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Becarefull fellow Sabahans

Posted: September 28, 2007 in What's Fresh

Dear fellow Sabahans.. here I would like to make an important announcement!!

Everybody who go to have a bite for a dinner or even supper at Restoran BTC or Restoran Eddie and another one (right in the corner) situated at Lintas.. PLEASE! !!! Do EXTRA CARE FULL when park your car at the side of the building opposite to Hospital Luyang. Please make sure don’t leave all your valuable belongings inside the car, bring it along with you the time you go to the restaurant.


This because, I’ve a bad experience while parked my car on the road side opposite of Hospital Luyang building (see the BLUE arrow) some jerk fucxxn axx smashed my beloved left side car window.. professionally!!

Can you imagine the time I park the car is around 7:30 pm and I went to Restoran BTC to have some Roti Telur for quick one then around 7:50 pm I walk back to the car and find out the left window already crack. I’ve test the car alarm, it was workin just fine, that’s weird.. seems like this jerk have successfully smashed the window without warn the alarm system (even though my car alarm not the type biasa-biasa one).

Lucky nothing valuable was stolen, just the wife Guest handbag which I bought in PS Boutique..This jerk sure not that clever kind a jerk since What I’ve noticed the SONY vcd player still there and my wallet also there (just on the handbrake). But I still need to get a new glass window for my ‘biru’ Arghhh!!! damxx you jerk!! then later I find out from one Mamak the owner of the restaurant nearby,

he says :
” dullu.. minggu lapass, alda jugak wetu satu sisuzu storm sini parking pun alda cermin kasi piicah jugak, tapi ria punya arram pun tarak bunyikk. Nanti kalu kau pergi puliss etu reeport pun tarda guna jugak, buang ru punya massa saja”

translated version :
” The same situation happens about a week ago where one Isuzu Storm parked at the same place, the window also smashed without warn the alarm, if you’re thinking to report to the police then you’re just wasting your time”

But later I decide to make a police report also lah! at Luyang police station, just making a general action as a citizen.. and the Mamak was right! Gua caya sama lu la! I’ve reach home around 11pm ++ wasted the whole night.. have to make report here then bring the report there and get the final report to this Inspector here..get the signature there.. bla! bla! bla! Cis!!!

This a the video the wife managed to get while I was already geram in action!! Tiauuu!!!

I Got PageRank (Part 4)

Posted: September 27, 2007 in What's Fresh


Wah!! Now the Alexa PageRank for Made In Sabah is #541,221 today! Hmm.. quite an achievement for a blog that is not updated almost everyday. What is so funny that I found out from my Blog Stats today was the terms that was linked in to my blog..

and it was this word ‘TAMBIRANG’


and I’m curious to know how’s the Search Engine Terms looks like and where did this visitor click and accidentally (or maybe not) visited my blog. I choosed to find the term ‘TAMBIRANG’ on google and here’s the result! Teng! Treng! Ten! Ten! Tennggg!


Well.. the visitor must be came in to my blog when the click starts here, this was my post on Skyline Spotted!, this post came out on the 4th page of Google search result and contains 711 other related post for ‘TAMBIRANG’.

He! TAMBIRANG punya pasal! I’m preety sure bet all this terms used by no other than the Sabahan folks.

Name Your Wish!

Posted: September 24, 2007 in Take a Brake

You have meet with one fat genie who offering you 3 wishes.. and what would your wish will be?

Wish 1 : Wish I have USD10 Billion on every each of 10 banks in the world. So I’ll be the one of the filthy richest nice lookin guy in the world.

Wish 2 : Wish I had the self healing power of Wolverine aka Logan. So I would never die and have a very long period of age.

Wish 3 : Wish I have friends with 10 of other fat genie. So I will have another 30 wishes on the go.

Be carefull of what you wish for.. Heh! Heh!

Name Your List of 10 LOST Characters

Posted: September 18, 2007 in Take a Brake


If you’re happen to stranded on one island after survived from a serious aeroplane crash, who are the 10 peoples would you like to have with?

