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This will be the first 1Malaysia Gong Xi Fa Chai celebration ever celebrated to unite all the Malaysia people as it’s said roar like a Malaysian tiger.

Venue : Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA), Hongkod Koisaan, Penampang, Sabah.
Date : 01 – 21 February 2010

What to expect : Excitement, festive & food stalls, lion & dragon dance, Singing competitions (category : open/children/senior), performances by local and international artistes, mini fun fair, photography contest, colorful lanterns display, lucky draw, amoi, sumandaks and lots of fun.

for more detail info go HERE!

Majlis Rumah Terbuka Malaysia Krismas 2009

Sunday, 27 December 2009
12.30 pm – 6.00 pm
Location : Padang Merdeka, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Theme : Rakyat Didahulukan Pencapaian Diutamakan

What to expect :
1Malaysia dance + songs performance, special appearance by Stacy AF, Karen Tan, Banumita, Iqwal and Jamal Abdillah, also an appearance by my fevret female local artist, Clarice John Matta and Everitus Gungkit. Kids and children will have the chance to meet 20 x Santa Claus + 20 x Santa Rina.

Pesta Kaamatan 2009 | Unreleased!

Current Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Musa bin Haji Aman was at the launch of Pesta Kaamatan 2009 which held at the Kadazandusun Cultural Association Sabah (KDCA) last May 2009. Left: Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan and right: YB Datuk Haji Masidi Manjun.

The 10th Pesta Gambus Sabah 2009 was held last 26th July 2009 at the Papar Municipal Hall, Papar which organized by the Persatuan Masyarakat Brunei Sabah and this year I had the chance to come + see the Gambus competition.. yeayy!


‘Lute’ or verbally called by the locals as ‘Gambus’ is one of the oldest musical instruments in Sabah and been practically made + played by the Brunei community in Sabah.


Outside of the Papar Municipal Hall, there are local foods + products exhibitions.


Mostly the products are hand-made by the villagers nearby Papar district.


One of the Brunei’s favourite, Ambuyat a.k.a Sagu


They even got a mini concert, performances by the Kumpulan Gambus Madani from Bongawan, Sabah.


Aik! pun ada jual belon.


Backdrop for the main stage..


A typical costume for the Brunei community in Sabah.


The festival was launched by YB Datuk Masidi Manjun and he is representing the Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Musa bin Haji Aman that didn’t manage to come, also present was Datuk Karim Bujang, the President of the Association of Bruneian Community of Sabah, and Datuk Haji Abdul Rahim bin Ismail ADUN of N22, Pantai Manis as the Patron of Persatuan Masyarakat Brunei Sabah.


Momento presentation to YB Datuk Masidi Manjun.


Performances by the group from Kg. Warisan representing Kota Kinabalu district.



Group from Kg Binsuluk representing Membakut.




Group from Menumbok, representing Beaufort district.




Group from Kg. Weston,  Kimanis representing the Bongawan district.




Actually I don’t really enjoyed the show as what I’ve first expected..


Poor stage lighting + not so stunning dance performace = boring!


Even the famous Fauziah Gambus forgot to bring her Gambus..


But I must say the performances by well known gambus musician Farid Ali + guitarist Roger Wang save the day.


I was stunning by the sounds of gambus vs acoustic guitar.


Prize ceremony.. hmm maybe I need an ‘Ultra Wide Lenses’ for this angle..


Consolation prize of RM1000. – Kg. Warisan from Kota Kinabalu and Kg. Weston of Kimanis
3rd place of RM2000 – Kg. Buang Sayang from Papar
2nd place of RM3000 – Menumbok
Champion of RM5000 – Kg. Binsuluk from Membakut

See more prize presentation ceremony photos here!

below are pics more like after party punya happening..



As promised from previous teaser, here are some photos during the 4th Sabah International Folkdance Competition 2009 and there are total of 11 countries participate on the show performance which was held for two days at Sabah Cultural Centre, Penampang on last 4th and 5th July. The tickets cost you RM30 for Adult, RM10 for Kids and RM50 for 1st Class..

Let me head straight to the dance performances..


The hall was so dark inside, lucky the stage spotlight helps so much on the lighting.


The first team that came up for the performance was Cambodian Culture & Arts Group from Cambodia.


