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Event | 4th Sabah International Folklore 2009

Event: 5th Sabah International Folklore 2010
Date: 19th – 26th July 2010
Venue: Sabah Cultural Centre, Penampang, Sabah Borneo Malaysia.

Sabah Local Dance Competition Part 1 & Part 2 : 21st – 22nd july 2010 at 7pm
International dance Competition Part 1 & Part 2 : 24th – 25th July 2010 at 8pm
Ticket fee: First class (RM50), Adult (RM30), Children (RM10)

Gala Nite at Magellan Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysian Borneo
23rd July 2010 at 8pm – 10.30pm

What to expect: 19 international Dance group will be performing and compete to gain the title.

Those who have missed last years’ event, you can always check them out HERE!

ps: ehooooo.. Singapore dance troups datang agi nih yang bikin siok nih..

This will be the first 1Malaysia Gong Xi Fa Chai celebration ever celebrated to unite all the Malaysia people as it’s said roar like a Malaysian tiger.

Venue : Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA), Hongkod Koisaan, Penampang, Sabah.
Date : 01 – 21 February 2010

What to expect : Excitement, festive & food stalls, lion & dragon dance, Singing competitions (category : open/children/senior), performances by local and international artistes, mini fun fair, photography contest, colorful lanterns display, lucky draw, amoi, sumandaks and lots of fun.

for more detail info go HERE!

As promised from previous teaser, here are some photos during the 4th Sabah International Folkdance Competition 2009 and there are total of 11 countries participate on the show performance which was held for two days at Sabah Cultural Centre, Penampang on last 4th and 5th July. The tickets cost you RM30 for Adult, RM10 for Kids and RM50 for 1st Class..

Let me head straight to the dance performances..


The hall was so dark inside, lucky the stage spotlight helps so much on the lighting.


The first team that came up for the performance was Cambodian Culture & Arts Group from Cambodia.


Their dance performance using a coconut shell a.k.a tempurung kelapa and main gulik2.


Next that made their appearance was Guang Dong group from China with their Zhan Jiang Song and Dance Ensemble.




The Punjab Folk Arts Center from India.




Daya Presta Company from Indonesia.


Performing a dance called ‘Tarian Topeng Petawi’


and next came the Majlis Adat Dayak Nasional from Kalimantan, Indonesia.


Their costume has similarity to the Dayak community of Sarawak.



and next came the On Alti Kiz also known as the sixteen girls all the way from Kazakhstan.




Now, this group was my favorite among the rest, Tacloban Performing Art Group from Philippines.


The group performed a dance legend of Sari Manok a.k.a chicken. See how’s the dance similarity to our local Magunatip dance here in Sabah.


They’re also using bamboos, just maybe this one was hardcore version, since they all main baring2 + main angkat2..


..+ main terbang2 berlawan atas bamboo pun ada bah!


Next group was East Barito Regency Artistry Team, again from Indonesia.



Dance performance by Saudi Arabia Group Riyadh came all the way from Saudi Arabia.



Then came the neigbouring country of Malaysia, Sriwarna group from Singapore performed a dance called ‘Nadi’


Using huge drums, these babes.. kohf! kohf! I mean these ladies really can performed such spectacular dance.


this group was my second fevret..


and lastly, a performance by the group representative for Malaysia from Negeri Sembilan.


At the final of the show.. all teams came out and gather in front of the stage and perform one dance we here call..


the Sumazau..


Everyone in the teams can do the Sabahan Sumazau


Including these hot babes dancers (kohf! kohf! terbatuk lagi!) from the land of Pua Chu Kang.

Prize giving ceremony + Group photo session :


Winner of 3rd Best Performance, On Alti Kiz (sixteen girls) from Kazakhstan.


Winner of 2nd Best Performance, Daya Presta Company from Indonesia.


The overall champion, 1st Best Performance, Tacloban Performing Art Group from Philippines.



Okay! I just made up those two bubble text..


but not this one.. really!



The performance group Persatuan Melayu Keriam Tutong ‘Pesaka’ from Brunei Darussalam.



Those VVIP that present that day was the Minister of Tourism, Culture & Environment Datuk Masidi Manjun.

hope you guys enjoy the photos and lastly I leave you with this last one.. 😉


Next : Pesta Gambus 2009



The 3 days Karnival Tadau Kaamatan KK City Unduk Ngadau 2009 was held at Lintasan Deasoka, Kota Kinabalu from 14th to 16th May which was officiated by Y.B Datuk Masidi Manjun, The Culture & Environment minister.

