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Tabin Wild Life Reserve

Tabin Wild Life Reserve has been declared a wildlife forest reserves of class VII by the Forest Enactment of Sabah back in 1968 for wildlife protection. Tabin popularly known because of its huge lowland dipterocarp rainforest which was created in 1984 to preserve Sabah’s large numbers of disappearing wild and highly endangered animals. Located about 48km north-east of Lahad Datu town, Tabin plays an important role as a dedicated home ground mainly for the breeding of endangered wildlife and protected mammals in Sabah especially the largest mammals like Sumatran Rhino, Pgymy Elephant and Tembadau.

Location : Lahad Datu, Sabah Borneo Malaysia.
Area covered : 120,539 hectares of protected forest
Species : 75 Mammals, 45 reptiles, 252 birds, 24 Fresh water fishes, 945 plants.

more info at tabinwildlife


11th Kiulu 4M Challenge
Date : 7 December 2008
Venue : Kiulu, Tamparuli Sabah, Borneo Malaysia

An annual event of extreme race opens to the public held in nice river landscape of Kiulu the district of Tamparuli. This race featuring ‘4M’ (four) of the Dusun and Kadazan traditional games using Bamboo, which all activities name begin with a pronunciation of the letter ‘M’.
1st Manangkus : Running (5km/6km) to the rafting starting point.
2nd Mamangkar : Bamboo rafting (5km) at Kiulu river – Grade 2.
3rd Manampatau : Drift downriver and paddle-swim (1.3km) using bamboo pole.
4th Mamarampanau : Walking (0.2km) with bamboo stilts.

Contact person :
Mr. Ariffin Gadait (Ofc:+6088-225752/255972 / Mobile:+6019-8624585)

Have you been to the UMS Aquarium & Marine Museum before? if not, then take a look at some of photos which I took during my recent visit. The place located exactly inside the Borneo Marine Research Institute inside the university area itself, about 7 km from Kota Kinabalu city centre.


Once you get inside to the entrance of the aquarium, just look up on your head then only you’ll see this view.


on your left, you’ll first see this mammal of Cuvier’s Beaked Whale, measuring 4.43 meters long.


This whale was actually been found dead at Mimpian Jadi beach, Tuaran back in 1997.


Some collection of corals


There are more than 50 species of Bornean reef corals displayed.


One of the aquarium you’ll see on your way to the right.



This is one of the two biggest size aquarium you’ll find.


Can you tell what fish is this?


Skip that..I also don’t know, just imagine how big is the size?


Yeahh.. it’s really huge, just look at the fish size compare to this cute babe.


Looking at this photo reminds me a Star Trek movie somewhere in a space ship scene la pulak.


Humphead parrot fish.


These fish named Remora which can grow up to 1 meter length and it placed inside an aquarium which has a taller size compare to other aquarium.



Your visit to the UMS Aquarium & Marine Museum will last around 20 – 30 minutes, the place was not as big as what I expected, however the place is great for family outing during the weekend, as for any school outing activities, I would say this place will be one of the nice + informative spot to visit.


Location : Borneo Marine Research Institute, University Malaysia Sabah (UMS).
Operating hours : Opens daily except Wednesday & Public Holiday
– 9.30am to 12.30pm and 2.00pm to 4.30pm (Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat & Sun)
– 9.30am to 11.30am and 2.00pm to 4.30pm (Fri)

Click here for the location map.

I just want to see one live shark, but there isn’t.. I guess they don’t do research on shark 😦


Petagas War memorial
A monument was erected over the grave and the surrounding was made into a garden in perpetual memory of a group of guerrillas called “The Kinabalu Guerrillas” led by Albert Kwok who sacrificed their life to protect their mother land of Sabah while fighting the Japanese military forces during the World War II. The names of all those whose remains were buried here and all other known guerilla force members and sympathizers, followers and supporters who had been killed by the Japanese military forces. Later, this monument and the garden were improved during the year 1979 by the Kota Kinabalu Municipal Council and funded by the Sabah state goverment.

The story : In January 1942, a patriotic local youth named Albert Kwok lead an underground guerilla force of more than 300 young men from various communities in Sabah and recruited them to fight against the Japanese military forces. On 21st Jan 1944, 176 men of guerillas were transported by railway cargo wagons from the ‘Batu Tiga’ prison to Petagas where they were brutally executed. Before, 96 were detainees including guerillas were tortured and killed at the ‘Batu Tiga’ prison camp and a further 131 were sent to Labuan to serve their various terms of imprisonment but 117 of them died of starvation, maltreatment and torture.

Location : 9km from the Kota Kinabalu city centre, in front of KKIA T1.

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If you guys still remember from the previous post of Grafiti Spotted in Kota Kinabalu City.. here is an update!


I spotted these new additional painting at the same place last week..


This time the painting was in black colored with few cartoon-human figure.


It seems to me the painting illustrate something like a group of ‘skin head’ teenagers


Whom need some room of freedom from their noisy parents/guardian..


I’m not sure if the painting meant to be that way, well.. that’s what I thought la, if you have any further under standing of the painting, I would love to hear..  just the question still remain with no answer.. sepa punya kerja la ba this??


Bamboo Musical Festival Tamparuli 2008
Venue : Dewan Tun Hamdan, Tamparuli
Date : 26th November 2008

Activities : Musical performance by the Kinabalu Bamboo Music Orchestra and local artists, Monogunggak competition, Bamboo musical group competition and Bamboo handicraft and souvenirs exhibition.