Their dance performance using a coconut shell a.k.a tempurung kelapa and main gulik2.


Next that made their appearance was Guang Dong group from China with their Zhan Jiang Song and Dance Ensemble.




The Punjab Folk Arts Center from India.




Daya Presta Company from Indonesia.


Performing a dance called ‘Tarian Topeng Petawi’


and next came the Majlis Adat Dayak Nasional from Kalimantan, Indonesia.


Their costume has similarity to the Dayak community of Sarawak.



and next came the On Alti Kiz also known as the sixteen girls all the way from Kazakhstan.




Now, this group was my favorite among the rest, Tacloban Performing Art Group from Philippines.


The group performed a dance legend of Sari Manok a.k.a chicken. See how’s the dance similarity to our local Magunatip dance here in Sabah.


They’re also using bamboos, just maybe this one was hardcore version, since they all main baring2 + main angkat2..


..+ main terbang2 berlawan atas bamboo pun ada bah!


Next group was East Barito Regency Artistry Team, again from Indonesia.



Dance performance by Saudi Arabia Group Riyadh came all the way from Saudi Arabia.



Then came the neigbouring country of Malaysia, Sriwarna group from Singapore performed a dance called ‘Nadi’


Using huge drums, these babes.. kohf! kohf! I mean these ladies really can performed such spectacular dance.


this group was my second fevret..


and lastly, a performance by the group representative for Malaysia from Negeri Sembilan.


At the final of the show.. all teams came out and gather in front of the stage and perform one dance we here call..


the Sumazau..


Everyone in the teams can do the Sabahan Sumazau


Including these hot babes dancers (kohf! kohf! terbatuk lagi!) from the land of Pua Chu Kang.

Prize giving ceremony + Group photo session :


Winner of 3rd Best Performance, On Alti Kiz (sixteen girls) from Kazakhstan.


Winner of 2nd Best Performance, Daya Presta Company from Indonesia.


The overall champion, 1st Best Performance, Tacloban Performing Art Group from Philippines.



Okay! I just made up those two bubble text..


but not this one.. really!



The performance group Persatuan Melayu Keriam Tutong ‘Pesaka’ from Brunei Darussalam.



Those VVIP that present that day was the Minister of Tourism, Culture & Environment Datuk Masidi Manjun.

hope you guys enjoy the photos and lastly I leave you with this last one.. 😉


Next : Pesta Gambus 2009


I’m suppose to have fun playing with my sniper mode today, but as some of you guys might knew the saddest news that the 1Borneo Auto Challenge 2009 has been postpone to August,  arghhh!!!

But not to worries as today I leave you guys with this post + some photos from the recent 24th Sabah Dragon Boat Race 2009.. enjoy!


24th Sabah Dragon Boat Race 2009
Date : 20 -21 June 2009
Venue : Likas Bay, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


In this year’s event, there are 65 total number of teams that participate in the race.


I was there on Sunday which is the Final Race Day, but this time I came only at around 10am.


Last year’s champion, the Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan Tuaran again participate in the race to defend their title.


Comparing to last year’s race, I’ve witness none (or maybe less) of the dragon boats had flip upside down.


For your info,  the race venue has been moved to its original place where the location is just nearby about 3km away from last year’s venue.


and I must say, Sabah Tourism Board had once again manage the event very well.




After the final race was over, all teams gathered for the prize ceremony.


Eventhough some of the teams that didn’t won, they are just enjoyed the race as one teams winnings.


The main title ‘SABAH HEAD OF STATE TROPHY’ once again won by the team from Tuaran, none other than the Pertubuhan Peladang Tuaran.

2nd place : Terayung
3rd place : Rasa Ria As
4th place : Shan Shui A
5th place : Pasukan Kebangsaan Negara Brunei Darussallam

Congratulations to all winners!!

More photos of the race event + prize ceremony at


How’s kamurang punya Sunday? Me.. went to watch the 24th Sabah Dragon Boat Race 2009 at beautiful fresh scenery near Likas bay.. just the sun was super hot! Lucky I was wearing smart Nike long sleeve jacket.. enough said, I wore the wrong pants, a short pants.. I’m burned again!!

Happy Monday guys!!

more event updates comin soon..

