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I know many of you out there have been waiting this post, this kind of post actually is not relevant to this blog itself, but I’m going to post this Autobacs Super GT Malaysian Series 2008 anyway, just doing a favor for you guys as a BONUS for keep visiting + commenting to my not so popular humble blog..

before that, since I have lots and lots and I mean lots of pictures only for this event, I will be posting into three different categories, and to make it more interesting, I just need your feedback of which one would you guys like to see first??

A – The Race…?


B – The Cars..?

or maybe….

Jeng!! Jen!! Jeng!!

C – The GT Queen….?

Let me know your choice of which post you like to see first on the comment box below..

The decision is all yours.. !!!

Here some bangas post from me.. Perasmian Rumah Terbuka Pesta Kaamatan 2008 which been held at Padang Bandaran, Kota Kinabalu on last 31st May 2008. Below are some shots I took for you guys..

The event started at around 7.00pm and the time is so quick as I mange to go home recharge + have some short rest just after atended the Unduk Ngadau Finals 2008 which finished around 5.30pm at KDCA, Penampang.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia is there too.. everyone knows him, so no need for me to introduce.

A speech by Y.A.B. Datuk Musa Haji Aman, Chief Minister of Sabah

Among VVIP that present are Datuk Seri Mohd. Shafie Apdal, Minister of National Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage, Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah, Dato Masidi Manjun, Sabah Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, and Yang Dipertua Negeri, Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah.

The show begin with a symbolic meaning to the kaamatan itself where a giant ‘basung’ basket pouring a rice into one big basket.

Souvenirs presented by Datuk Seri Mohd. Shafie Apdal to the T.Y.T of Sabah

and not forgotten also presented to the Prime Minister.

The show started with a traditional dance.

and later came the one and only, Abu Bakar Elah a.k.a Si Ampal….

everyone loves him..

Most of the fresh Sabahan queens are there too that night, 3rd Runner-Up of Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2008, Ms. Rounnah Beb Robert Sylvester was there

and also the 1st Runner-Up of Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2008, Ms. Joanne Kimberly J Majalap, mann she’s preety!

and everyones favorite (including me).. Ms. Joana Henly Rampas. love this Joana workh!! korgh!! I mean this shot!!

The show continues with various types of Sabah traditional dance

Some candid shot of the dancers

Some of them are familiar faces

nearly most of the dancers I’ve seen on the last event, Sabah Fest 2008

including this one..

and this one too, just one particular female dancer I didn’t saw her show up that night which I knew this one particular blogger (everyones favorite) really love to see her in action..

The new Akademi Fantasia S6 Champion, Stacy also present that night.. Waah!! Talabih sudah!!

The fresh Unduk Ngadau 2008 Champion, Ms. Leonie Lawrence Gontuni was there too..

and an appearance of the local gambus queen from Bongawan, Sabah.. Fauziah Gambus

The 19 year old Fauziah Gambus or her full name is Fauziah Suhaili, had made an album call ‘Fauziah Gambus’ which are now available on every local music store in Kota Kinabalu (ceh! sempat promote bah!)

Linda Nanuwil the AF S2 1st runner-up winner is also present beside the famous singer from west malaysia, Syafinaz.

No wonder the crowd was so packed that night, everbody are rushing for their favorite artist, but some of them are not allowed to go inside.

The event finished at around 11pm.. actually after the VVIPs went back, there are more shows for the visitors performed by the local singer, Abu Bakar Elah and the rest of the singers, but I was already half death and decided to went back home recharge.. that’s all I can showcase here guys till next post.. panat suda sia bah!

Next : 23rd Sabah Dragon BoatRace 2008..

Last week’s dinner at Pizza Hut Lintas was total bullshit!!

I’ve ordered one set of meal for two and choosen the Peperoni Delight flavour for the pizza. Then, around 17 minutes later, the pizza arrived which is looks like this :

It seems the pizza is slightly burned, parched, Hangusss!!! Then I told the Pizza staff to check with their kitchen’s staff whether the pizza is actually burned. The she came back and told me “Oh! Ya sir, memang hangus, nanti dorang masakan yang baru”. So I waited for the new pizza to arrive la this kunun..

Then less than 10 minutes, new pizza arrived which is like this :

Don’t you guys think the pizza still look Hangussss!!!. Then the lady quickly walk away and move to another table. I’ve waited for almost 10 minutes to get one Pizza staff to find out what’s the problem until and one chubby guy came over..

Me : Excuse me Boss! sia mau tanya ni pizza yang first one tadi ka or yang baru punya??
RM : Errr.. not sure sir.
Me : Macamana ko tidak sure nih!! who’s incharge here??
RM : Err, me sir! I’m the Restaurant Manager.
Me : Macamana ko ni restaurant manager ndak tau apa-apa ka sia suda duduk almost half an hour ko bilang ndak sure. Ko tengok ni pizza hangus kan.. yang tadi punya ka this??
RM : It’s okay sir! I will give you new one shortly, and this one I give you for free. (while his hand holding the plate)
Me : NO! you give me new one, and this one you can eat yourself, or ko bagi ko punya kucing makan ka.
RM : Very well sir (while he quickly ran to the kitchen)

Not less than 10 minutes, new peperoni pizza arrive :

Now that’s much better pizza. I was lucky, Pizza Hut Lintas has an interior where front part of the kitchen is facing towards the visitors and that’s when I saw the Mr. Restaurant Manager took one pizza out from the oven which he bring straight to the table.

