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Once again you will have the opportunity to get your signature made ‘Sabahan Tattoo’ done at Monsopiad Cultural Village.. to those who missed this exhibition before, here is your chance!

Tattoo Exhibition
Date : Every 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th of January 2010
Venue : Monsopiad Cultural Village, Kg. Kuai, Kandazon, Putatan, Sabah

Contact person : 088- 774337 / 088-761336

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Sabah Local Handicrafts Exhibition
Venue : Monsopiad Cultural Village, Kg. Kuai Kandazon, Penampang, Sabah
Date : February 2009 (every Saturday and Sunday)

You will get a chance to understand and learn some various types of locally hand-made handicrafts of Sabah, also you will get a chance to meet yourself with the craftspeople.

more details : 088 – 774337 (Mr. Kelly)

As announced, Monsopiad Cultural Village is now having their Tattoo and Art Exhibition along the month of October and me once as a fine art students before + tribal pattern was one of my favorite, I’ve managed to spend some time to visit the place and took some pics for you guys.

I can summarize on the first stage of a tattoo process, it can be said as an ‘introduction’ between you and the needle tattooer.

You’re free to choose a tattoo design from a catalog provided or you can just bring your own tattoo design.

The tools..

What’s in the bag..

and.. the second stage.. there’s none actually, you get the tattoo experience once you hear a sound of bbzzzttttttttt………

Experience that you can only imagine..

A tattooer has to be a quiet artistic person

In order to get one nice tattoo for their customer.

sorry.. have some commercial break just for a blink

A normal size of single colored tattoo normally will takes about 45 minutes to finish the whole process.

After all the pain!! after all the heat!! and all the bzzzttttt!!!! in the end

All are worth it!!

interested? Contact person : 088-761336  Ms. Nadia / Mr. Awad

Art & Tattoo Exhibition

Venue : Monsopiad Cultural Village, Kg. Kuai
Time : 10am – 5pm (Sat to Sun) starting Oct 2008
On the spot tattoo : Min. RM50 (Local), Min. RM100 (Foreigners)

Contact person : 088-761336  Ms. Nadia / Mr. Awad

Three ladies wearing a ‘Murut’ costume at Monsopiad Cultural Village.

Murut people are one of the Sabah’s largest ethnic community living in the southwest interior of Sabah, east Malaysia. The Muruts are devided into two subgroups, Tagol and Timugon and ussually can be found in a districts of Keningau, Tenom and Nabawan Pensiangan.

source : Wikipedia

Local Fruits and Traditional Food Exhibition
February 2008

Savour Sabah’s many local fruits such as the durian, tarap and rambutan as well as unique local delicacies from various ethnic groups. This twice-weekly exhibition will be taking place at the Monsopiad Cultural Village, just a 20-minute drive from KK City.

Organiser : Monsopiad Cultural Village
Contact Person : Monsopiad Cultural Village
Tel : +6088 761336
Fax : +6088 761680
Contact :