Selamat Datang!! Welcome to Sabah..


Firstly, just ignore my English writing, I don’t write English fluently… at least you all understand la bah.

I dont really know why people call it ‘Land Below The Wind’ or known as Sabah, negeri di bawah bayu.. maybe because of its location being just south of the typhoon prone region around Philippines..(actually that’s what written on the Weekipedia).

It is the second largest state in Malaysia after the state of Sarawak which it borders with on its south-west. Sabah used to be a British crown colony known as North Borneo prior to partnership with Federation of Malaya, Sarawak & Singapore to form the Federation of Malaysia in 1963. Currently, its state capital is Kota Kinabalu, formerly known as Jesselton.

‘Made In Sabah’ is just about a blog of almost anything a little bit here and there that happens around me in Sabah.. Interesting spot, a great place to visit, hapennings around Sabah and almost about anything that you need to know about Sabah.. Sabah bagus bah! (ceh! mcm Radio Sabah ja this!!. Made In Sabah was just my tiny little place of providing you some knowledge about my birth place, and Why?

Well.. firstly because Sabah is the place where I born and I love my home land, here are brief points little bit about Sabah thought you might want to know :

  • Mt. Kinabalu, a world heritage site was the 2nd largest Mountain in Southeast Asia.
  • Rafflesia, the largest single flower in the world that can only be find here.
  • Situated in the 3rd largest island in the world.. Borneo.
  • More than 32 etnics group live on one land which you cannot find elsewhere.
  • Sipadan, the world’s most beautiful island and heaven for divers.
  • Orang Utan, one of the four great apes of mamals in the world that can be find here.
  • The world’s biggest Orang Utan Sanctury.
  • Maliau Basin, the oldest rainforest jungle in the world.
  • Matlan Marjan, the only Sabahan + Malaysian professional player whom managed to score 2 goals against a full England team while playing for Malaysia in 1991.

Did I miss something here?

If you get boring reading, then feel free to visit my blog design for some inspiration or any fresh design resources.. Ignore my English writing, I don’t write English fluently.

  1. JennyLena says:

    Kau lupa sebut nama sia la…! hehe

  2. Shan says:

    Hi there. Was wondering if you could add the Borneo International Marathon into your calendar of events. It is scheduled for October 12th 2008, is the first marathon in Kota Kinabalu in over 20 years and is currently the only marathon in Borneo for this year.

    Would really appreciate any help and support you could lend to us in helping to publicise this event.

    Thanks again for your support.
    Shan Sandhu
    Event Coordinator
    Borneo International Marathon

  3. esharkj says:

    Hi Shan,
    Sure! I would love to help promoting the event as long as it happens in Sabah. By the way, thanks for dropin by.. 😉

  4. Irwan Idris says:

    Hi! Ko punya blog siok ooo. Suka aku tengok. Lets promote SABAH to the world and reveal the truth about Sabah!

  5. esharkj says:

    Hi Irwan Idris..
    Tima kasih dengan ucapan membina, bah! kalau siuk, datang2 lah jenguk selalu.. Yup! kita promote Sabah satu dunia..

  6. ejal says:

    alo ging….sya mau invite kamurang bah pigi sambutan hari pengguna peringkat negeri sabah pada 16 – 17 ogos 2008 di lintasan deasoka (dekan opis dbkk/dekat gaya street)…ada pameran & mcm2 ada..hehehehhe….

  7. welma_nurul says:

    anduh… ba rayang timuntum na kami ditun….
    tunggu kami ea….
    nanti juga kami spen kamu makan putu sama ikan bakar.. yang ada lada-ladanya tu sama di taruh limau lagi..sadaap kan..!!!! heheheheh…
    na okla nanti kita jumpa juga disana itu,barenang kita di sungai madai…

  8. esharkj says:

    alalaaa, geng! sori sia termiss tu event sambutan hari pengguna. btw thanks for the invitation lah.. tapi ndak pa, nxt time kalau ada lagi event2 yg best2 kestau la sia k. ThQ geng!!

    Bah!! Ngam lah itu.. ikan apa yg ko bakar tu ahh??

  9. teruskan usaha anda. kita mau satu dunia tau siapa kitani

  10. esharkj says:

    Trimas!!! dengan sokongan biskita.. tarus menarus tah membari sokongan bis urang kita ani..

    p/s : memang ‘canggih’ nickname anda.. 😉

  11. ejal says:

    ok bah tu esharkj..next year ada lagi event tu……nanti kalau ada event sya kestau kio….hehhee

  12. baggio says:

    salam perpaduan…sama 2 lah kita promote negeri d bawah bayu ni. klu ko senang jenguk 2 lah ke blog aku yang 1 agenda jgk dgn ko…Peace. Love and Harmony.

  13. esharkj says:

    Salam perpaduan diterima.. tima kasih!

