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It’s now officially on!!.


Now they call it SABAHAN Bloggers Gathering, the first time they call it KK Bloggers Meet which is happening on a boat! Even though August is still long way to go but the title itself showing us that Sabahan bloggers community is getting larger + happening + aramaitihh!!! See last year’s KK Bloggers Meet on a boat in pictures here (Which I didn’t manage to go). This time gathering is aiming to 100 bloggers to participate as what Daniel mention on his official announcement. He’s the only one of the organizer that is NOT actually Sabahan (Respect you botak Daniel!!!) to make the first KK Bloggers Meet a success last year.

Those Sabahan who would love to join or participate or make a kind sponsor or any contribution, you can kindly contact the committee :

Jacq, Mel, Fara, Papa Joneh, Julian, Wei Chuen, Dinoza

Me as a Sabahan, would love to make a tiny little small contribution here to the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2008 by giving you more choice of the official banner suits with you blog’s/web site’s theme color to put wherever on your side bar.

p/s : Hope si Daniel tidak marah sia kasi warna warni the banner :

sbg-green-new.gif sbg-red-new.gif
sbg-yellow-new.gif sbg-blue-new.gif
*updated : new color (Merah Jambu aka Pink)

On this week show, all contestant need to come up their jokes with singing, it’s a musical comedy.

Nabil show on this week was not that quiet good comparing to his previous show since his not really into singing type of person but here is another contestant whom I think is quiet good with this week’s task, musical comedy.. Shah, and he’s only 18 if I’m not mistaken.


How old are you during the year 1996? Where were you during the year of 1996? but that’s not really the question here, the question is.. have you ever wonder how would Kota Kinabalu city look like 12 years before? Have you noticed any development changes during 12 years back until now. For those Sabahan that have been studied, lived and survive in outside Sabah or even Malaysia and not been around Kota Kinabalu for many years, take your time to look at the picture after the jump.. I’m about to provided you with a simple graphic material showing up the changes happens throughout all the year 1996 to present.


This how Kota Kinabalu city looks like from a bird’s eye view back in the year 1996.

This photo is a Copyright©1996 by Tommy Chang and scanned from one of his photography book call SABAH Malaysian Borneo, People & Places, published by Tommy Chang Image Production Sdn Bhd. I hope he won’t take it much against me since this is not for a commercial purposes.


Here are the changes that I manage to spot on. Click the photo to have a closer view. RED color spot represent a development/buildings that been completed today, while BLUE color spot represent a future development/buildings which is not completed.

Did I miss something?

This week’s show, all contestant are given title by the juries in order to perform their comedy which is ‘Superhero’. When you say superhero, most of you will think a superhero like spiderman or superman or cicakman, but this guy, Nabil has came up with a creative story base on ‘superhero’.

Nabil’s show week 3 – Superhero


Tamu Tamu, your one stop shop available at Shangrila’s Rasa Ria ground level, selling product ranging from  souveniers mostly made by the locals, toiletries,  pharmacy, books of Sabah and Borneo, sports equiptment, signature shirts, pareo,  sandals, hats and bags. Tamu Tamu also sells some light foods and drinks.


Most of the product sell here are made in sabah


Hand made local product.


There’s also a wood sculpture from Bali and Philiphines, those who love to have a collections of mystic and antique figure, Tamu Tamu might be the right place to seek one.


Many of orangutan dolls available from many kinds of material and color for you to choose..


but this one was the biggest one alive..

Tamu Tamu, Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria,
Pantai Dalit Beach, 89208 Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: (60 88) 792 888

9th Annual Sabah Adventure Challenge 2008
21 – 23 March 2008

The 9th annual Sabah Adventure Challenge 2008 is scheduled for the 21st to the 23rd of March 2008 in the Ranau, Kota Belud and Kota Marudu Districts with a race around Mount Kinabalu covering some 200 kilometres. The race will see teams racing in teams of two people per team covering a dawn till dusk event with a series of disciplines including trail running, orienteering, mountain biking and traditional bamboo rafting.

Organiser : Sabah Adventure Challenge
Contact Person : Avtar S. Sandhu
Tel : +6088 261070
Fax : +6088 261070
Email Contact :
Event Website :

The 2nd week of Nabil’s show is telling all the audience what kind of work he’s been working before he enter the Raja Lawak audition and beside his funny story, see how he make fun of his physical appearance relates to his joke which in results he make people laugh all the way.

one of my favourite week!