Gaya Street Fair (A – Z)

Posted: August 4, 2007 in Jalan-Jalan

Gaya Street Fair,Kota Kinabalu.


On every Sunday the Gaya Street (used to be known as Bond Street) will be closed to public traffic for the suday morning Gaya Street Fair here in kota Kinabalu. Almost anything you can find it here.. from local foods and drinks, souvenirs, local handicrafs, clothes, fruits, pets, women + men accesories, shoes and so on.. Here I summarize a brief stuff that you would find at Gaya Street Fair from A-Z..


A : Amazing arch on the entrance..


B : Borneo coffee


freshly blend for you on the spot.. mmm!


This Borneo coffee will cost you about RM7 per packet. Well.. it’s woth of try.


C : Cactus, so many small cactus sell here, short.. long.. name it!


what about this one? Pink cactus!! have you ever see it one?


D : Doraemon pancake. Comes with a few flavour.. Kaya, Chocolate, Butter jam & Strawberry.


It will cost you as cheap as RM1.50 each.


C : Corals?? Hmm.. I wonder is this illegal.


various types of nice corals and shells are available for sale. Usually corals are used for souvenirs or home deco accessories.


Normally will cost you around RM0.20 – RM30. Hmm! they really making money la!


F : Flowers of Borneo


Mostly orchids are the most popular one.


G : Gucci.. Guess.. Giordano.. you name it!


Lots of branded women’s handbags + men’s wallets you can get as cheap as RM10, but pity not the genuine one.


H : Halau Nyamuk.. an option for chemical spray insect. How it works..I have no idea but this plant smells really strong.


I : iPod Shuffle?? Urghh!! what the hell is this Mac product doing at Gaya Street.


Well! According to the ‘Ah Po’ who sale this slurppp iPod, It was her son’s iPod, happens to be the son refuse to have it because he got another one already.. does this excused make sense?


The fact is this brand new iPod Shuffle is NOT A FAKE one, I’ve checked! The ‘Ah Po’ sale it for only RM150 and the packaging is not even open yet! Unbelivebale? beleive it!


J : Jewellery.. I mean cheap one!


Some are quiet nice la also.. not bad!


K : Kek Lapis Sarawak (Sarawak Layer Cake) mmm.. dont have to go so far to Sarawak to find this lovely cake.


Cost you about RM2 – RM5 from various flavour, chocolate, durian, nenas(pineapple) and pandan.


L : Leather shoes..


but maybe not that so leather.


M : Mom’s handmade products.. locals handmade junk food.


One packet will cost you around RM2 – RM5, very tasty… crispy.. crunchy.. try it yourself.


N : Nine Ringgit fish. Many types of small fish for all those fish geeks!


So many to choose from small, big, sedang-sedang.. are’nt they look the same!


O : OKU = Orang Kurang Upaya, means a handicap person. Eventhough this handsome young guy name Stephen is not able to talk but he’s very talented on water color paintings.


His artwork was really amazing on water color (one of my favourites drawing technic), his arwork inspiration was all about Sabah. All drawings sale from around RM15 – RM50. He can be contacted through +6012 8283245 (only SMS!).


P : Pets.. many types of pets sale here at Gaya Street, from rabbits.. hamsters.. birds..




Kitties.. err but not that so cute laa.


Q : Quick enery healing drink .. this homemade drink was an option for 100Plus I must say.


This the ‘Ah Suk’ who made all the energy drinks, sale at RM1.50 – RM2.. Mmm!! he dont seem so strong ya!


R : Racun tikussss… racun semuutttt!! this guy is very popular among the locals, he sale Rat + Ant poison by saying it out loud.


S : Snickers.. from All Stars.. North American.. Converse.. also got Adibas.


T : T-shirts of Borneo. Tons of round neck t-shirts sale with a nice destination of Borneo pictures in front.


from a selection of plain white t-shirts to colored t-shirts, normally people bought it for souvenirs.


not forget for your kids are also available from RM15 – RM25 complete with the shorts, the good thing is for the price you can still negotiate.


V : Various types of hardware tools. Mmm.. for backpackers, get your new luggage pad locks here.


He’s a the ‘Tauke’. Ceh! pakai seluar pindik ja kau.. bulih tahan!


W : What the Sxxt!


X : My chilhood ‘X’ rivals.. jaga kau ha!