Again, as last year’s top post in MadeinSabah with 16,034 views so far, I brings you the complete 41 sumandaks of Unduk Ngadau 2009 Contestants listing which made to the grand final round at KDCA last week. The official winner has already been announced and those who missed the battle at Grand Finale Unduk Ngadau 2009, check them out here!


Ms. Gilda J Joeplik, Sandakan


Ms. Emilda Albert, Paitan


Ms. Lydia Binti Binidik, Kemabong


Ms. Jukini Gamius, Semporna


Ms. Deizi Sebastian Mojinu, WP Labuan


Ms. Lynnestherwenns Masuin, Kudat


Ms. Flina Binti Rutum, Tamparuli


Ms. Erra Quency Victor, Kota Belud


Ms. Laine Binti Tinggangau, Kota Marudu


Ms. Hulliwta Eliser, Tungku


Ms. Rounnah Bab Robert Sylvester, Tenom


Ms. Rachel Martinus, Inanam


Ms. Diana Binti Ngoai, Menumbok


Ms. Evilin Binti Mathis, Pitas


Ms. Sarimah Bt Tangkungon, Pagalungan


Ms. Jovetta Joprine, Kuala Penyu


Ms. Victoria Yam Pei Ling, Kunak


Ms. Wineh Binti Diwalang, Nabawan


Ms. Elsie R Marius, Tanjung Aru


Ms. Sheron Olga Fedilis, Sook


Ms. Cecelia Riymante, Membakut


Ms. Clarencena Kadius, Matunggong


Ms. Joanne Bernadette John, Beluran


Ms. Jennifer David, Telupid


Ms. Gloria Lyne Bami, Kinabatangan


Ms. Maylesthelyn Matius, Putatan


Ms. Elinna Binti Musuin, Likas


Ms. Wanda Hendryana Pius, Lahad Datu


Ms. Cindy Celestine Sipilis, Tawau


Ms. Efahrina Nicholas, Tambunan


Ms. Jacqueline Monalisa, Banggi


Ms. Jovenea Jim Lajim, Klang Valley


Ms. Earoziana Elvy Venture, Tongod


Ms. Stella Nakaran, Ranau


Ms. Fredericka Camilla Richard Daut, Tuaran


Ms. Jacqueline Bt Joseph, Keningau


Ms. Pearl Dianne Petrus, Kota Kinabalu


Ms. Affy Jackleyinda Entawin, Beaufort


Ms. Roziyanah Bt Mutang, Sipitang


Ms. Appey Rowenna Januin, Papar


Ms. Joanne Kimberley J Majalap, Penampang

This year will be a bit different compare to last year voting, you may vote from a number of 1 vote to even 100 votes (supaya sanang sia kira bah!)

Bah! apa lagi kamurang.. start your VOTES now!!


Closing ceremony of the Harvest Festival Month 2009 and Crowning of Unduk Ngadau 2009 by Toh Puan Datin Seri Panglima Hajah Dayang Masuyah.

Date : 30 – 31 May 2009
Venue : Kadazandusun Cultural Association, Penampang, Sabah.

What to expect :
Bamboo orchestra, traditional sports, traditional dances, concert Kaamatan, Children Unduk Ngadau competition, Musical theater, Grand Final Unduk Ngadau state level Kaamatan 2009.


Halo guys! how your Sunday?
Well for me, last Sunday was not something super interesting compare to my previous ”I Know What You Did Last Sunday!”, just want to share some bits + pieces of what is happening yesterday. I was at Tenom with the LIB team for an event coverage, Pesta Kalimaran 2009, which was held annually at the Murut Cultural Centre, southern part of Tenom, Sabah.

More photos + event update coming soon!

Here is another bangas post from me..

The 23rd Sabah Dragon Boat Race 2008, was held at Likas bay, Kota Kinabalu on last 15th June 2008.

I was already worried by looking at the clouds but lucky the ‘bomoh’ hujan is quiet PRO!

The race never stop and this where the starting line up.

On my way walking to the main grand stage, I manage to shot few pics of the surrounding.

Some of the locals are selling drinks + snacks, while this one selling plumber tools. lol..

Cameraman in action

Cameraman lost his action.

One of the PRO I found with his very huge sniper.

The event start early at 8am on Sunday morning, but the crowd are already everywhere, can you imagine that.

