Raya Trip to Lahad Datu ( Final Part )

Posted: October 28, 2007 in Jalan-Jalan

Here we meet again..

After 4 days of great Raya trip, I’ve been brought to the south of Lahad Datu where we visit ‘Pantai Bakapit’, not many people knows about this beach as the beach was quiet popular back 40 years ago..


Bakapit beach situated around 35km from Lahad Datu town.. as you can see the view along the journey there are palm plantation all over..


Along the road, we passed the Tabin Wildlife Reserve signage and it was just 27km away to Tabin, the place where you’ll find mammals + birds and orangutan only in Lahad Datu, KK we have one something like this, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. Pity… the road to Tabin are totally not accessible and that’s why we didn’t go further otherwise I would have another article about this Tabin already..


Before you reach Bakapit beach, you have to passed by this kampung.. Kampung Bakapit.


For the last 40 years, most people who live here are fisherman but now some of them worked in a factory around and some got a job in Lahad Datu city and some worked in the palm plantation.


People who live here are Bajau, Bugis, Suluks, Idaan and some are Tidung.


Now.. arrive at Pantai Bakapit.


The place was small, no commercial beach activities around it’s just an unforgotten beach merely speaking.


Pose of the day… Treng! Teng! Ten! Tenggg!


Local kampung boys, hanging around the beach tryin to get some peaceful mind..


from left : Omen, wife, Pipang, the most sporting mother in law


View towards the Celebes Sea..


after the short visit to Pantai Bakapit we went back to the city for Hari Raya open house invitation around the city


Got home almost 11pm, but the night still young and It’s not late to play the mercun.. This mercun Made in Thailand, the sound was really super superb, especially when you blow this thing in the midle of the night.. He! He!

4th Day Raya at Lahad Datu…

Went to Tawau for Raya open house invitation all the way from Lahad Datu.. before reach Tawau, we passed by at Madai Caves just want to check and look around how’s the place.. (will post for this one shortly soon once I got free time.. stay rollin)

when reach at Tawau.. couldn,t snap any pics this when my camera running out of battery..

5th day Raya at lahad Datu.. going back

Today was my last day for Raya trip to Lahad datu.. My flight goin back to KK is 08:15 pm.. wah!! so early, mata pun masih kuyu lagi.


This was the house I’m staying along the trip. The house still under renovation


Living area.. and actually this house for sale :

Location : 10 km from Lahad Datu town (Taman Warssan)
Type : Double Storey Terrace House (Fully renovated)
Rooms : 4 Rooms, 2 Bathroom
Price : RM350k (Negotiable)
Contact : 012-8197803 (Puan Faridah Tee Abdullah) / 012-8666946 (Encik Japar B. Akbar)

*Remote control main gate, grills on all window, Tiles all over floor + rooms, spacious kitchen, decorative plaster ceiling


While I took pics of the house, I spotted this kindda cute Kelisa park nearby early in the morning.. hmm looks familiar.


Not bad for a taste of Lahad Datuian pimp my ride. just the word on the side skirt not my cup of tea.. ‘Ranggi Unlimited’ but the body kit looks impressive though.


and at the Lahad Datu airport.. checkin for KK


Boarding waiting area once you’ve checkin..


Going towards the Foker..


and up we goooo…


Lahad Datu aerial view.. the journey took 45 minutes to KK.


The trip was quick.. only after about half an hour we reach to Kota Kinabalu division


and I can see clearly the road to Papar.


and passed by this island, this must be Manukan island I think.. or maybe Sapi


Landing time..


Touchdown.. yeargh!! I’m home


I gonna miss Lahad Datu..

  1. Kay Kastum says:

    Kau ndak menyinggah di Kunak? Aiseh, ndak lah kau terbeli daging payau kah…

    *You did not made a stop in Kunak? Then you’ve missed buying venison meat..

  2. esharkj says:

    Ndak la pulak, time pegi Tawau tu limpas ja.. Blum pernah makan payau, mesti sadap tu daging payau kan!

    *No.. I just passed Kunak the time we going to Tawau.. Never ate any venison meat before, it must taste good ha!

  3. cindy says:

    Wah.. lama sudah ndak ku makan daging payau. Aku mau makan juga ni!

    *Direct translation* Wah.. long time already didn’t I eat meat venison. I want eat also this!

  4. esharkj says:

    Oh.. kau pun makan payau jgk rupanya! Memangla kali daging payau sadap..

    *Oh my.. you also eat venison meat too! It must be venison meat sure taste good this..

  5. shana says:

    tu mercun bah , mintaa!!

    *that firecracker,gimme! lol

  6. esharkj says:

    ala.. lambat bah ko minta! abis suda kena curik oleh anak-anak buah yang jajal. anti la ada lagi datang dari Thailand aku stok tuk ko k!

    pssstt!! Jagan kasi tau urang haa.

    *mannn.. You should’ve ask me earlier.. all gone stolen from my naughty nephew. Next time I keep for you if they got new stock coming from Thailand..

    pssstt!! don’t tell anyone.

  7. wylee says:

    halo, nice trip!

    bolehkah saya dapat original size 2 foto ini?

    kalau boleh, sila hantar ke wylee_lee@hotmail.com saya sedang kumpul foto lahad datu.

    thanks a lot oh.

  8. esharkj says:

    Just want to check with you.. May I know the Lahad datu pics that you collected on what purpose???

  9. kallolo says:

    wou.. nice story like u … dah kawin ke lum
    sorry my fren

  10. Tadpole says:

    The “Manukan” photo is Dinawan Island actually.

  11. azizi says:

    thats my village…tQ for sharing the photos

  12. thanks alot TT for the stories and images of my home town… gumbira ada orang sudi bercerita tentang Lahad Datu.

  13. esharkj says:

    kallolo@ sorry my fren.. sudah! try lain tahun..

    Tadpole@ Oh! yaka.. kalu butul then my bad..

    azizi@ Termasuk jgk kampungmu.. femes la suda kampung mu nih.

    Tengku Mahkota Sulu@ Tima kasih.. sepa lagi kalu bukan urang2 kita sendiri yang patut bercerita tentang tempat darah tumpah tanah sendiri kan.. ;p

  14. ismail said says:

    Salam. Miss U Lahad Datu

  15. herman says:

    lahad datu u my drime 4aver

  16. jain says:

    kampung ku ba niiii…..

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