Terus Hijau Nursery

Posted: February 14, 2008 in Jalan-Jalan


Flowers Anyone?
Located along the Lintas-Airport bypass, just about the traffic light to Penampang new road by-pass from Kota Kinabalu International Airport T1 which will takes you about 5 minutes drive. Terus Hijau Nursery Sdn Bhd is a place call haven for those flower lovers.


Selling flowers from indoors to outdoors flower are available.



not so sure what’s the name for this cute little tiny flower.


I guess this one is Lily..



Many kind colors of orchids available..



From small cute plant…


… to big colourful plant



Orange color Hibiscus flower.. the national flower for Malaysia, actually in red color.


I’ve never seen this kind before.. do you?


Terus Hijau Nursery also selling lots of accesories for your landscape garden decoration.


and lots of flower clay pot and vase.


This one was my favourite.. love to have one of this in my house.


on the entrance you will see a nice landscape with a tiny man-made pool for some inspiration.


The place are quiet big which probably is something like one size of a football field. It’s just pity when there are no price tags or flower name on most every of the flowers + plants selling here.


Since the place is quiet big for you to walk around, not to worries.. for those who cant stand on the heat of the sun, the staff of Terus Hijau have provide you an umbrella.

Interested? Take a visit sometime.. opens daily from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm, Terus Hijau Nursery providing a wide range of flowers and plants for your home landscape signature.

Click here for the location plan.

  1. Kay Kastum says:

    The colors are so vibrant. Is it because of enough lightings? Or photoshopped?

  2. esharkj says:

    Photoshop : 5%
    Camera quality : 5%
    Photography skills : 90%

    …Heh! Heh! 😉

  3. ethel says:

    Uiiii.. tunggu lah aku balik KK. Habis tuh bunga-bunga aku beli kasi emak aku!! :mrgreen:

    PS: Thanks for the info, Eshark. I been looking for a good place to buy bunga in KK ni! ekekeke

  4. emelda says:

    The tiny flower you were referring to is Tomatoes kecil kecil lagi…:) and the red flower is actually called pointsettia…erm kalau betul la sia punya spelling ni…hehe but yea that’s what it call.

    Murah ka the flower in KK? I can drop by and beli bunga for my mum…:)

    I just bough few pots and plants for myself too!! Loving it!

  5. esharkj says:

    OK bah no probs, just one McD McValuel Meal would do.. He! He!
    Wah!! ko ni suka makan, lagi suka bunga jugak this.. Bulih tahan!

    Ohhh that one tomatoes ka that!!! Ya that’s why la I know ba that, no wonder looks familiar. (Ceh! Tambirangnya aku)

    As for the red flower ya you right, just the spelling with no ‘t’.. poinsettia. After went searching this flower on google I found out the origin was from Mexico bah this!! wow!

    KK ere okla, ada murah ada mahal jgk, tapi klu ko ckp mau drop by just want to buy your mum flower.. waa byknya duit ko. afterall it’s still worth it to come ere bah.

  6. emelda says:

    Eh, maksud sia bila sia balik kk sia mau singgah that place ba..heheh

  7. Eve says:

    ko ada fon no ni tmpt ka? kmi mok cri supplier utk indoor plants ba ni… tulung bagi sya contact no ni tmpt k. Brabis sda ni sya cri d Yellow Pages & internet tp tia jumpa2 lg ni. TQ…

  8. esharkj says:

    err.. nanti sia carik tu name card tuk ko, lupa suda mana sia simpan, actually sia ada taruk location map bah on this end post :

    ko urang kk mesti senang ba carik ni tempat.. ada lagi upcoming post about other nursery around KK sia cover, just stay tuned bah k.

  9. Iqbal says:

    Dear Sir,/ Madam,
    We are the exporter of Aluminum,Brass & Iron Art Wares,In Garden Items we have an exclusive and big range

    So please let us know your area of interest items to send photos or samples accordingly.
    we can also develop anything as per costumer requirement.
    Our prime concern are quality ,commitment and growth together, I want to bring in your notice that if we get a chance to work with you, we will never disappoint you in any of the cause.

    Best Regards

    Royal Brass Corporation
    B-573, Lajpat Nagar
    Near Police Choke
    Moradabada – 244001
    Tel: 0091 (591) 2490187
    Fax: 0091 (591) 2490173
    Cell: 0091 98371 54056
    E-mail: royalbrass@sancharnet.in

    For More enquiry please Contact us

  10. vincent says:

    do you see flower seeds?

  11. susana balai says:

    do u sell/supply live red poinsettia plant for christmas decoration. If u hv please, email me and tell how much it is?

  12. recel says:

    hi do you sell wheat grass?

  13. ivan (TAC POOLS CARE) says:

    ada buat lily pond ka…

  14. do u have plant call clinacanthus nutans (sabah snake grass)

  15. lolo says:

    ada ka salvia divinorum plant punya benih?

  16. jenny w says:

    hi, brapa range prices itu clay pot ah? pot for orchids brapa satu?

  17. flowers lover says:

    Lily is different..that’s either chrysanthemun or daisy..(they are the same species actually)

  18. hcarol says:

    hi admin,
    i’d like to know the contact number for this company please. thanks a lot 🙂

  19. ida says:

    hello..ada jual bunga night blooming jasmine?

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