Before the race start, hand stretching is a must.

and the first run begun.. Each boat shall have maximum 18 paddlers for one team plus one drummer and one navigator/coxworth.

Did you know no female to be allowed to participate in the male’s team paddlers except to participate as a drummer or navigator and those that won are eligible to go through the final round.

but they have to keep their energy for the final race.

while those that lost… Tired + Hot = Water! is what they need

and no regrets. No women will be allowed to join amale paddlers unless the

Rowing back to the shore

Other contestant waiting for their turn for action

A while after, this Dragon came up with a fireball on his mouth.. greet the Yang Dipertua Negeri T.Y.T Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah that arrived around 10am.

and this time, I got him really close..

Other VIPs that present are Datuk Masidi Manjun, Sabah Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Datuk Chau Tet On, President of Sabah Chinese Cultural Association and also Y.M Dato’ Seri Tengku Zainal Adlin, Sabah Tourism Chairman.

A welcome show by 24 young talented kids playing chinese drums.

this kids sure got skill

A lion dance

and after the show the final race begun..

But something happens during the final race

something that really frustrated

Damned frustrated

But those are still on the rowing, battle up against each other.

and it was a close finished between four boats.

So this where the judges stand to get the final result.

After the final race, all contestant gathered in front of the grandstand and the prizes presentation ceremony begun.

There are 6 categories trophy offered and the main category is

The Sabah Head of State’s Trophy : Men’s Open Category for International Teams and Top Malaysian Teams

3rd place, Brunei Darussalam National Team, won a Medals + RM1,000

2nd place, Terayung, Tuaran, won a Medals + RM2,500

and the Champion, Pertubuhan Peladang Tuaran, won a Medals + RM4,000

Congratulations to all winners!!! for more detail info of the winners, read more this post here!

there goes folks, sorry this time no chicks/babes/sumandak..

Here some bangas post from me.. Perasmian Rumah Terbuka Pesta Kaamatan 2008 which been held at Padang Bandaran, Kota Kinabalu on last 31st May 2008. Below are some shots I took for you guys..

The event started at around 7.00pm and the time is so quick as I mange to go home recharge + have some short rest just after atended the Unduk Ngadau Finals 2008 which finished around 5.30pm at KDCA, Penampang.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia is there too.. everyone knows him, so no need for me to introduce.

A speech by Y.A.B. Datuk Musa Haji Aman, Chief Minister of Sabah

Among VVIP that present are Datuk Seri Mohd. Shafie Apdal, Minister of National Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage, Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah, Dato Masidi Manjun, Sabah Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, and Yang Dipertua Negeri, Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah.

The show begin with a symbolic meaning to the kaamatan itself where a giant ‘basung’ basket pouring a rice into one big basket.

Souvenirs presented by Datuk Seri Mohd. Shafie Apdal to the T.Y.T of Sabah

and not forgotten also presented to the Prime Minister.

The show started with a traditional dance.

and later came the one and only, Abu Bakar Elah a.k.a Si Ampal….

everyone loves him..

Most of the fresh Sabahan queens are there too that night, 3rd Runner-Up of Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2008, Ms. Rounnah Beb Robert Sylvester was there

and also the 1st Runner-Up of Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2008, Ms. Joanne Kimberly J Majalap, mann she’s preety!

and everyones favorite (including me).. Ms. Joana Henly Rampas. love this Joana workh!! korgh!! I mean this shot!!

The show continues with various types of Sabah traditional dance

Some candid shot of the dancers

Some of them are familiar faces

nearly most of the dancers I’ve seen on the last event, Sabah Fest 2008

including this one..

and this one too, just one particular female dancer I didn’t saw her show up that night which I knew this one particular blogger (everyones favorite) really love to see her in action..

The new Akademi Fantasia S6 Champion, Stacy also present that night.. Waah!! Talabih sudah!!

The fresh Unduk Ngadau 2008 Champion, Ms. Leonie Lawrence Gontuni was there too..

and an appearance of the local gambus queen from Bongawan, Sabah.. Fauziah Gambus

The 19 year old Fauziah Gambus or her full name is Fauziah Suhaili, had made an album call ‘Fauziah Gambus’ which are now available on every local music store in Kota Kinabalu (ceh! sempat promote bah!)

Linda Nanuwil the AF S2 1st runner-up winner is also present beside the famous singer from west malaysia, Syafinaz.

