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How old are you during the year 1996? Where were you during the year of 1996? but that’s not really the question here, the question is.. have you ever wonder how would Kota Kinabalu city look like 12 years before? Have you noticed any development changes during 12 years back until now. For those Sabahan that have been studied, lived and survive in outside Sabah or even Malaysia and not been around Kota Kinabalu for many years, take your time to look at the picture after the jump.. I’m about to provided you with a simple graphic material showing up the changes happens throughout all the year 1996 to present.


This how Kota Kinabalu city looks like from a bird’s eye view back in the year 1996.

This photo is a Copyright©1996 by Tommy Chang and scanned from one of his photography book call SABAH Malaysian Borneo, People & Places, published by Tommy Chang Image Production Sdn Bhd. I hope he won’t take it much against me since this is not for a commercial purposes.


Here are the changes that I manage to spot on. Click the photo to have a closer view. RED color spot represent a development/buildings that been completed today, while BLUE color spot represent a future development/buildings which is not completed.

Did I miss something?