    Bah! ngam la ba tu sama2 la bah kita promote bumi Sabah ni bah… errr tapi Baggio.. what’s your blog url? you forgot to put ka?

  14. borneorainbow says:

    good keep on posting and updates

  15. esharkj says:

    Thanks borneorainbow! 😉

  16. I love your site. Keep it up !

  17. […] Tun Mustapha-pix by courtesy of madeinsabah.wordpress.com […]

  18. Teresa says:

    Hello, Made In Sabah!
    Love your site!
    Will be going back to Sabah in June for 3rd time. Taking my son with me this time around. Your info. about Lok Kawi and Gaya Street Market is perfect. Will go to both places.
    Is Lok Kawi very far from Kinarut? We will be spending a few days at Seaside Travellers Inn, but will not rent car.
    Hoping that my son falls in love with Sabah, too. It is my little piece of heaven on Earth. 🙂

  19. esharkj says:

    Hi Teresa!
    If you are staying at Seaside Travellers Inn which is in Kinarut, then Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is not that far already, about 7-8 km away. I’m afraid you need to get maybe a van or car to go there as there is no public transportation to go in to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. Maybe you request for a transportation from the place you stay.

    As for Gaya Street, make sure to plan your trip here because its only open on every Sunday.

    thanks all for the compliments.. 😉

  20. Amnah says:

    Hi esharkj, Love your blog!!!!!!!!! I’m Sabahan too but stayed in Semenanjung for 20 years. I’ve been back to Sabah but not as often as I would like to. Just got back from Sabah and while I was there bawa laki ku pigi pulau manukan!!!!! Atukoi!! lawanya! Snorkelling lagi bah kami!! Kesian bah sia orang sabah tapi belum pernah raun-raun sabah!! Once again congrats on your blog and PROUD 2 BE SABAHAN!!!

  21. esharkj says:

    Hi Amnah, tengkiu for droping by!
    You should come to Sabah more often bah! kasi tau laki you, beside Manukan ada lagi pulau + beaches yg best2 di Sabah nih..

    bah! kalu ko rindu2 Sabah, datang2 la melawat pi blog ni, aramaitii ni sini, ramai urang2 kita.

    bah oklah! bagus2 ko sana semenanjung k!
    wish you all the best! 😉

  22. voyance says:

    i really wanted tell you that your forum is stuning

    thank you so much


  23. Tan says:

    hi! i saw your comment on the dragon boat race about the “Bomoh hujan”, i’m going to have an outdoor function by this month, do you know where to find a “Bomoh Hujan”? Thanks!

  24. sipadan says:

    May I suggest http://www.sipadan.com for inclusion in your information?

  25. esharkj says:

    Sure can David@Sipadan

    try call the Sabah Tourism board, some people they might got the bomoh punya contact number.

    Thanks! ;p

  26. dave says:

    uii……nokuro 2 osusah mengedaftar dot id

  27. dinima @melati malam says:


  28. dinima fatimah saad @melati malam says:

    hi …to whom it may concern
    I am malaysian..I pick sabah for my last stop journey of my life. but what is it so hard to be sabahan? for sure I can …as I do my very best…to make me best person to live here.
    I cant speak kadazan yet..but I will learn..yes I have many friends and I am doing alot of volunteer job as that is what i love to do ..and promote sabah to everyone.
    so help me to be sabahan…I know I have been up and down the stairs lifts and so on do paper work but nothing can make me sabahan…I love to work in sabah…and bring friends n family to see your beautiful country..but hard when I am not sabahan but I am malaysian

    dinima @melati

    sorry my letter no good …I am not good in wirting letter..as my english also not proper…

  29. de ingen says:

    Very interesting blog about Sabah. Presented in a simple way yet full of info. Hope to see it updated as it semm to have stalled for sometime.

    Best wishes.

  30. Wyne Mouren says:

    Keep promoting Sabah. Great blog to read.

  31. Fairul says:

    bisai blognya…simple but attractive…kalau buli bekurapak korea, cun tia lagi tu

  32. Hello. Whom do I contact to get permission to use part of one of your pictures as cover design for a limited circulation issue of program book of a national level event organized by Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia. Please reply immediately, thank you.

  33. Syida says:

    Hmm… interesting. I am a Sabahan but too bad I don’t know very much about my beloved state. I must learn more about this dearest birthplace of mine. =)

  34. Sol Sidek says:

    vry good informatioan.. i like very much . tq.

  35. Chung Yi Ling says:

    Hi there,

    Greetings from R.E.A.L Education Group.

    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Yi Ling an academic executive for R.E.A.L Education Group and we are in the midst of producing new books for our centres.

    The pictures from your website https://madeinsabah.wordpress.com/ caught our interest. We have one informational book that talks about camping in Malaysia. Therefore we wish to seek your permission to use the pictures with attribution to your blog of course at our reference page.

    This book is not sold to the general public – only to our students.

    Let us know if you are willing to share with us your picture for a fee.


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