Now I realized the second pizza was the same pizza they gave me at the first time I ordered, why? here are the fact :

– 2nd pizza arrived less than 8 minutes (which fresh new pizza usually took about 17 minutes to serve)
– 2nd pizza look 100% totally the same (budak-budak pun ndak bulih tipu ba!!)
– 2nd pizza they give for free (ceehhhh!!)

After I finish my meal, I decided to gertak those guys a bit, so I took out one dslr camera which I brought and start zooming on every of the pizza staff around, I was looking for Mr. Restaurant Manager but it seems he already M.I.A, so I look for the 2nd girl who brought me the 2nd pizza.

Yaaa, this how she look.. I strongly believed she must be behind all the lies!! (Pok silap punya kes) I couldn’t manage to get her name since she knows she’s been targeted by the shark!!. Lucky the Mr. Restaurant Manager was already cabut awal, otherwise…. Smileeee!! you face on my side bar for one year free promo!!!

moral of the story :

Don’t mess with BLOGGERS!!! especially the one with camera…. jen! jen! jeng! jeng! jeeng!

The time you guys reading this post, I’m already was siok2 at Sepang for the Super GT Malaysian series .. All comments will be reply after I come back, to all my clients.. kasi chance sia three days cuti-cuti malaysia bah!

Super Babes here I come…

errr… I mean Super Cars here I come, jen! jen! jenggg!

It’s been almost two months (if I’m not mistaken la) since the Alexa pagerank have been updating their new rank for better web site traffic. And since then MadeInSabah’s blog got his new rank which is a bit far from the previous rank at 483,307 last March, until now reach at 1,482,034.

What I would like to share with you guys which I found out through my BlogStats search engine is something funny but interesting..

1 – someone trying a search term for malaysia airline by typing a complete address “www.malaysiaairline/low fare sabah” on the search box instead on the address box.. Ha! Ha!

2 – and last one some geeks is trying a search terms for “Hot Babes” then connected to this blog. Astagaaa!!! durang ingat ini ‘Tabu’ punya blog ka?? Buduhh..

Happy Father’s Day

Posted: June 16, 2008 in Take a Brake

only those who’s been in it will laughs..

Happy Father’s Day to all….

The two day Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Festival 2008 last few weeks ago has become a heaven for photographers, me myself have fulled up 3 pieces of 2GB memory cards during the event. Lots of people around, lots of shots have been taken and lots of photo need to be upload..

What I can summarize from my visit is something like this :

A – Favorite Shots
B – Unduk Ngadau Grand Final 2008
C – Sniper mode

Lets start with A – Favorite Shots :

Ooh! soo cute..

OMG!! This one lagi la cute…

Sumandak Ranau..

Lagi sumandak Ranau..

Haa this one I think sumandak Seri Gaya..Workh! Koff! koff!

This tribe seems new to me, swing a real parang is the way how they dance

Haaa.. tengah mau keluar power la that!

Lots of traditional musical instruments played

Wahh!! Never seen like this triple combo Sompoton before.



Here goes my experimental shots with monochrome mode..

Okay! enough with the sumandak-sumandak already.. and here goes B – Unduk Ngadau Grand Finals 2008 :

The final six..

All contestant had to answer one question before the winner announced.

SMS battle for the crown of Tati Tavanus Celcom.

Juries among the busiest during that day.

Last year’s Unduk Ngadau Champion, Miss Jo-ana Sue Henly Rampas making her appearance to the stage before the result announce..

Tati Tavanus Celcom, Ms. Florence Masimbin – Unduk Ngadau Kinabatangan

6th Runner Up, Ms. AnneMary T. Khan – Unduk Ngadau Klang Valley

5th Runner Up, Ms. Aloysia Thecla Philip – Unduk Ngadau Kota Belud

4th Runner Up, Ms. Verone Lansu – Unduk Ngadau Keningau

3rd Runner Up, Ms. Petronella Cherry Bernard – Unduk Ngadau Papar

2nd Runner Up, Ms. Emily Majil – Unduk Ngadau Tambunan

1st Runner Up, Ms. Florence Masimbin – Unduk Ngadau Kinabatangan

Champion.. Ms. Leonie Lawrence Gontuni Unduk Ngadau Penampang

for more photos of all contestant, you can always cubuk check out here!

and lastly here goes C – Sniper mode :

Oh! Man! I’ve been spotted by NIKON girl..

Hmm.. ada potential for next year Unduk Ngadau.

I’ve been spotted again..

Dato Nazri Aziz, minister in the prime minister’s department also was at the KDCA during the event.

and last but not least one of my favorite SLR function, continuous shooting mode..

Urghh!! I love zoom lenses… Now that’s enough already.. That’s all I can showcase here

Next… Ka’amatan Open House 2008, Padang Bandaran Kota Kinabalu