Day 1 :

The event start with an opening speech by the Y.B Datuk Masidi Manjun and later by Datuk Iliyas Ibrahim, the Kota Kinabalu City Mayor.


The spirit of rice



The event continues with the traditional dance performance of the Kadazan group.


The famous bamboo dance performance by Monsopiad Cultural Village dancers



Beside the cultural dance perfomance, the crowd was entertained by the few of Sugandoi past singers..


Donna Masinda


Both them got lovely voice, especially si Donna (my fevret tuh!)


But compare to all singers that perform, no one can beat this uncle, he really knows how to perform the crowd.. he rocks!!

and later that evening, when it comes to the introduction of KK City level Unduk Ngadau 2009 contestants, all the crowds are getting really excited.. me as well


#1 – Ms. Richelle Audrey J. Jautin


#2 – Ms. Noemi Halima Dingle Ligunjang


#3 – Ms. Sharon Walker


#4 – Ms. Cindy Jessica Frenendez


#5 – Ms. Elinna Musiun


#6 – Ms. Elsie R. Marius


#7 – Ms. Ariel Jezlynda Jimmy


#8 – Ms. Angena Rubinsin


#9 – Ms. Patricia Francis Jiolin


#10 – Ms. Carrie Grace Jaymes


#11 – Ms. Clarencena Kadius


#12 – Ms. Anastasha Dina Yahia


#13 – Ms. Pearl Dianne Petrus


#14 – Ms. Florencia Shamsudin


#15 – Ms. Macdelina Masidah

There are 15 contestant battling up for three places at the Grand Final Unduk Ngadau 2009 State Level.


There will be a winner of ‘Miss Popular 2009’ to a contestant that received the highest number of flower bouquets worth RM10, RM50 and RM100, while the ‘Tati Tavanus Celcom’ winner determined by a total SMS votes from the public which will be announce on the day 3

Day 2 : The final battle for Sugandoi 2009 Api-Api level.


and the winner goes to Rifanzie who will proceed to the Grand Finale Sungandoi 2009 at KDCA.

Day 3 :

On Day 3, the event continued with an opening short theater story telling of the Unduk Ngadau legend..





Before the event proceed to the final stage, all VIPs are invited to perform a ‘sumazau’ dance with the Unduk Ngadau contestant and I must say, The Mayor really had good taste la.

The final 7 :


From 15 contestants, the jury have selected 7 contestants to proceed to final stages and before the winner announced..


all contestants again had to faced the final test, is to give a good answer for a very simple question.


Some of the questions are not that simple actually..


and before the winner finally announce..


Ms. Jizeresta Jimmy, the Unduk Ngadau KK City level 2008 making an appearance to the stage to hand over the Unduk Ngadau crown.

and The final 3 was announced :


The final 2 :


and finally the winner for Unduk Ngadau DBKK level..


Ms. Pearl Dianne Petrus, she also won the ‘Miss Popular 2009’ category.


Ms. Pearl won the cash prize of RM4000 + a trip to Bali by Air Asia + a hamper from Nestle.


The 1st place winner will be presenting DBKK while 2nd place winner, Ms. Elinna Musiun will represent Likas and 3rd place winner, Ms. Elsie R. Marius will represent Tg. Aru level, all three of them will join the other 36 Unduk Ngadau contestant from each level for the grand finale Unduk Ngadau State Level 2009.


Overall winners :
1st place : Ms. Pearl (Miss Popular 2009)
2nd place : Ms. Elinna Musiun
3rd place : Ms. Elsie R. Marius
4th place : Ms. McDelina
5th place : Ms. Clerencena Kadius
6th place : Ms. Richelle Audery J. Jautin (Best Costume 2009)
7th place : Ms. Cindy Jessica Frenendez

Ms. Patricia (Tati Tavanus Celcom)
Ms. Angena Rubinsin (Creative Design)

Check out last year’s winners :
Kota Kinabalu District Level Kaamatan Carnival 2008 – Part 1
Kota Kinabalu District Level Kaamatan Carnival 2008 – Part 2
Kota Kinabalu District Level Kaamatan Carnival 2008 – Part 3

Here some bangas post from me.. Perasmian Rumah Terbuka Pesta Kaamatan 2008 which been held at Padang Bandaran, Kota Kinabalu on last 31st May 2008. Below are some shots I took for you guys..

The event started at around 7.00pm and the time is so quick as I mange to go home recharge + have some short rest just after atended the Unduk Ngadau Finals 2008 which finished around 5.30pm at KDCA, Penampang.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia is there too.. everyone knows him, so no need for me to introduce.

