Here is another bangas post from me..

The 23rd Sabah Dragon Boat Race 2008, was held at Likas bay, Kota Kinabalu on last 15th June 2008.

I was already worried by looking at the clouds but lucky the ‘bomoh’ hujan is quiet PRO!

The race never stop and this where the starting line up.

On my way walking to the main grand stage, I manage to shot few pics of the surrounding.

Some of the locals are selling drinks + snacks, while this one selling plumber tools. lol..

Cameraman in action

Cameraman lost his action.

One of the PRO I found with his very huge sniper.

The event start early at 8am on Sunday morning, but the crowd are already everywhere, can you imagine that.

Before the race start, hand stretching is a must.

and the first run begun.. Each boat shall have maximum 18 paddlers for one team plus one drummer and one navigator/coxworth.

Did you know no female to be allowed to participate in the male’s team paddlers except to participate as a drummer or navigator and those that won are eligible to go through the final round.

but they have to keep their energy for the final race.

while those that lost… Tired + Hot = Water! is what they need

and no regrets. No women will be allowed to join amale paddlers unless the

Rowing back to the shore

Other contestant waiting for their turn for action

A while after, this Dragon came up with a fireball on his mouth.. greet the Yang Dipertua Negeri T.Y.T Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah that arrived around 10am.

and this time, I got him really close..

Other VIPs that present are Datuk Masidi Manjun, Sabah Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Datuk Chau Tet On, President of Sabah Chinese Cultural Association and also Y.M Dato’ Seri Tengku Zainal Adlin, Sabah Tourism Chairman.

A welcome show by 24 young talented kids playing chinese drums.

this kids sure got skill

A lion dance

and after the show the final race begun..

But something happens during the final race

something that really frustrated

Damned frustrated

But those are still on the rowing, battle up against each other.

and it was a close finished between four boats.

So this where the judges stand to get the final result.

After the final race, all contestant gathered in front of the grandstand and the prizes presentation ceremony begun.

There are 6 categories trophy offered and the main category is

The Sabah Head of State’s Trophy : Men’s Open Category for International Teams and Top Malaysian Teams

3rd place, Brunei Darussalam National Team, won a Medals + RM1,000

2nd place, Terayung, Tuaran, won a Medals + RM2,500

and the Champion, Pertubuhan Peladang Tuaran, won a Medals + RM4,000

Congratulations to all winners!!! for more detail info of the winners, read more this post here!

there goes folks, sorry this time no chicks/babes/sumandak..

  1. Jewelle says:

    Finally someone with more pictures!

    We left early – too hot! – and missed all the performances.

  2. esharkj says:

    Yeah, Raz told me you were there with Jacq, if you guys wait a while then we might introduce la.. the weather memang hot, but not to long because raining a bit, just the sky doesn’t really look good that day.

  3. papajoneh says:

    nasib ada orang ambil gambar.. ndak pegi pun ok bah kalau ada si eshark. 😉

    frust juga ndak ada trademark GT girl shot style 😀

  4. esharkj says:

    Iya bah! sebab the event start early at 8am, well it’s Sunday morning, what do you expect, sumandak2 cun mesti last nite clubing so morning tu dorang mesti tidur lambat bangun punyala.. kik! kik! kik! (ketawa sambil menggigit jari)

  5. froggy_Tan says:

    esharkj dude, i’m from Penang. i was there at the race, in fact i’m 1 of the rower from Penang. our team is Penang Forward Sports Club, we are the 1 who won the Sabah Chinese CulturalAssociation President Trophy. We are in blue jersey, wondering if u hav any photo of us that maybe u can send to me?

  6. rozalix says:

    bagaimana pasukan dr kuching sarawak nak turut serta. kami sering juga ambil bahagian dalam sarawak reggata/acara tahunan negeri kami

  7. esharkj says:

    Hi rozalix..
    oh kamurang dari Sarawak pun mo join kah? buleh bah rasanya.. try to contact this number : 088-232121 and speak to the organiser (Sabah Tourism Board) ask for the application, mana tau this year I manage to shoot you guys in action here in K.K bah!! good luck! 😉

  8. […] to last year’s race, I’ve witness none (or maybe less) of the dragon boats had flip upside […]

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