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Final week before the grand finale, Nabil’s show with a title ‘Saya Anak Malaysia’. Only 3 participants gone through the final, which is Nabil himself, and the other two group are Cham and NO Entry.

A surprise for every contestant where there have to perform a short comedy task without knowing anything about it.

Week 8 task is all about ‘LOVE’

Week 7, comes with a new title call ‘Bebas’ or ‘Freedom’

Nabil has come up with a comedy of interview with three different tourist from Europe, Indonesia and Japan coming to Malaysia, asking their opinion of freedom being in Malaysia. Nabil creatively relates his story from one tourist to another by making it very simple but interesting issue.

This week show, contestant are getting smaller as one by one of them been kicked out of the show. This make the show to be more interesting where the remaining contestant need to come up with two comedy task.

This week title ‘Typical Malaysian’, love this one!

This week show.. ‘Tiru Gaya Artis’. All contestant need to come up a comedy to act like a character of any celebrities.

Nabil was playing a ‘Bruce Lee’ character for this week show. In my opinion, Nabil had choosed a wrong character for his show, even though Nabil is trying to give the best on his show but Bruce Lee is very strong character to relates with a elements of Malaysian comedy. He could just pick a celebrity who are from Malaysia itself, just to play save.

I love this one also, this week show with Shah.

and here is another contestant which I love to watch their show.. a group of two guy name Cham! according to the jurry, they had done the very best show among the others during this week show.

On this week show, all contestant need to come up their jokes with singing, it’s a musical comedy.

Nabil show on this week was not that quiet good comparing to his previous show since his not really into singing type of person but here is another contestant whom I think is quiet good with this week’s task, musical comedy.. Shah, and he’s only 18 if I’m not mistaken.