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“Asia’s best affordable hotels”.. that’s what people saying about Tune Hotels. Some say.. “Uinahh!! Murah dia.. RM9.00 jak!” and others also say.. “Biskitani arah Tune Hotels atu nganya tah! murah tia pulang!” to me “let’s give it a try for a night shall we”.

The first Tune Hotels located at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur right at the downtown KL, Me + wife (ndak mau ketingallan jgk!) stay for one night and I must say.. Hmmm!! Bulih tahan!! From a price as low as RM9.00 through online bookings, you can stay for one night with nice clean room and comfort bed. NOT suitable for a type of person who looking for luxurious + spacious room, PERFECT for budget travellers like backpackers.

Exterior of the Tune Hotels building..

Shot from our room 503 outside of the corridor.

Queen size bed

Really like the transparent glass (merah jambu@pink color)

Sorry no TV on the room, but it has a TV compartment..funny!!

Bring or buy your own towel as at Tune Hotels there isn’t, anyway you can get it upon request at RM10.00. Also make sure bring your own tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo segalaan as there’s nothing inside the toilet.

Main door..

Yeahh.. RM5.00, that’s what you pay for the deposite!

Kopitiam is one of the in-house facilities you will have during your stay at Tune Hotels, breakfast, lunch and dinner at affordable price.

Every rooms comes with a ceiling fan and air-conditioner but for cool air-conditioner breeze it will cost you at RM4.99 for 5 hours and RM9.99 for 12 hours.

Iyalah tuu…

Interested? now Tune Hotels opening their second branch at Kota Kinabalu and now is having a promotion at RM9.00 a night stay through online booking from 1st May to 31 Nov 2008. Those Sabahan who love to try.. no need to go KL lah, just book yourself a room at Tune Hotel Kota Kinabalu now!!. Not sure where it’s location? just drive to UMS, Jalan Sulaman and straight to 1Borneo, you’ll see Red + White building just right on the road side.

some interesting facts for your reference :

Advantages :
– Affordable price from RM9.00 (MTV pun RM30 single disc oh!!)
– Strategic location at the heart of Kuala Lumpur city centre
– Shopping mall just a walk across
Conclusion : PERFECT for budget travelers like backpackers and for those who come to KL only for shopping.

Disadvantages :
– Limited room space
– Air-con + toiletries + towels are not included
– Short period time of Check-out at 10.00am
– No extra bed
– Cannot use 55-250mm zoom lenses for in-room shots. (Wider lenses should be no problem)
Conclusion : NOT suitable for a type of person who looking for relaxing + luxurious + spacious room or family travelers.

Worth of try!!

Week 8 task is all about ‘LOVE’

Freedom of Entry Ceremony 2008

Posted: April 26, 2008 in Events

Events RMN March with Navy Band, Silent Drill Team Navy helicopters Fly Over/Path and aerial displays Navy Band to play tunes with guest artists “Ship Open to Visitors” Joy ride on CB90s – collection to charity Navy Diver demonstration and exhibition RMN Hydro Exhibition PASKAL Exhibition Navy, Army and Airforce Career Promotion Exhibition Free children entertainment Food and ice cream stalls etc “Beat to quarters ceremony” or “Sunset Ceremony” Booth selling Navy T-shirts, ball caps, souveniers etc KK City Council Booth Potential business opportunities as a result of this “crowd puller event”
Venue : Padang Merdeka to Old Sabah Port

The “Freedom of Entry Ceremony” is an old Naval Tradition that began during the medieval times, where the City or town council confers the right of the “Navy” to march with “Swords drawn, drums beating, band playing, colours flying and bayonets fixed”. The right to march through is usually conferred with a “Scroll” by the Lord Mayor. The ‘Scroll’ will then allow the Navy to exercise its newly conferred right to march through the city. The Colours are of great significance to each and every sailor, representing the central rallying point in battle in the event that they are separated from their colleagues during the melee.

This tradition signifies the true bonds of friendship, and often the expectation that the Navy whom the honour was bestowed upon would assist in the defence of the City. The Navy is then bound to protect the city from any invasion or attack………

Programme Highlights:

    Time: 10.00 – 11.30 am
    Venue: Padang Merdeka to Old Sabah Port
  2. NAVY SHIP open for viewing
    Time: 9.00 am – 4.00pm
    Venue: Sabah Port Authority (shuttle busses will transport visitors from Port Gate to Ship)
  3. Mini Regatta
    Time: 9.00am – 4.00pm
    Venue: Padang Merdeka to Old Sabah Port
  4. Boat Ride on CB90s
    Time: 10.30 am – 6.00pm
    Venue: Padang Merdeka to Old Sabah Port
    Time: 7.00pm
    Venue: Padang Merdeka

Pesta Kalimaran 2008

Posted: April 26, 2008 in Events

Date : 2627 April 2008

The Pesta Kalimaran celebrates and honours the Murut people and their traditions through this 4-day cultural event, featuring a myriad of traditional Murut dances, songs, food, games and handicraft. Come and join the folks of Tenom in this colourful 2-day event.
Organiser : Sabah Cultural Board
Contact Person : Azrul Junilus
Tel : +6088 268 884/879/863/818
Fax : +6088 265 235

Sabah Anzac Day 2008

Posted: April 25, 2008 in Events

An annual event to commemorate the Australian and New Zealand Army servicemen who fought during World War II in Sabah. Many retired servicemen and family members from Australia and New Zealand make a pilgrimage to Sabah during this time of the year to remember the fallen and the locals who risked their lives to help others.
Organiser : Office of Australian War Graves, Canberra, Sandakan Municipal Council
Contact Person : Charlotte Sarossy, Catherin Chua
Telephone : +6089 224026
Fax : +6089 272112
Email Contact :,