No wonder the crowd was so packed that night, everbody are rushing for their favorite artist, but some of them are not allowed to go inside.

The event finished at around 11pm.. actually after the VVIPs went back, there are more shows for the visitors performed by the local singer, Abu Bakar Elah and the rest of the singers, but I was already half death and decided to went back home recharge.. that’s all I can showcase here guys till next post.. panat suda sia bah!

Next : 23rd Sabah Dragon BoatRace 2008..

The two day Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Festival 2008 last few weeks ago has become a heaven for photographers, me myself have fulled up 3 pieces of 2GB memory cards during the event. Lots of people around, lots of shots have been taken and lots of photo need to be upload..

What I can summarize from my visit is something like this :

A – Favorite Shots
B – Unduk Ngadau Grand Final 2008
C – Sniper mode

Lets start with A – Favorite Shots :

Ooh! soo cute..

OMG!! This one lagi la cute…

Sumandak Ranau..

Lagi sumandak Ranau..

Haa this one I think sumandak Seri Gaya..Workh! Koff! koff!

This tribe seems new to me, swing a real parang is the way how they dance

Haaa.. tengah mau keluar power la that!

Lots of traditional musical instruments played

Wahh!! Never seen like this triple combo Sompoton before.



Here goes my experimental shots with monochrome mode..

Okay! enough with the sumandak-sumandak already.. and here goes B – Unduk Ngadau Grand Finals 2008 :

The final six..

All contestant had to answer one question before the winner announced.

SMS battle for the crown of Tati Tavanus Celcom.

Juries among the busiest during that day.

Last year’s Unduk Ngadau Champion, Miss Jo-ana Sue Henly Rampas making her appearance to the stage before the result announce..

Tati Tavanus Celcom, Ms. Florence Masimbin – Unduk Ngadau Kinabatangan

6th Runner Up, Ms. AnneMary T. Khan – Unduk Ngadau Klang Valley

5th Runner Up, Ms. Aloysia Thecla Philip – Unduk Ngadau Kota Belud

4th Runner Up, Ms. Verone Lansu – Unduk Ngadau Keningau

3rd Runner Up, Ms. Petronella Cherry Bernard – Unduk Ngadau Papar

2nd Runner Up, Ms. Emily Majil – Unduk Ngadau Tambunan

1st Runner Up, Ms. Florence Masimbin – Unduk Ngadau Kinabatangan

Champion.. Ms. Leonie Lawrence Gontuni Unduk Ngadau Penampang

for more photos of all contestant, you can always cubuk check out here!

and lastly here goes C – Sniper mode :

Oh! Man! I’ve been spotted by NIKON girl..

Hmm.. ada potential for next year Unduk Ngadau.

I’ve been spotted again..

Dato Nazri Aziz, minister in the prime minister’s department also was at the KDCA during the event.

and last but not least one of my favorite SLR function, continuous shooting mode..

Urghh!! I love zoom lenses… Now that’s enough already.. That’s all I can showcase here

Next… Ka’amatan Open House 2008, Padang Bandaran Kota Kinabalu

Most of you guys have already heard the winners of Sabah Unduk Ngadau state level 2008 which has been announce last week at the KDCA, Penampang. But for those Sabahan who still not aware or not really follow-up the Unduk Ngadau 2008 contestant, here are the full list of contestant that manage to the final round which I took during their short appearance on a day one of Pesta Kaamatan Peringkat Negeri Sabah 2008 last Friday.

