Raya Trip to Lahad Datu ( Part 3 )

Posted: October 24, 2007 in Jalan-Jalan

The next day of Raya, I brought to visit many raya open house around town for makan, makan and makan and makan, untill I can’t even stuck anymore food to my 6 piece stomach.. brupp!!

followings are some food that I managed to snap while I still can..


This one call ‘kacang tapuk’.. don’t ask me what kind of name or how did this kuih got its name..as the one who make this kuih also don’t have any idea, maybe that’s because the inner part they put sweet peanut inside.


Everbody knows this one, kuih ndak bertapuk.. no just kidding, kuih baulu


Kuih Sapit , well known among Sabahan..


but maybe not this one.. Kuih Sapit segitiga version


Sup Banjar, also one of the famous sup in town.. but I still prefer Sup Kondro


Not all houses in lahad Datu are kampung house type, here’s one modern type house that we wrongly step in since we got the wrong address..


but Lahad Datu folks were nice people when they even serve us food + drinks even though they knew we lost (ceh! malunya)


I stumble on this horny horns flower call ‘Bunga Terkini’ from one of the house that I visited that day.


According to the locals, the horns can make you paralyzed in instant if you really got into the horns deeper. I don’t know, never try before.


Also comes with White flower.. I don’t really sure if someone got one like this back in KK, never seen one.

After about visiting 10 raya open houses + full over dos stomach, we went to the city to the next location, Bus station.


Manage to snap some photos during the drive around town. This the new building of Magistrate Court of Lahad Datu, looks slightly bigger compare to the one we have back in KK.


Klinik Kesihatan Lahad Datu, quiet old building, situated not far from the city and main hospital.


Arm forces..


How come we don’t have this kind of Statistic Billboard in KK..


Arrive at the station bus cum not really a station bus.. There’s only few bus company offering the inland transport to KK at the moment.. Dyna Express


and this one, couldn’t manage to get its company name.


Bus ticket for inland trip back to KK will cost you around RM60 one way and that is way much expensive compare to one way air flight ticket to KL at RM9.99 with AirAsia.. Hah! Hah!


It was so hard for you to find taxi around Lahad Datu, but you can get cheaper rate with this well known ‘Pirates’. This pinky red ugly kancil will cost you around RM2 – RM3 for one way trip to the city from a distance of 15km..

Sori.. will be back to next post.. tengah malam suda nih! mau tido.

  1. 3POINT8 says:

    I’ll be looking out for little pink kancils next time

  2. esharkj says:

    He! He! … careful, they might be JPJ around.

  3. fairul says:

    nice tak Lhad Datu..
    sya ni org sna…
    tu kancil org Ld ckp Pirate…
    jga2.. murah2 gak.. tpi dah bnyak kes org kena rompak kena rogol…
    make a right choice haa..
    huhuhuhuhu…. anyway wish u all da besh in what eva u duin’t

  4. esharkj says:

    Salam Fairul..
    asal Lahad Datu sebelah mana?

    Ya lahad Datu mimang nice lah!! Tidak tahu pulak ada sampai kes mcm gitu bout those pirates haa..

  5. Aris Arapa says:

    Lahad Datu mimang best!!! Rindunya dgn LD. Lama udah ndak mulih kampung!!!

  6. erman says:

    haaaaaaaa,rindunya dekat lahad datu becaus ar lahad datu is my home ar,ada tak picture2 lain boleh send tak di e-mil aku aku mintak tolong sagat-sagat

  7. fairul says:

    maaf lmbt respon…
    Lahad Datu dekat Taman Aman 3…
    dah study kat shah alm.

  8. erman c says:

    raya suda mari duit kata mau pergi haaa selamat hari raya kepada warga lahad datu,puasa jangan tidak puasa,aku mau mulik lahad dtu haaaaaaaaaaaaaa rindu ku selama 4 tahu berakhir gak minggu depan

  9. esharkj says:

    Aris Arapa,
    Bah.. raya nih balik la bah Lahad Datu, ada beberapa perubahan la sia tinguk bandar Lahad Datu skrg..

    Oh! Taman Aman.. wf punya little sister punya best fren tinggal sana tuh.. last year raya kamiurang ada pi raya rumah dia d Tmn. Aman..

    erman c,
    Bah! buli ba.. this year sia balik lg pi Lahad Datu nih! new pics coming soon lah..

  10. adelphia says:

    yoyo..lahad datu jgk ba…
    peret2 ya x suma murah..hahahha..
    wo hen xiang lahad datu..
    t.aman 3 yo

  11. nadirah says:

    what is Aramaitih?

  12. hajrahajhe says:

    Reblogged this on hajrahajhe.

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