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Posted: July 31, 2008 in Macam-Macam


siapa punya kerja la this..

here’s an update from the previous post : I’ve been contacted by the head of the company via email yesterday and the company has expressed their apologies of what have been happened. I decided to accept the apologies and all things are fine now.

Moral of the story :
Photographers – Make sure not to forget to watermark/copyright your image.

If they still duplicate/use your photo with your watermark on it + without your permission.. start writing your own Blog.. =p

Malaysia VS Chelsea

Posted: July 29, 2008 in What's Fresh

Now watching live video streaming

While browsing a few search term in Google last week ago, I found out one really interesting topic for me to share here.

My photo has been duplicate and used by some party without me knowing it.

If you check on this blog ‘About’ page, I’ve put one photo of Kota Kinabalu City view shot by me from the Menara Pemerhati Bukit Bendera about a year ago, and this photo has been used by one of fresh tourism related website with a local office address here in K.K which I manage to track.

I don’t want to publish the website’s url here la as I think it’s fine with me that they can use the photo since they using it for non-profit purpose and since it’s without copyright watermark. Not a big deal actually, it’s just I’m feeling fooled by such a big professional organization like them. Well.. at least they could just drop me an email asking my permission to use my photo, and that would be much appreciated as I got plenty of Kota Kinabalu City view pictures in my data gallery which I might consider giving them for free use.. in HDR some more!

See zoom mode here

Now you readers tell me.. is this a VIOLATION or DISRESPECT?

Get your seat NOW while it still available

With 8 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu city centre, the Tun Mustapha Gallery is situated at Menara Tun Mustapha, formerly known as Sabah Foundation buiding or Yayasan Sabah. The Tun Mustapha Gallery was first built in 2006 to honour an oustanding achievement of a great leader, Tun Datu Hj. Mustapha B. Datu Harun, who has lead Sabah and the people of Sabah to joined the formation of Malaysia on September 16, 1963.

Here you’ll have the chance and let your kids learn closely the true life story of the late Tun Datu Hj. Mustapha bin Datu harun and his great achievement since nowadays, many young generations doesn’t really know who Tun Mustapha is.

Lobby to the Gallery

Tun Datu Hj. Mustapha was also the third Chief Minister of the state of Sabah from 1967 to 1975, and was the president for the political party United Sabah National Organization (USNO). There’s one vehicle that Tun usually used during his official transportation and it was exhibit there too at the Gallery.

from a model of Daimler, origin from a German automobile company.

I bet it’s not a power steering

Inside the vehicle, as you can see there’s one projector machine to be use for 10-15 minutes video of Tun’s life history for visitors to view.

Just beside the main entrance to the Gallery, the Tun Mustapha Gallery also operates one Souvenir Shop that offering a high quality and unique crafts, inspired by the traditional motifs of the indigenous tribes of Sabah and Tun’s personal collection.

from a quality mug…

…to many kinds of unique sourvenirs offered.

While inside of the gallery you’ll see a collections of Tun’s personal belongings during his work as the thrid Chief Minister of Sabah such as Songkok, costume, keris and also Tun’s golf set.

Interested? pay yourself a visit sometime..

Entrance Fee :
Visitors without MyKad(NRIC) – RM15
Under 12 without MyKad(NRIC) – RM5
Malaysian – RM5
Students – RM1.50
Goverment staff – RM3.50

The Gallery operates from :
8am – 5pm : Monday to Friday
8am – 1pm : Saturday
Sunday – Closed except Public & School Holiday

for more info, call : +6088 326300 (Ext 1153) / +6088 326683

I know some of you never thought there will be more GT Queens coming from me here..

Kuangg! Kuang! Kuang! Kuanngggg! (you have to pronounce it with slight vibrator into it)

the previous post was GT queen from GT300 class only, while here are the GT500 queen..

even more hotter!!

surprise… surpriseee ;p

she’s taken ahh!!

Okay, this two for you guys to choose.

But not this two..

Both are taken.

Haa.. okay this two buleh

Nice smile..

Haaa.. mine is the second right

and the one on the left

One of my favorite GT Queen

Haa.. If you want to know what they all saying is ‘we love esharkk!!’

Okay this two you guys can pick la, recommended the one on the left (pasal dia tinggi cikit)

GT queen with cowboy hat??

Hmmm.. I wonder if I can be the horse

Urghh!! Nice hair

Nice skirt…

Err.. Nice costume actually

Ok! another announcement, all three are taken!

This one..

another one of my favorite GT queen

and yeahhhh, she also.

and again another announcement…. hmmm, okaylah I make an exception here, I just pick the one on the second left.

Not this one.. although she’s cute actually

Yearhhh!! this one is mine (kalau masuk Unduk Ngadau, gerenti dia champion punya walaupun ndak pandai cakap dusun)

and lastly this two hot GT queen.. panas! panas!

Stick to the center spot.. I mean just make sure your eye balls didn’t drop ahh!

Sure I don’t want to get involve if you get caught with your boss ah..

It’s the end guys (really it is!) .. go back to work

you can always drop by later… Heeeeee!