Maria Saraphova

She can join me while I watch the sunset.

Mariah Carrey
She can sing me a song before I sleep… err she can sleep beside me along.

Kurt Cobain
I can hang out + jammed with this guy…yearghh!!

Jim Carrey
He make people laughs when the group get so boring

Jessica Beil (Cellular, Blade : Trinity, Next, Summer Coach)
Urghh! She can be on my camp all the time.

Video Games Characters
Lara Croft : Tomb Raider
She’s the one who will get me some food in the jungle.

Comic Character
This cute creature got all the gadgets that I need.

Superheroes Character
She can be my bodyguard.

Ozel aka Pok Silap! (The Turks Weirdo)
So I can bully + scold + punch him if I’m in a bad mood!

Kurt Angle
because no girls will like him, it’s a good situation for me.. he! he!

Name your own list and write what are the reason.. Hi! Hi!

Pesta Air Putatan 2007

Posted: September 18, 2007 in What's Hapenin

On the night I’m sending my wife to airport, I pass by the Meruntum and managed to snap some few pics on the Pesta Air Putatan 2007 which held at Pantai Meruntum Putatan. These Pesta Air has been celebrated by the nearest locals from putatan, petagas, kinarut and papar since about 5 years ago, now everyone are coming from around western part of Kota Kinabalu.



Kuih Raya For Sale!

Posted: September 15, 2007 in What's Offferin

Now this is what I call Promotion..


Place you order now!!
Min order : 50 biji
Contact : 016 8497170 (Amie)

Hurry while stock last!

Tag 5!!

Posted: September 14, 2007 in Macam-Macam

Tagged by Adyla

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so:

01. Mistyeiz
02. wuching
03. Bobby
04. ahbong
05. Miss Personality
06. she saw someone making love
07. jeemee
08. kastum
09. narrowband
10. Kev-walkabout
11. 3point 8
12. Adyla
13. eshark

What were you doing 10 years ago?
That time i was 19.. (wah!! so young woo). I went to my uncle’s house in Brunei after a long break from SPM and later the same year I went to Kelana Jaya for my LAW studies..

What was I doing 1 year ago?
Struggling collecting money as much as I can for the marriage.

Five snacks you enjoy
1. Kit Kat
2. Cadbury
3. Twisties
4. Pringles
5. Cream’O

Five songs that you know all the lyrics.
1. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
2. The Man Who Sold The World – Nirvana
3. Polly – Nirvana
4. Dumb – Nirvana
5. Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
1. Give some to every members in the family
2. Quit my job
3. Buy Nissan Skyline GTR34
4. Ship my car to Japan for pimp it up to Skyline GTR34 + Rav4 J
5. Built my own office full equipt with Apple computers.

Five bad habits
1. Sometimes I get so damned fussy!
2. I honk back + hunt cars that gave me a very strong highlight from the back
3. Overslept
4. Late to fetch my wife
5. Sometimes I talk to myself when things become so blur.

Five things you like doing
1. Drive my car like a Pro Drifter.
2. Sleepin
3. Playin with PS2 6 hours NON stop
4. Photography
5. Blogging

Five things you would never wear again
1. My far sighted glasses (which I lost 3 times)
2. Smelly T-shirts
3. That tight itchy white underwear
4. Tight Armani long pants
5. Smelly socks

Five favourite toys
1. My 12” Mandarin Spawn action figure
2. My custom SAZABI MG (GUNDAM kit) which I won the Special Award back in 2000
3. Collections of 7 Skyline TAMIYA plastic kit model (which 2 was done 5 to go)
4. My PS2
5. My wife

Puasa Time!

Posted: September 13, 2007 in What's Fresh


This was my first sahur menu for the start during this Ramadhan month.. Thanks to the wife for cooked me 0300 am in the mornin eventhough she got to work at 0430 am.

