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Event | 4th Sabah International Folklore 2009

Event: 5th Sabah International Folklore 2010
Date: 19th – 26th July 2010
Venue: Sabah Cultural Centre, Penampang, Sabah Borneo Malaysia.

Sabah Local Dance Competition Part 1 & Part 2 : 21st – 22nd july 2010 at 7pm
International dance Competition Part 1 & Part 2 : 24th – 25th July 2010 at 8pm
Ticket fee: First class (RM50), Adult (RM30), Children (RM10)

Gala Nite at Magellan Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysian Borneo
23rd July 2010 at 8pm – 10.30pm

What to expect: 19 international Dance group will be performing and compete to gain the title.

Those who have missed last years’ event, you can always check them out HERE!

ps: ehooooo.. Singapore dance troups datang agi nih yang bikin siok nih..

The celebration of Pesta Kaamatan Unduk Ngadau 2010 is over, the full results of the Unduk Ngadau has officially announced, even the long holidays was over too, what haven’t you seen yet here is the event photos..

so guys prepare to view tons of photos comin very soon!!

The biggest cultural celebration is coming again, don’t miss the Sabah Fest Extravaganza 2010 fiesta with this year’s theme legend, Arung Salimah.

SABAH FEST 2009 – Cultural Extravaganza
Date : 1st May – 2nd May 2010
Venue : Magella Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Handicraft + Food Showcase : 10:00 am – 22:00 pm
Cultural Extravaganza show : 07:00 pm

What to expect: Cultural performance, cultural song and traditional dances, local music, traditional fashion, local food and product display, local handicrafts, local artist product, sumandaks..

Once again you will have the opportunity to get your signature made ‘Sabahan Tattoo’ done at Monsopiad Cultural Village.. to those who missed this exhibition before, here is your chance!

Tattoo Exhibition
Date : Every 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th of January 2010
Venue : Monsopiad Cultural Village, Kg. Kuai, Kandazon, Putatan, Sabah

Contact person : 088- 774337 / 088-761336

Read previous post about Tattoo Exhibition at Monsopiad Cultural Village!

I’m suppose to have fun playing with my sniper mode today, but as some of you guys might knew the saddest news that the 1Borneo Auto Challenge 2009 has been postpone to August,  arghhh!!!

But not to worries as today I leave you guys with this post + some photos from the recent 24th Sabah Dragon Boat Race 2009.. enjoy!


24th Sabah Dragon Boat Race 2009
Date : 20 -21 June 2009
Venue : Likas Bay, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


In this year’s event, there are 65 total number of teams that participate in the race.


I was there on Sunday which is the Final Race Day, but this time I came only at around 10am.


Last year’s champion, the Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan Tuaran again participate in the race to defend their title.


Comparing to last year’s race, I’ve witness none (or maybe less) of the dragon boats had flip upside down.


For your info,  the race venue has been moved to its original place where the location is just nearby about 3km away from last year’s venue.


and I must say, Sabah Tourism Board had once again manage the event very well.




After the final race was over, all teams gathered for the prize ceremony.


Eventhough some of the teams that didn’t won, they are just enjoyed the race as one teams winnings.


The main title ‘SABAH HEAD OF STATE TROPHY’ once again won by the team from Tuaran, none other than the Pertubuhan Peladang Tuaran.

2nd place : Terayung
3rd place : Rasa Ria As
4th place : Shan Shui A
5th place : Pasukan Kebangsaan Negara Brunei Darussallam

Congratulations to all winners!!

More photos of the race event + prize ceremony at

Yeah.. You’ve just read the title!!


Someone is/are using my photo without my written/verbal consent!!

This was not the second time actually, but it’s the FOURTH time I’ve been a victim to those I like to called ‘THEIF’ a.k.a ‘PENCURI BESAR’..

The photo mentioned is this one below, which I took during my previous visit at Sarawak Cultural Village last year. The photo was taken on Saturday, 24th May 2008 at 1.44pm and contributed to which been published in article of Sarawak Cultural Village.


Let me explain briefly how’s the experienced like to be a victim for the fourth time :

1st : The first time my photo was been used was published in a monthly leaflet by one local hotel (quiet a familiar name) here in Sabah. I’ve never talked/blog about it and never even communicate with the hotel since I’m okay with that and decided to just leave the matter as it was. 😦

2nd: The second time, I was a little bit disappointed with what just happened and later I’ve express my dissapointment through my blog last year, they seems have read my blog and they have express their apologies, since then everything are all settle. 🙂

3rd : I’ve never blog/talked about this one also (only few of my best buddies knows the story). One of my copyrighted photo has been used + published commercially all over K.K without my permission. However, they have settle the situation with professional manner and express their apologies + I’ve got my compensation paid with big sum of amount which granted them a license to use the photo, I even emailed the hi-resolution photo to them as well. 😉

4th : Now! AGAIN for the fourth times!! one of my copyrighted photo has been used by one ‘third party’ website which been managed by one local company here in K.K. The copyrighted photo has been published into one of their page website (don’t bother to click as at this point I’m writing, the URL + photo has been removed). The FUNNY thing is, even the photo has watermark on it, they never ASK or even SEEK for simple permission to use that photo instead publishing it ‘diam-diam tikus’ without my knowledge. >(

Click HERE to view full size screenshot!