Y : You would love to see this


Borneo wooden handicrafts


Z : Zaaaappppp.. this when my camera out of battery.

Did I miss something?

Brief Info
Location : Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu
Open : Every Sunday
Time : 0800 – 1300

map-gayastreetfair.jpg Click for larger view

  1. Jennylena says:

    muahhahaha…..apasal gambar tu racun semut…racun tikusss..pun ada ? hmm..famos la dia..kikiki

    ah..sama satu lagi itu rabbit, doggy sama tu miau2 antar rumah sia. sia ada pusat perlindungan haiwan yang teraniaya.kalu tidak sia riput sama jab.haiwan nanti kana tangkap tu penjual tu hihi…

  2. esharkj says:

    ya anti sia hantar pi rumah ko tu miau2..

  3. hana hashim says:

    yuhuuu..not bad lor
    aik..gaya street ni lain sudah?!
    blum lg ana pegi2 ari tuh..haha
    p/s:ana penah nmpak uncle jual racun tu sblm d mana yaaa?!

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  5. Laura says:

    helloooo…saw ur username at my bloglog when u entered my w/site.

    what an effort for you to define A-Z on Gaya Street. I miss that place so much especially the paintings and those cactus! And that uncle racun semut racun tikus…tengah in fame! And it does improves a lot. Looks much better than previous years.

  6. esharkj says:

    Waa.. you aso know uncle Racun Semut Racun Tikus haa. Mmm I did’nt know his so famous.

  7. Laura says:

    for me he is famous, selling n promoting different than the rest and yet, the loudest voice so far in Gaya St. but could not be heard at the end of Gaya St.

    What I miss most in KK city centre is Little Italy where poket selalu koyak, and the shop behind Astro Centre Point, yummy food! And Tanjung Aru, corns! =D

  8. […] tutorial I choose this picture taken from one nice sunday morning fair somewhere near my place call Gaya Street. While, the object that I want to add a sparkles effect is this iPod […]

  9. tyllonet says:

    Best btul jugak ko punya blog ni..ndak bosan aku tinguk..Oh ya..bleh ka kita tukar link? aku suda letak link blog ni di website aku. Salute jgk sama ko sbb aku tinguk website mmg best..aku minat photoshop jgk tp ndak teror mcm ko buat tu. gud luck!

  10. esharkj says:

    Thanks for the puji-pujian, kembang2 sia jadinya.. sure bulih bah exchange link, actually the link ere I put the one yg frequent comment on this blog + the one yg I like to read. Your blog not bad oso for newbies, title pun pasal carik duit, some more in malay, bulih tahan jgk.

    Good luck to you too. Keep tuned in!

  11. papajoneh says:

    Actually kan.. the best part of gaya Street is when you meet up your most fiercest rival, standing side by side, at the same stall. Oh yesssss.. it happened to me already. Nasib ndak gaduh right there and then! hahahaha. Both dah ada anak.. nasib.. if not, masuk daily express, new sabah times and even Nan Nyang Siang Pau paper too. hahaha.

  12. esharkj says:

    Haha! Haha! you have the similar experience jgk this PapaJ.

  13. mamaZahra says:

    huhuhuhu…very talented……mama suka tgk blog ni… promote sama kwn2 all over the world… good job… buat lagi bout anyplace interesting in sabah ni…

  14. esharkj says:

    Huk! Huk! tima kasih! tima kasih!.. errr… mama ni asal dari Sabah which part actually?

    mama.. introduce yourself here :

  15. calvin says:

    racun samut..racun tikus hehehhehe..aku gelak sakan siot..teringat ngan uncel ne..wakakka..tyme aku makan kat sinsuran tempoh hari..dia ada jual sama cousin saya hehe

  16. esharkj says:

    ello!! calvin
    ha! Ha! yah.. this guy seems mcm jadi icon suda di Gaya Street every sunday sure ko mesti jumpa dia.. very nice guy, some more very the rajin.

  17. esharkj says:

    hi to u too suryadevsigh ;p

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  19. zul says:

    hye,im finding guinea pig and rabbit who’s got it pls do contact o sms me at 0109468861

  20. nanak apin says:

    D mana lagi arr ada kena jual itu KEK LAPIS SARAWAK tu di area KK selain sana di gaya street…urgent

  21. bethwin moji says:

    Lama dah x pusing2 ni area..rindu pula nak ‘cuci mata dan minda’..

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