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Apa itu Search Terms Trending ahh?
Those newbie bloggers should at least understand your blog Search Terms in order to keep your blog content running on smooth and to discover the most popular search keywords on your blog/s..

Tapi today, I’m writing bukan pasal sia bukan mo jadi mcm si botak ProBlogger ka or SEO expert ka, tapi sini sia mo share, one of the popular ‘search terms’ keywords for this bog.. see below

Siapala punya kerja ini ahh??

The answer to the question you’ve just read is something I’m a bit kesian…

YA! I’ve missed it!!

I’ve missed the SUPER GT 2009 race this year, I missed those loud sounds of 500hp engines, I missed the smell of burning Sepang track, I missed Mai Sakamoto (the RAYBRIG babes), Kaori Minami, Junko Iida (the ZENT babes), the Yokohama tyre gals, and lastly I missed shooting with my favorite sniper..

My absence to this one of the hottest race on earth is due to heavy work load a.k.a ndak kena suru pigi!

So, this morning while I was browsing for some fresh photos of the SUPER GT 2009 race event  (just to lepas my rindu la kunun), I stumble into one photography forum and spotted one photo of the last year race which I was on that photo!!

Wahh.. it’s actually rare to see me captured in action!


This photo was uploaded by a forum member named bugger, here is the link to this photo #19 at Velocity forum

Those who knows how I look, try if you can find which one is me on this photo?

Hint : Aiming the camera straight to the GT babes without no fears of anyone behind him!!

Thank you bugger! ;p

Search Term

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Macam-Macam


siapa punya kerja la this..

here’s an update from the previous post : I’ve been contacted by the head of the company via email yesterday and the company has expressed their apologies of what have been happened. I decided to accept the apologies and all things are fine now.

Moral of the story :
Photographers – Make sure not to forget to watermark/copyright your image.

If they still duplicate/use your photo with your watermark on it + without your permission.. start writing your own Blog.. =p

While browsing a few search term in Google last week ago, I found out one really interesting topic for me to share here.

My photo has been duplicate and used by some party without me knowing it.

If you check on this blog ‘About’ page, I’ve put one photo of Kota Kinabalu City view shot by me from the Menara Pemerhati Bukit Bendera about a year ago, and this photo has been used by one of fresh tourism related website with a local office address here in K.K which I manage to track.

I don’t want to publish the website’s url here la as I think it’s fine with me that they can use the photo since they using it for non-profit purpose and since it’s without copyright watermark. Not a big deal actually, it’s just I’m feeling fooled by such a big professional organization like them. Well.. at least they could just drop me an email asking my permission to use my photo, and that would be much appreciated as I got plenty of Kota Kinabalu City view pictures in my data gallery which I might consider giving them for free use.. in HDR some more!

See zoom mode here

Now you readers tell me.. is this a VIOLATION or DISRESPECT?


Ceh! now all my bills are overdue one day because of yesterday was really a total jammed when I cannot login to for paying all my bills..

The motto ‘making every moment count’ doesn’t really means anything after all.

Hey! you Maybank get upgrade lah!!!

Your Life, Rated!

Posted: November 27, 2007 in Macam-Macam
This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 7
Mind: 6.3
Body: 7.8
Spirit: 5.6
Friends/Family: 5.3
Love: 7.3
Finance: 7.4
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Got this from Davelynne