Earlier, I’ve send an acknowledgment emailed to the following listed contacts in their website, but what I got replied was… they never ADMIT the ‘fact’ that they have used the photo without permission.

OK! enough writing, let me just leave  you to decide + judge yourself by reading the replied email below… click for larger version.

#1 – ” The said image was indeed taken from a third party website (not “
Ohh! Ya really?? auwww.. The only place that I’ve published/upload that mentioned photo is at on 23 July 2008. THEY LIED!!

#2 – ” we could not recall which website it was as it has been quite a while “
Hmm.. no wonder they cannot recall it, because if it’s true, what they need to do is to give me the correct URL from where they get the photo from actually, but I guaranteed it end up the source image most likely from itself. THEY LIED AGAIN!!

#3 – ” as there were no contact details in that website “
mannn.. are these bunch of people NOT even reading or they just don’t see it properly or they just ‘pok silap’ ignore the CONTACT FORM which are clearly visible. AGAIN.. THEY LIED!!

#4 – ” We at ……………. respect “
Teettttt!!!! WRONG statement there!! They don’t even bother to say ‘sorry‘ and they claimed they have this value of ‘respect’ .. come on! So skiddishhhh!!! Nenek sia pun tidak buli kena tipu this!!!.. THEY REALLY GOOD IN LYING.

It’s not a big deal actually for ‘stealing’, but ADMITTING + APOLOGIES that YOU ARE WRONG is something that is not hard to do bah..

Tips for future victims : If your photo is being use by someone/some parties without your knowledge even if there’s a watermark of your copyrighted name on it, don’t get angry just yet! cool down, it’s a good sign for you actually.. you cannot prevent people from stealing your photos, it’s  just a matter of dealing with them on how best to solve the matter at the end that really counts. Only if they play fool and didn’t really admit that there wrong, then load your weapon!

Moral of the story : Don’t mess + play skidish with BLOGGERS!!!
especially the big shark!!… jen.. jeng.. jen.. jen

I was at the Padang Merdeka, Kota Kinabalu for a short visit to the Majlis Rumah Terbuka Malaysia Tadau Kaamatan 2009 on last 07 June 2009. This was my ever shortest visit to such event so far, due pack wedding assignments on that particular day.

However, I manage to snap a number of photos during the morning session for some of you who have missed the event..


There was number of bamboo stall placed outside the Padang Merdeka area which selling some Sabah local home-made food.


I was there at around 9.30am and the area was already crowded with local tourist + visitors.


There were traditional local food exhibition held during that day.


Let me start with this Hinava, all-time Penampang favorite food. Made of Tuna fish and some mixture of Bambangan seed.


Nonsom Bambangan, a mixture of Bambangan fruit + red chilies and normally kept about a week before you can eat it.


Hinompuka, another Kadazan Penampang favorite food.


Ingredients for Hinompuka; red rice flour, coconut milk, brown sugar, glutinous rice flour.


The famous Panyaram/Penyaram, the Bajau local food favorite.


One of my local favorite too actually.. sadap kalu mkn dengan Neslo panas2!!


There are also Kuih Cincin, which also sadap kalu mkn dengan Neslo panas2!!


Linongot, a popular local food of Tambunan district which made of rice, tapioca, potato, yam and tarap leaves.


Another Bajau delights, Pais Ubi covered with banana leaves and made of Tapioca, coconut and some sugar. Pais can also be eaten with Banana.


There were also few traditional bamboo house during that day, this one is Rumah Papar means ‘House of Papar’


The Gong players, most of them are the senior citizens. Nowadays it seems hard to find a younger generation who know how to play the Gongs.


The Kulintangan, another Sabah’s famous traditional musical instruments.


Pinahapaha, a combination of local herbs + fruits which consist of; mazang, kayu kokos, sahi, pisang sahi, kayu oumis, hangod-hangod, lautan, lumun kihau, hugus, buah kondiu and buah dimuan.


Another traditional house was built was the Rumah Penampang.


and lastly, I give you one last shot.. a senior citizen of the Kadazan.

The major highlights of this event was actually started at 5.30pm, pity I couldn’t wait that long, I’m done visiting + shooting at about 11.00am..