Hope I can score puasa this year with full marks. Happy fasting everyone, wish all my muslim friend around the community : Zie, Eches, Shemah, Ratu Syura, Shana, Shehnaz and Mudeen good luck + have a bright day during this Ramadhan..

Tamu Gadang UMS ke-9

Posted: September 11, 2007 in What's Hapenin


The only spot I’ve visit at Tamu Gadang Universiti Malaysia Sabah ke-9 was the ‘big boy toys’.. the auto show booth!! The time I was there was already almost 2pm, again.. I was late for the drift show since last friday I missed the drift show at Stadium Likas.. ceh! lagi hujan lebat! But again, no matter hujan pun tatap I managed took some pics for you guys who didnt show up.

I Got Page Rank (Part 3)

Posted: September 10, 2007 in What's Fresh


Yeh! Yeh! the PageRank for madeinsabah is keep increasing, best.. some more very fast one woo! Hmm.. ada kemajuan nih! I’m not quite sure why its been increasing very fast from 571,789 last August and 3,152,574 2 weeks later till now was already 791,687. Madeinsabah was only less than 2 months old, 13 posts total + 20 comments but already gain so much PageRank.


Perharps the answer was which I’m using as my blog engine, some more it’s FREE!! I dont really know about WordPress that deep but what I knew about WordPress was WordPress is very strong when it comes to search engine. Here is how my Blog stats reading..


As you all can see, all the keyword which I wrote on my blog post, whether its a Heading/Contents/Subtitle as long as it’s a readable text for WordPress to understand, then it will come out on the search engine, and this when your blog got Hit!

I dont really sure some other blog engine such as blogspot, Livejournal, TypePad is doing the same speed than but so far I like it blogging using WordPress. I got one question for you? what blog engine you use for your Blog? He! He! wanna switch to WordPress? create your own new account then.

(as what I wrote here the word ‘WordPress‘ has been written more than 8 times which means people who type WordPress on the search engine might visit my blog)

New Members In The Family

Posted: September 5, 2007 in Pet Talk

Last week I bought two tiny little cute kitten for the wife.. she have been dreamed + cried of having her own kucing since few months ago since I’m not all the time at the house for her. I told her I can be the kucing also but she prefer I’ll be the horse.. Wargh! Wargh! the horse?? mmm.. okay cut de crap now..

Today I’m produdly introduced to all… Treng teng tet tet teng!!! The new members in the family.


Her name is Elma.. born in 20.07.2007, she’s a Maine Coone + Siamese.


and this is my Mylo! also born the same day as Elma, but I’m not sure who come out first. I always consider his the little brother to Elma since his so manja with the mother.


This a the father to both Elma + Mylo.. not sure how old. mmm.. so serious la the face!


This is the mother.. a Siamese cat, obviously you know Mylo got some brownish tone from who. Both also follow the eyes from the mother.


This handsome young fellow was having an affair with the mother, That’s why Elma got some black stripe on her feet + forehead.. He! He! kedapatan.


This is where Elma + Mylo born.. One big smiley cage somewhere in Putatan, he! he! Sabah born cat! Also this is the place where me + the wife meet them for the first time..


Actually that day the wife was thinking to take only Elma alone.. but since Elma does’nt want to go alone + lookin at my wife’s face so kesiannn.. wokeyla I bought another one.. si Mylo! There a few cats also are for sale from this cage from a price you would never imagine, but Elma + Mylo had caught my wife’s heart.

So that the story about.. on the same day I bought Elma + Mylo, I transfer them to their new house. The kakak (cat seller) was so nice by lending us the mother for few months since Elma + Mylo still nenen lagi..

The wife was so hyper happy!! I’m glad.. 😉 Love u so much bebeh!

Berhati-hati Di Jalan Raya!

Posted: September 4, 2007 in On The Spot


Last night was very lucky I got my camera on the car while drivin home towards Jln. Kepayan-Airport, I caught one accident involved with 2 cars, old Mazda and Perodua Kembara.