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During my recent visit to Lahad Datu, I manage to skip some of my busy time for half day visit to the famous Tabin Wildlife Reserve.


In case if you don’t know, Tabin is the home to some highly endangered animal species and protected mammals in Lahad Datu and also plays an important role for the breeding wildlife mammals in Sabah, Borneo Malaysia.


Located about 48km north-east of Lahad Datu town, the journey to the resort is by gravel road of mud, and I recommended to use 4wd vehicles. Along the journey, you will witness palm plantation surrounding the area. Actually there’s a short cut which will take you about 50 minutes to reached the resort, due to wrong direction, the journey took me about 1 hour + 20 minutes drive.


I was lucky when someone passing by and show me the correct direction..


After about one hour drive, finally I reached at entrance of the main gate.


Once you pass by the main gate and start entering the area, you may need to drive slowly as you might see some huge wildlife crossing the road.


Suddenly I saw one huge squirrel crossing..


At last, arrived at Tabin Wildlife Resort.


Few of the chalets are just around the welcome area.




There’s another type of chalets located nearby the area, but you need to walk along this path to reach there.


Along the path, you would see this scenery.



These are the other types of chalets you may find in Tabin.



Most of the trees there are so huge.


Even this daun pun so big size daa..


Those overnight guests can always enjoy their breakfast/lunch/dinner at Sunbird Cafe rather than 1-2 hours drive out for some food.


You may not missed to see the stairs in front of Sunbird Cafe which are made from several types of Borneo timber.


You may also note down any kind of animals species that you spot during your trip to Tabin in this book.



Beside Tabin is indeed a perfect place for wildlife photographers, I don’t mind to travel all the way to this jungle for some overnight adventure trip, meaning to say not to stay overnight in a chalet, but to stay an overnight camp maybe. Heh! heh! more adventurous bah!

Things you may want to know about Tabin :
– Location : Lahad Datu, Sabah Borneo Malaysia.
– Area covered : 120,539 hectares of protected forest
– Species : 75 Mammals, 45 reptiles, 252 birds, 24 Fresh water fishes, 945 plants.

For more info, visit the official site at

Spot My New Blog!

Posted: February 19, 2009 in Take a Brake

Okeh! pandai2 la kamurang….

p h o t o _ _ _ _ g r a p h y . b l o g s p o t . c o m

Jangan bilang sia kedekut this time.. heh! heh!

I Know What You Did Last Sunday!

Posted: February 16, 2009 in Take a Brake


Just want to share show off kamurang what I did yesterday..

Happy Monday guys!!

Spot My New Blog!

Posted: February 13, 2009 in Take a Brake

Okeh.. so far you guys have been given clues like :

– Black theme
– Blogger platform

Here is the new hint…

”for photo geeks”

p/s : sanang gini pun kamurang ndak dapat kah..


Valentine’s Day Mini Photoshoot
Venue : Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort
Other venue choices : Sutera Harbour, Beach or Waterfront

for more details + price, visit ziedesign

Update : head to FaceBook event for confirmed details!

Spot My New Blog!

Posted: February 5, 2009 in Take a Brake

Aik!! no one can spot my new blog kah??

Here is another hint for you guys..


yess.. my new blog is using blogger platform.. heh! heh!

mari kita lihat sapa yanggg kenaaaaaaa..


Sabah Local Handicrafts Exhibition
Venue : Monsopiad Cultural Village, Kg. Kuai Kandazon, Penampang, Sabah
Date : February 2009 (every Saturday and Sunday)

You will get a chance to understand and learn some various types of locally hand-made handicrafts of Sabah, also you will get a chance to meet yourself with the craftspeople.

more details : 088 – 774337 (Mr. Kelly)