A speech by Y.A.B. Datuk Musa Haji Aman, Chief Minister of Sabah

Among VVIP that present are Datuk Seri Mohd. Shafie Apdal, Minister of National Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage, Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah, Dato Masidi Manjun, Sabah Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, and Yang Dipertua Negeri, Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah.

The show begin with a symbolic meaning to the kaamatan itself where a giant ‘basung’ basket pouring a rice into one big basket.

Souvenirs presented by Datuk Seri Mohd. Shafie Apdal to the T.Y.T of Sabah

and not forgotten also presented to the Prime Minister.

The show started with a traditional dance.

and later came the one and only, Abu Bakar Elah a.k.a Si Ampal….

everyone loves him..

Most of the fresh Sabahan queens are there too that night, 3rd Runner-Up of Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2008, Ms. Rounnah Beb Robert Sylvester was there

and also the 1st Runner-Up of Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2008, Ms. Joanne Kimberly J Majalap, mann she’s preety!

and everyones favorite (including me).. Ms. Joana Henly Rampas. love this Joana workh!! korgh!! I mean this shot!!

The show continues with various types of Sabah traditional dance

Some candid shot of the dancers

Some of them are familiar faces

nearly most of the dancers I’ve seen on the last event, Sabah Fest 2008

including this one..

and this one too, just one particular female dancer I didn’t saw her show up that night which I knew this one particular blogger (everyones favorite) really love to see her in action..

The new Akademi Fantasia S6 Champion, Stacy also present that night.. Waah!! Talabih sudah!!

The fresh Unduk Ngadau 2008 Champion, Ms. Leonie Lawrence Gontuni was there too..

and an appearance of the local gambus queen from Bongawan, Sabah.. Fauziah Gambus

The 19 year old Fauziah Gambus or her full name is Fauziah Suhaili, had made an album call ‘Fauziah Gambus’ which are now available on every local music store in Kota Kinabalu (ceh! sempat promote bah!)

Linda Nanuwil the AF S2 1st runner-up winner is also present beside the famous singer from west malaysia, Syafinaz.

No wonder the crowd was so packed that night, everbody are rushing for their favorite artist, but some of them are not allowed to go inside.

The event finished at around 11pm.. actually after the VVIPs went back, there are more shows for the visitors performed by the local singer, Abu Bakar Elah and the rest of the singers, but I was already half death and decided to went back home recharge.. that’s all I can showcase here guys till next post.. panat suda sia bah!

Next : 23rd Sabah Dragon BoatRace 2008..

On the third night, I arrived late only after half the carnival has started, I missed the performance of the ‘Unduk Ngadau’ legend, a show telling people of how the Unduk Ngadau originally started. Lucky that night was just nice, a night without no rain not like the previous two nights. After all everything turn out well as I managed to took few of nice shots..

Finally, here are the final seven that go through from the first round of 12 contestant last thursday.

Ms. Viola G. Julasim

Ms. Kimberly Fay Cathrinus Sham

Ms. Alvira Cora M. Jipinis

Ms. Andrea Peter

Ms. Jizeresta Jimmy

Ms. Noemi Halima Dingle Ligunjang

Ms. Flina Runtum

Before the final results came in, crowds are entertain by the performance of the Sugandoi champion..

Finally, the heat begun when the final three contestant been announce..

When Ms. Andre Peter has been announced to grab the third place, all crowds has already shout who will be the winner.

The final two.. Treng! Teng! Ten! Tenggg!!

Finally.. it was everybody’s favourite, Ms. Jizeresta Jimmy for Kota Kinabalu District level Kaamatan Champion 2008..

1st Place – Ms. Jizeresta Jimmy, 2nd Place – Ms. Flina Runtum (left) and 3rd Place – Ms. Andrea Peter (right)

Ms. Jizeresta Jimmy will be representing Kota Kinabalu district while the second and thrid place will be representing Likas and Tanjung Aru district in the Grand Finale this 30th and 31st May 2008.

until their journey continues at KDCA Penampang for the Grand Finale of Sabah Unduk Ngadau 2008 this weekend.

rest of the results winners :

4th Place – Ms. Alvira Cora M. Jipinis
5th Place – Ms. Noemi Halima Dingle Ligunjang
6th Place – Ms. Kimberly Fay Cathrinus Sham
7th Place – Ms. Viola G. Julasim

for more detail results + info about the carnival, please click here

I didn’t manage to go for the second night Kota Kinabalu District Level Kaamatan Carnival at Lintasan Deasoka the other day, but I did drop by during the afternoon, just before the event started at 7pm. However, I’ve visited the ‘Pondok Kebudayaan’ for about half an hour to snap some few good photos on the Sabah hand-made handicrafts..

