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Here we meet again..

After 4 days of great Raya trip, I’ve been brought to the south of Lahad Datu where we visit ‘Pantai Bakapit’, not many people knows about this beach as the beach was quiet popular back 40 years ago..


Bakapit beach situated around 35km from Lahad Datu town.. as you can see the view along the journey there are palm plantation all over..


What Kind of Blogger Are You?

Posted: October 27, 2007 in Macam-Macam

Got this from Davelynne

Raya Trip to Lahad Datu ( Part 3 )

Posted: October 24, 2007 in Jalan-Jalan

The next day of Raya, I brought to visit many raya open house around town for makan, makan and makan and makan, untill I can’t even stuck anymore food to my 6 piece stomach.. brupp!!

followings are some food that I managed to snap while I still can..


This one call ‘kacang tapuk’.. don’t ask me what kind of name or how did this kuih got its the one who make this kuih also don’t have any idea, maybe that’s because the inner part they put sweet peanut inside.


MyTeam 2 VS Indonesia

Posted: October 21, 2007 in What's Fresh


I’m off for tonight’s match…

These are our Sabahan boys fighting againts the ultimate garuda, Indonesia.. may god bless them..




Raya Trip to Lahad Datu ( Part 2 )

Posted: October 21, 2007 in Jalan-Jalan

Ok now lets continue… after me + wife arrived at Lahad Datu, we stayed at Taman Warisan where my father in law stay.. next visit was going to visit the grave at Jalan Segama, Batu 1. The journey took about 15 minutes to reach there from the city.


This was the grave of the wife’s late grandmother, she’s a pure chinese converted to muslim. The wife was her very da manja grand daughter (jgn kasi tau urang ha!)

from left : Raihan, Ijan, Pipang, Wife, Omen.


Raya Trip to Lahad Datu ( Part 1)

Posted: October 19, 2007 in Jalan-Jalan

First Day Hari Raya

Went to wife’s kampung on the first day Hari Raya since I got no kampung and this was my first Hari Raya year with Mrs. eshark around since our wedding last April.. After finish sembahyang raya on morning time then later on the afternoon me + wife took afternoon flight to Lahad Datu. Lahad Datu here i come..


Here’s some aerial shot which we seldom have chance to look at..



Salam Aildilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin Salam Hari Raya buat semua muslim friends Zie, Shemah, Shana, RatuSyura, Shehnaz, Mudeen

This Selamat Hari Raya greetings also dedicated specially to all my loyal comentators :


and last but not least to all NON-Muslim Sabahan bloggers alive (refer to PapaJ’s New Sabahan Blogers List sorry so lazy to list them all) since they also welcome to celebrate..

dengan ucapan, iskh! iskh!

” Sorry this year I wouldn’t be on for OpenHouse since I’m goin to balik kampung to wife’s hometown for da first time. Next year I bring you all to my OpenHouse”

Wishing all Happy Aildilfitri, Maaf Zahir + Batin..

Pelita Hari Raya!!

Posted: October 12, 2007 in Macam-Macam

The way you lighten up Raya night beside ‘Bunga api’ and ‘Mercun’.. definitely by lighting the ‘pelita’ to bring more colors + light for tomorows Raya day. Eventhough, nowadays people prefer to use electric color light instead of pelita to make their Raya decoration more bright I still choose pelita.

Of course now It’s very hard to find those original home made pelita using bamboo.. so I bought the semi modern type instead. You can get many types of pelita in the market, most of them you can find at Parkson wawasan, Servay KK Plaza, Familia Merdeka Square. Some of them made by aluminum can, some by wood and even plastic. Last afternoon while shoping for the last day, i bought the cheapest one ever.. RM3.90 + 20pcs of Pelita (WOW!! That was cheap) plastic made pelita. Where? Milimewa..


I bought one plastic and there are 20pcs inside.. There are two colors available, Green & Blue.


How you assemble a pelita..


Here’s how, First you have to put and stuck the sumbu inside the sylinder given, until some part of the sumbu come out from the cylinder. Tips : if you don’t want a high flame just a small nice flame, pull the sumbu back inside the cylinder until only a little bit come out. After that put the cylinder inside the hole provided in the middle of the penutup. Later fill the kerosene inside the plastic pelita. now kerosene is lot much expensive compare to car pertol & diesel.. 1L of Kerosene will cost you RM2.20..LOL!! last time when I was kid the price is about RM1 per litter..


Treng! Ten! Ten! Teng! Teng! Behold, my finish assemble pelita.. Cantik kan!

Halo! Alien Attack in Sabah??

Posted: October 11, 2007 in What's Fresh

I got a message on the phone from my friend c Reynold (handsome boy) this afternoon saying that he told me to look up in the sky and watch the sun.. mcm ufo!!! What the fxxk!!



Ready for Raya Everyone?

