A long waited post… since the previous teaser

Nah!!! There you go!!

but before that.. those are married, turn + look behind, just to make sure your wife is not around.

those who enjoying this at the office, watch out for your boss lady ( if your boss is a guy then it’s okay)

enjoy guys ;p

One of my favorite costume.. manga kinda look.

Ohhh!! Lovely..

Ok! announcement, my favorite is the one with black hair… kamurang jangan ambik ahh!!

This two is for you Kay Uhuk! koff! koff! I mean.. bro! (especially the one on the right)

chitt! chitt! chitt! (Try to make a sound like a cicak) then only you can feel the heat.

Uhhh!!! smoookehhh!!

Okay.. my choice will be the far right.. errr wait.. no the second left, hmm.. wait I choose them all lah!

Haa.. this two you guys boleh pilih la.

Opps!! she forgot her dialogue.. (see a small paper note on her hand)

Finally… uuuhh!! Nice wicked nasty smile

This another one of my favorite costume.. mcm sailormoon daaa..

and she’s taken ah already..

One of my favorite pose, errr… I mean the way she standing bah for the show bah!

haaaa…. and this two, I know someone who really love the costume babes, he! he! it’s castello who else..

okay! you guys had enough??

now.. go back to work….

  1. Kay Kastum says:

    Damn! I need a pair of ‘Hankook’!

  2. papajoneh says:

    i’m a hmm.. baahhh.. hmmmm… ntah!

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  4. esharkj says:

    ohh yeahhh!!

    Eat them all… Ha! Ha!

    Ceh!! Purak2 lagi dia bah..

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