Contact Person : Ms. Jane (+6013 8760358), Mr. Lawrence (+019-8416491) or Mr. Wilson (+013-5446999)


The biggest + most famous weekly open air market in Sabah, is none other than the ‘Tamu Besar Kota Belud’, located at Kota Belud district, 78 km to the north east of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Tamu Besar Kota Belud is an annual event where the locals of Kota Belud will gather their hand-made products from various types of handicrafts, souvenirs, local foods and drinks offering for sale to the visitors.kotabelud-sabah-map


This place was actually first open to the public on every weekend as a weekly tamu and known as Tamu Mingguan Pekan Kota Belud, later Kota Belud become an annual event of the grand Tamu Besar which held on every year by the month of October.


Hand-made ‘Parang Bajau’, a creative craftmanship of the Bajau and Iranun comunities.


Hand-made Rattan Basket or locally called Bakul Rotan by the Dusun.


Most of the locals are Muslims from the ethnic of Bajau and Iranun.


and majorities that offers their product for sale are from senior citizens.


Ikan masin.. dried fish.


Natural honey.. from RM5 to RM15 per bottle.



Traditional local delights from various types of kuih muih of Kota Belud such as kuih cincin, kuih penjaram and kuih gelang are mouth-watering foods which you should try one.


which will cost you as cheap as RM2 per packet.


The Bajau beauty.. or I love to call it the ‘Perawan Bajau’



The best time to visit Kota Belud is during the Grand Tamu Besar, it’s an annual event held on every October, for two days festivals usually on Saturday to Sunday. There are lots of interesting activities during the event which you will have the chance to get a closer look on the famous Bajau horsemen, cowboys of the East.


What makes the Bajau horsemen unique is the costume of the horse itself.


Usually the performance of the Bajau horsemen will took place in a school field nearby (about 10 minutes walk from the Tamu Kota Belud).


There, you’ll see about hundreds of Bajau horsemen wearing their traditional colourful Bajau costume with full of nice decorations on each of their horses.



Beside riding a horse, the Bajau community originally, they are the farmers and fishermen of Kota Belud.


The Bajau are also best known for their ‘Dastar’, a hand-made woven cloth for male to wear for covering their hair.


The Bajau male costume are formally consisit of a high collared long sleeve shirt call ‘baju sampit’ with gold buttons and this worn by a pants call ‘seluar sama’.




Beside a performance of the Bajau horsemen, during the event earlier, there is a Bajau female beauty pageant contest call ‘Ratu Serimpak’, which been held for the last 7 years until now. The unique of this beauty pageant beside their natural beauty was all contestant wearing a traditional Bajau female costume which consist of cultural sarimpak head dress, badu sipak, sarong olos berangkit and silver belt.


Below are some facts you might what to read  about Tamu Besar Kota Belud:

How long is the journey from Kota Kinabalu?
– 1 hour to 1.5 hours drive (standard time) to reach at Kota Belud
– 45 minutes drive (off course if you drive your car like how I did)

How to get there?
– Public bus (will cost you around RM10) – Depart from the bus station near the Merdeka field.
– Public taxi (will cost you around RM50) – Depart from the bus station near the Merdeka field or Inanam bus station

What to expect at Kota Belud?
– as I wrote… Lots of hand-made handicrafts and souvenirs for you to bring home, mouth-watering local delights, good quality home-made products from various types of foods and drinks.
– taik karabau… LOL!

Did you know?
The only Malaysian professional football player whom managed to score 2 goals against a full England team while playing for Malaysia on 1991 was a Bajau from Kota Belud named Matlan Marjan. He is a professional football player for the state of Sabah until the year 1995.


My favorite shot of the day.. 😉

Those that interested, are higly recommended to visit the Tamu Besar Kota Belud… but you have to wait till next year October then..


The Unduk Ngadau 2007, Ms. Jo-Anna Sue Henley Rampas

Unduk Ngadau has long before been practice since the year 1960, and Yong Mee Lan, from Penampang district, was first to be crowned as ‘Miss Kadazan’ the Unduk Ngadau title in 1960. Unduk Ngadau is an annual beauty pageant for the local beauties which held on every 31st of May each year at the Hongkod Koisaan, Penampang, Sabah during the Kaamatan celebration (harvest festivals) . All chosen beauties from each district of Sabah will participate in the contest to try their luck in winning the state-level pageant title. Ms. Jo-Anna Sue Henley Rampas, originally from Tuaran district, has won the Unduk Ngadau title for the year of 2007.

Did you know? Unduk Ngadau formerly known as :
– Miss Kadazan : 1960-1970
– Miss Harvest Festival : 1971-1980
– Ratu Kaamatan : 1981-1990
– Unduk Ngadau : 1991 until now


Traditional Mock Wedding Display
Date : Every Saturday of the month of November 2008
Venue : Monsopiad Cultural Village, Kg. Kuai
Time : 10.00am

Be mesmerize with the traditional wedding display from various types of ethnic community in Sabah. For more info, please contact : +6088 761336

Show : Big Boyz Toys, Beauty & The Beast
Venue : 1Borneo shopping mall
Time : 10am – 9pm
Date : 16th October – 19th October 2008

Ignore the intro picture above.. here are some shots of what the ‘Big Boyz Toys’ really means are..

There you have it.. Ferrari, Lexus, Lotus, Range Rover, Harley Davidson, Virago.. but I prefer these two monsters instead..

Nissan Skyline GTR34 bodykit tuned by N1 Bodykit

Superb… my fevret car this..

Nissan Skyline GTR Proton Arena, bodykit tuned by N1 Bodykit

If you still don’t get it.. here are some shot that make the term complete.

ahhhh.. dis one my fevret nih!

During the show, there was a photo contest with a cash prize of RM500. What you need to do is to take your best shot of the beautiful show girls with the super cars and the session start at 2.30pm.

I decided to join and have some fun but it turn out that I only arrived at 3.30pm, 45minutes stuck in the jammed.. apala!! 😦