Ms. Juliana Aping, Unduk Ngadau Lahad Datu 2008

Ms. Shirley Mervin, Unduk Ngadau Beluran 2008

Ms. Rozaini Bt. Ayu, Unduk Ngadau Pagalungan 2008

Ms. Gilda J Joelik, Unduk Ngadau Tawau 2008

Ms. Felicia Yapin, Unduk Ngadau Beaufort 2008

Ms. Adeline Joprine, Unduk Ngadau Kuala Penyu 2008

Ms. Norsitih Bt. Dayak, Unduk Ngadau Kemabong 2008

Ms. Surayani Sipin, Unduk Ngadau Nabawan 2008

Ms. Clayrina Liew, Unduk Ngadau Semporna 2008

Ms. Emily Majil, Unduk Ngadau Tambunan 2008

Ms. Mailin Julmin, Unduk Ngadau Tongod 2008

Ms. Stance Wong, Unduk Ngadau Labuan WP 2008

Ms. Marilyn Cindi John, Unduk Ngadau Matunggong 2008

Ms. Liaty Bt. Ahaya, Unduk Ngadau Sipitang 2008

Ms. Flina Runtum, Unduk Ngadau Likas 2008

Ms. Jilnah Majintal, Unduk Ngadau Banggi 2008

Ms. Leydiani P. Nealdson, Unduk Ngadau Ranau 2008

Ms. Raissey Sinuar, Unduk Ngadau Kota Marudu 2008

Ms. Rosziani Simon, Unduk Ngadau Tenom 2008

Ms. Aloysius Thecla Phillip, Unduk Ngadau Kota Belud 2008

Ms. Sylvia L. Sipayang, Unduk Ngadau Putatan 2008

Ms. Verone Lansu, Unduk Ngadau Keningau 2008

Ms. Audrey Joan Anthonius, Unduk Ngadau Tamparuli 2008

Ms. Florence Masimbin, Unduk Ngadau Kinabatangan 2008

Ms. Jessica Johnderry, Unduk Ngadau Sandakan 2008

Ms. Anne Mary Tan Khan, Unduk Ngadau Klang Valley 2008

Ms. Cecily Gismin, Unduk Ngadau Inanam 2008

Ms. Iris My Peter Jangki, Unduk Ngadau Membakut 2008

Ms. Masyin Madeyok, Unduk Ngadau Pitas

Ms. Jizeresta Jimmy, Unduk Ngadau Bandaraya KK 2008

Ms. Andrea Peter, Unduk Ngadau Tanjung Aru 2008

Ms. Petronella Cherry Benard, Unduk Ngadau Papar 2008

Ms. Deirdre Theseira Joannes, Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2008

Ms. Stephanie Rodney Chai, Unduk Ngadau Sook 2008

Ms. Leonie Lawrence Gontuni, Unduk Ngadau Penampang 2008

Maybe most of you Sabahan already knew who’s the winner right? But.. have you ever satisfy with the results?? Did your favorite contestant won anything?? or did any of the Unduk Ngadau from your district level awarded to any of the prizes?? No!!! what a pity.. cut the crap, here you can make your own Unduk Ngadau champion. What you need to do is to vote by writing a comment on the comment box. write your 3rd, 2nd and 1st choice and why.. apa lagi, sanang saja bah itu!!

let me make my own vote first..hee!

for more details result on the Unduk Ngadau Grand Final 2008, you can always check out this portal!

It’s the 20th Sabah Fest 2008 festival extravaganza celebration which has been launched on last Saturday, 3rd May 2008 at Magellan Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu. … and I was there!! not to work but to join the fun!! Yeay!!!

Kids with traditional costume.. wait till you see how they perform.

Tourist are among that present to enjoyed the show.

The show started with an introduction of cultural wedding presentation of the Bajau group.

One of the Bajau’s wedding tradition.

Colourful patterns of backdrop for the wedding.

Later the Sabah Fest 2008 has been officially launched by the Sabah’s Head of State Tun Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Ahmadshah bin Abdullah and wife.

together with the Chief Minister of Sabah Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman.

Then the cultural dance performance start..

Dance of Kudapasu

Dance of Igal Tabawan

Dance of Umang Ting Ting

Dance of Medtemu of the Dusun Ranau.. (sumandak-sumandak Ranau cun-cun oohh!)

Dance of Kudapasu

I love zoom lenses.. (haaa!! sumandak ini pun cun jugak!! workh!! koff!! koff!!)

I admire all these kids, macnificent performances!!

Dance of Magunatip..

The locals use to call them the Sabahan Warriors.

By the end of the event, all cultural dances came out to the stage and gather around and it’s time for a group singing, conducted by a local singer.

A Kompang playing by the Brunei group.

Backup vocal..

It’s the end of the show, everybody was enjoying the moment!! I must say that only this particular night you have the opportunity to see all Sabahan unique culture become unite + harmonious with colours and patterns.. and I’ve enjoyed the most.. proud to be true Sabahan!

More photos are coming.. stay tune! meantime, for full detail info about that night show.. kindly go HERE!