphead parrot fish.


These fish named Remora which can grow up to 1 meter length and it placed inside an aquarium which has a taller size compare to other aquarium.



Your visit to the UMS Aquarium & Marine Museum will last around 20 – 30 minutes, the place was not as big as what I expected, however the place is great for family outing during the weekend, as for any school outing activities, I would say this place will be one of the nice + informative spot to visit.


Location : Borneo Marine Research Institute, University Malaysia Sabah (UMS).
Operating hours : Opens daily except Wednesday & Public Holiday
– 9.30am to 12.30pm and 2.00pm to 4.30pm (Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat & Sun)
– 9.30am to 11.30am and 2.00pm to 4.30pm (Fri)

Click here for the location map.

I just want to see one live shark, but there isn’t.. I guess they don’t do research on shark 😦


The biggest + most famous weekly open air market in Sabah, is none other than the ‘Tamu Besar Kota Belud’, located at Kota Belud district, 78 km to the north east of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Tamu Besar Kota Belud is an annual event where the locals of Kota Belud will gather their hand-made products from various types of handicrafts, souvenirs, local foods and drinks offering for sale to the visitors.kotabelud-sabah-map


This place was actually first open to the public on every weekend as a weekly tamu and known as Tamu Mingguan Pekan Kota Belud, later Kota Belud become an annual event of the grand Tamu Besar which held on every year by the month of October.


Hand-made ‘Parang Bajau’, a creative craftmanship of the Bajau and Iranun comunities.


Hand-made Rattan Basket or locally called Bakul Rotan by the Dusun.


Most of the locals are Muslims from the ethnic of Bajau and Iranun.


and majorities that offers their product for sale are from senior citizens.


Ikan masin.. dried fish.


Natural honey.. from RM5 to RM15 per bottle.



Traditional local delights from various types of kuih muih of Kota Belud such as kuih cincin, kuih penjaram and kuih gelang are mouth-watering foods which you should try one.


which will cost you as cheap as RM2 per packet.


The Bajau beauty.. or I love to call it the ‘Perawan Bajau’



The best time to visit Kota Belud is during the Grand Tamu Besar, it’s an annual event held on every October, for two days festivals usually on Saturday to Sunday. There are lots of interesting activities during the event which you will have the chance to get a closer look on the famous Bajau horsemen, cowboys of the East.


What makes the Bajau horsemen unique is the costume of the horse itself.


Usually the performance of the Bajau horsemen will took place in a school field nearby (about 10 minutes walk from the Tamu Kota Belud).


There, you’ll see about hundreds of Bajau horsemen wearing their traditional colourful Bajau costume with full of nice decorations on each of their horses.



Beside riding a horse, the Bajau community originally, they are the farmers and fishermen of Kota Belud.


The Bajau are also best known for their ‘Dastar’, a hand-made woven cloth for male to wear for covering their hair.


The Bajau male costume are formally consisit of a high collared long sleeve shirt call ‘baju sampit’ with gold buttons and this worn by a pants call ‘seluar sama’.




Beside a performance of the Bajau horsemen, during the event earlier, there is a Bajau female beauty pageant contest call ‘Ratu Serimpak’, which been held for the last 7 years until now. The unique of this beauty pageant beside their natural beauty was all contestant wearing a traditional Bajau female costume which consist of cultural sarimpak head dress, badu sipak, sarong olos berangkit and silver belt.


Below are some facts you might what to read  about Tamu Besar Kota Belud:

How long is the journey from Kota Kinabalu?
– 1 hour to 1.5 hours drive (standard time) to reach at Kota Belud
– 45 minutes drive (off course if you drive your car like how I did)

How to get there?
– Public bus (will cost you around RM10) – Depart from the bus station near the Merdeka field.
– Public taxi (will cost you around RM50) – Depart from the bus station near the Merdeka field or Inanam bus station

What to expect at Kota Belud?
– as I wrote… Lots of hand-made handicrafts and souvenirs for you to bring home, mouth-watering local delights, good quality home-made products from various types of foods and drinks.
– taik karabau… LOL!

Did you know?
The only Malaysian professional football player whom managed to score 2 goals against a full England team while playing for Malaysia on 1991 was a Bajau from Kota Belud named Matlan Marjan. He is a professional football player for the state of Sabah until the year 1995.


My favorite shot of the day.. 😉

Those that interested, are higly recommended to visit the Tamu Besar Kota Belud… but you have to wait till next year October then..

Bazaar Ramadhan Asia City

Venue : Asia City, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Time : 2pm – 7pm (opens daily on Ramadhan month)
Foods : Macam-macam adaaaaa (sendiri pi tingukla)

feeling thristy???

With 8 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu city centre, the Tun Mustapha Gallery is situated at Menara Tun Mustapha, formerly known as Sabah Foundation buiding or Yayasan Sabah. The Tun Mustapha Gallery was first built in 2006 to honour an oustanding achievement of a great leader, Tun Datu Hj. Mustapha B. Datu Harun, who has lead Sabah and the people of Sabah to joined the formation of Malaysia on September 16, 1963.

Here you’ll have the chance and let your kids learn closely the true life story of the late Tun Datu Hj. Mustapha bin Datu harun and his great achievement since nowadays, many young generations doesn’t really know who Tun Mustapha is.

Lobby to the Gallery

Tun Datu Hj. Mustapha was also the third Chief Minister of the state of Sabah from 1967 to 1975, and was the president for the political party United Sabah National Organization (USNO). There’s one vehicle that Tun usually used during his official transportation and it was exhibit there too at the Gallery.

from a model of Daimler, origin from a German automobile company.

I bet it’s not a power steering

Inside the vehicle, as you can see there’s one projector machine to be use for 10-15 minutes video of Tun’s life history for visitors to view.

Just beside the main entrance to the Gallery, the Tun Mustapha Gallery also operates one Souvenir Shop that offering a high quality and unique crafts, inspired by the traditional motifs of the indigenous tribes of Sabah and Tun’s personal collection.

from a quality mug…

…to many kinds of unique sourvenirs offered.

While inside of the gallery you’ll see a collections of Tun’s personal belongings during his work as the thrid Chief Minister of Sabah such as Songkok, costume, keris and also Tun’s golf set.

Interested? pay yourself a visit sometime..

Entrance Fee :
Visitors without MyKad(NRIC) – RM15
Under 12 without MyKad(NRIC) – RM5
Malaysian – RM5
Students – RM1.50
Goverment staff – RM3.50

The Gallery operates from :
8am – 5pm : Monday to Friday
8am – 1pm : Saturday
Sunday – Closed except Public & School Holiday

for more info, call : +6088 326300 (Ext 1153) / +6088 326683