Sabah Lest We Forget Run 2008

Posted: April 24, 2008 in Events

The run is held in remembrance of the brave heroes who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Sabah. The event is also an effort to instill awareness in the public on the valiant efforts of our soldiers in defending and protecting our country as we strived towards independence.
Organiser : Kota Kinabalu City Hall
Contact Person : Elizabeth Borubui
Tel : +60 88 521800
Fax : +60 88 316137
Email Contact :

I attended a wedding dinner invitation last weekend at Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu. It’s a wedding of my friend Martin (actually he was one of my client) and her sweet wife Edna. It was a lovely dinner function with lots of Sabahan smiley faces.

Just to share some of the shots I took from that night.

During the toasting

Just playing with a monochrome mode of shots. Happy faces..

Monochrome mode of shot really can brings out the classic feeling.

Sweet smile from Jovita Hee (left) and her friend (sorry didn’t get your name), they’re sitting the same table as mine.

Errr… I didn’t actually know this babe girl, it was her own request to snap her photo that nite. She say to me ” Hey! LengChai, kau ambik sia punya gambar bah sinih!”… btw I say tengkiu la bebeh!!

Some candid shot with the bride.

Just testing the 55-250 mm zoom lense.

I love it when people smiling the time you’re on a perfect time aiming from your camera lenses.

Playing with the shutter speed, this was during the Sumazau dance.

The wedding cake..

Everybody wants to take their photos with the bride.. err including me, koff!! koff!! of course with the groom la ba.

While the wedding couple really enjoyed their moment.. I really had a great time shooting with my new weapon camera..

big thanks to Martin & Edna for the invitation.. and may god bless their marriage with long lasting happily ever after.

Week 7, comes with a new title call ‘Bebas’ or ‘Freedom’

Nabil has come up with a comedy of interview with three different tourist from Europe, Indonesia and Japan coming to Malaysia, asking their opinion of freedom being in Malaysia. Nabil creatively relates his story from one tourist to another by making it very simple but interesting issue.

Date : 1820 April 2008

An annual golf major event organized by Sabah Golf Country Club. The tournament is open to men with a handicap of below and handicap of below for ladies. The tournament will take place for 3-days, which include the qualifying round and final round.
Organiser : Sabah Golf & Country Club
Contact Person : Mohd. Iizham bin Datuk Hj. Majin, Sports & Recreation Manager cum Marketing Manager
Tel : +6088 247533, +6013 8502899
Fax : +6088 254997
Email Contact :

Date : 1820 April 2008

Semporna comes to life with the Bajau seafarers’ unique festival of Regatta Lepa where a competition of the most beautiful traditional sailboats is held. Witness other out of the ordinary tele-matches such as the boat tug-of-war, kayak race and boat racing. The town of Semporna is also home to fresh seafood and gateaway to the world’s best dive sites.
Organiser : District Office of Semporna / Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd
Contact Person : Jaafar Haji Ismail / Zachary S. Mobijohn
Tel : +6089 781518, 232121
Fax : +6089 781472, 265540
Email Contact :
Event Website :

Date : 1720 April 2008

A Malaysia Book of Records attempt to have more than 50 Intellectually Challenged athletes from 6 countries reach the summit of Mt. Kinabalu.
Organiser : Special Olympics Sabah
Contact Person : Simon Koh, Advisor Special Olympics Sabah
Tel : +6088 270226
Fax : +6088 270227
Email Contact :

Been to the PIKOM PC Fair 2008 last weekend at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, this was my second visit and just sharing few shots for you guys..

PIKOM PC Fair 2008

The crowd was total pack.. macam sardine!!

Everybody was walking like hungry zombies..

and some says (for those boys who is really ‘gatal’ a.k.a ‘getek’) this is heaven on earth.

Promoter can sometimes become like an insurance agent with nice color uniform..

Lookin at this two hot babes (Not actually hotter than my wife) with nice color sexy uniform, it fees like I’m in Tokyo, during the auto show.

Not bad for a RM80 per day part time job after all. (actually I want to snap from further lower angle)

views at the exit..

from left, Leleng.. wife’s best hardcore buddy, err.. exclude si kepala besar!

Big thanks to this loving couple Leleng + Yazid for bringing us to the PIKOM PC Fair 2008. Next year kami pigi lagi ahh!

Sabah Vasakhi Day 2008

Posted: April 14, 2008 in Events

Vasakhi celebrates the New Year in the Northern Indian Calendar. It is also the birth of Khalsa. During the celebration, all gurdawars (Sikh Temple) conduct prayer services. Vegetarian food is served to all who visit the Gurdawars.
Email Contact :

Date : 1113 April 2008

Sabah waters have one of the best sites for the challenge and excitement of game fishing. The tournament not only promotes the sport, but also hopes to encourage preservation, conservation and protection of rich marine resources from exploitation.
Organiser : Sabah Angler’s Association
Contact Person : Albert Yong / Richard Leong
Tel : +6013 8586626, 019 8818015
Fax : +6088 318051
Email Contact :

Note: The tournament will be held 20 radius KM from Mengalum Island. All functions for the event will be held in Sutera Harbour Marina, Kota Kinabalu.

This week show, contestant are getting smaller as one by one of them been kicked out of the show. This make the show to be more interesting where the remaining contestant need to come up with two comedy task.

This week title ‘Typical Malaysian’, love this one!