Vinusak necklace, from Rungus tribe in Kudat, northern part of Sabah.

Bakul Rotan.

Let the PROs show you how they made it.

and I was lucky during that time there were about three dancers performing a cultural dance from a Rungus tribe.

that’s when the batt runs out of power.. next Kota Kinabalu District Level Kaamatan Carnival 2008 – Part 3

9th Annual Sabah Adventure Challenge 2008
21 – 23 March 2008

The 9th annual Sabah Adventure Challenge 2008 is scheduled for the 21st to the 23rd of March 2008 in the Ranau, Kota Belud and Kota Marudu Districts with a race around Mount Kinabalu covering some 200 kilometres. The race will see teams racing in teams of two people per team covering a dawn till dusk event with a series of disciplines including trail running, orienteering, mountain biking and traditional bamboo rafting.

Organiser : Sabah Adventure Challenge
Contact Person : Avtar S. Sandhu
Tel : +6088 261070
Fax : +6088 261070
Email Contact :
Event Website :

Pesta Lunsai
15 March 2008

In the northeast coast of Sandakan lies the island of Libaran. Many agree that the charm of this island lies in its simplicity: a long stretch of beach, crystal blue waters and beautiful sunsets. Visit Pulau Libaran this month to learn more about the local culture during the Pesta Lunsai.

Organiser : Sandakan Municipal Council, Pejabat Ahli Parlimen Libaran
Contact Person : Catherin Chua
Tel : +60 89 224026
Fax : +60 89 272112
Email Contact :

Sabah Agricultural Park 7th Anniversary
15 – 16 March 2008

The carnival is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the Park”s launching. It will be a fun-filled event, featuring various competitions and exhibitions. Take the opportunity to visit the many gardens of the sprawling Sabah Agriculture Park. Bring your family and frineds for a fun day out at the Park!

Organiser : Sabah Agriculture Park
Contact Person : Muhidin Hj. Ismail, Pengurus Taman Pertanian Sabah, Puan Wan Masalmah Wan Abedin, Pegawai Pemasaran
Telephone : +6087 737952, 737558 (Tenom), +6088 258529
Fax : +6087 737571 (Tenom), +6088 258529
Email Contact :

Titian Seni Sarawak & Sabah
06 March – 06 April 2008

For art enthusiasts, come and see some of the latest masterpieces of Sabah”s well-known artists in this annual exhibition.

Organiser : Sabah Art Gallery
Tel : +6088 268875
Fax : +6088 210040
Email Contact :

KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2008
Date : 24 February 2008

An annual event held in conjunction with the City Day celebration. Treasure hunters search the city high and low while getting to know Kota Kinabalu better. Everyone is welcome to join the hunt with attractive prizes to be won.

Organiser : Kota Kinabalu City Hall
Contact Person : Fauziahton Ag. Samad
Tel : +6088 521800
Fax : +6088 316137
Email Contact :

Luyang Ang Pow Festival
17 February 2008

Foh Sang, Luyang, a suburban district located some 10-minutes from the KK City Centre, will be having their own Pesta Ang Pow this month. Known for its strong Chinese community, come and celebrate the Chinese New Year festivities in Luyang.

Organiser : Sabah Progressive Party
Contact : Datuk Richard Yong We Kong, Secretary-General
Tel : +6088 242107
Fax : +6088 249188
Email Contact :

Gaya Street Ang Pow Festival
16 February 2008

Kota Kinabalu’s favourite street comes alive this month with the merriment of the Gaya Street Pesta Ang Pow. Visit the various booths and enjoy the performances lined-up for your entertainment. A great outing for friends and family in the spirit of the Chinese New Year!

Organiser : Sabah Progressive Party
Contact : Datuk Richard Yong We Kong, Secretary-General
Tel : +6088 242107
Fax : +6088 249188
Email Contact :

Kota Kinabalu 8th City Day Celebration
02 February 2008

Join the city folks as they celebrate KK’s 8th anniversary as a city. The event will be celebrated with activities for all ages. Have your family and friends participate in the many activities held during the week to win exciting prizes.

Organiser : Kota Kinabalu City Hall
Contact Person : Joannes Solidau
Tel : +6088 521800
Fax : +6088 316137
Contact :