Posted: October 10, 2007 in Take a Brake


Now It’s already been almost a month we are on Ramadhan month, between the next 1-2 days we coming to Syawal month.. which means Raya is coming very sooonn!! Yeh! Yeh! Talking about Hari Raya, how’s your Raya preparation so far, have you done the kuih raya enough for your coming guest..

Here are 10 questions you must answer in conjunction for this coming raya and see how you do..

How Many Sets of Baju Raya You Have? What Colour?
Me.. I don’t have enough time to make a new one since I got plenty of Baju Melayu from my previous wedding last April.. The colour would be Blue (is a must) Cream + White

How Many Kuih Raya You’ve Made Yourself?
None.. I got it from my mom. Heh! Heh!

How Much Have You Spend For Your Raya Shopping?
Not much since this year I’m not doing the Open House, maybe next year.

How Many Days Did You Score Your Puasa?
So far, I’m still running for a full one month record.. 1-2 days to go..

How Many Days You Missed Your Sahur?
Usually my supper was my sahur.

What Usually You Do After Sahur?

What’s Your Favourite Food During The Raya Open House?
Certainly, Ayam masak merah… rendang daging also nice, and kuih makmur + kuih tart.

What Is The First Thing You Do On The Morning Of Hari Raya?
Have to go to the mosque early in the morning!

How Many Pelita You Have During The Night Before Raya?
Last time when i was kid, plenty I made myself, now I bought the color light yg kilat-kilat berkelip-kelip.

What Raya Actually Means To You?
Mornin go to mosque early, meet parents and ask for forgiveness, hug + kisses + tears abit here and there and later makan time!!

Now I’m sharing + tag this Raya questions to other of my fellow muslims :

Shemah, RatuSyura, Shana, Mudeen, Shueqry, Zie, Eches

Astronaut or Astrocannot

Posted: October 10, 2007 in What's Fresh


We are all proud of our first ever astronault, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor when he will be launch to the space this evening around 9.10pm for a 10 days mission on space. The launcing will be witness by the Prime minister of Malaysia, Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and with few hundreds of Science students in putrajaya later this coming evening.

Beside the glorious moment for the first Malaysian ever to be in space named on Malaysian history, there’s some controversial issues rise here and there if you’ve notice or not, amongs the pround Malaysian there are few of those that not really agree on the Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor going to space.. He is claim by other critics + bloggers to just wasting all the Malaysian citizen tax money for around USD26M payin his trip to space for having a cup of teh tarik and roti canai.. LOL!!


According to NASA’s (National Aeronautics and Space Association) official webpage, reported that 16 members of astronault, cosmonault, engginers and SPACE FLIGHT PARTICIPANT will launch the expidition from, Baikaonur Cosmodrome tonight. Now, if you’ve noticed that the issue gettin much interesting when NASA wrote on Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor’s profile as a SPACE FLIGHT PARTICIPANT and not as Astronault as what all the of us Malaysian claim as he is Angkasawan..




It clearly stated that Angkasawan in Malay means Astronault in English.

The space programme was first officially announced by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as a joint programme with the Russian Federation about few years ago. Eventhough the entire Malaysian space program which has been criticized since then but the programme still continues and tonight the history will be stated as it is! The programme was actually list down four participants Siva Vanajah, Mohammed Faiz Kamaluddin and Dr Faiz Khaleed and later finally comes to two where a 35 year old Ortopedic doctor from Seremban, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor was selected.

Well.. for me as a malaysian, for sure I’m myself proud of being Malaysian and proud for him to become the first ever Malaysian in space, and let our children continue his quest, that’s all what matters actually.

What about yourself?


Megah D’aru Hotel is now having a Ramadhan & Aildilfitri Special room rate for this coming raya season. Hmm! for those who not celebrate their raya in a kampung or with their love ones and doesn’t have any plan duting the Raya holiday then feel free to book your room now at special rate.

Maybe not many of you knew about this vibrant hotel, situated quite hidden at the Tanjung Aru township. Read my previous post about this hotel to get to know better, or you can just visit their official website.

Kindly contact the reservation department for more details : 088 -239666


The newly fresh launched MASwings has spread their wings to fly over Sarawak and Sabah. Claimed to be the Malaysia’s first comuter airline. Officially launched and take their wings on the sky on 1st October 2007. Another affordable airlines in Malaysia under the subsidiary of MAS. MASwings will first using their 4 Foker 50 and 4 Twin Otter aircraft to fly within 23 destinations over Sarawak & sabah. Another 3 Foker 50 and 1 Twin Otter aircraft will be joining spreading their wings around late October.


MasWings flights are available and now open for bookings with immediate effect through Malaysia Airlines Call Centre 1-300-88-3000.

For more information, feel free to contact :

Anbarasu. S
Mobile : 019 222 4952
Phone : 03 7840 3884
Email :

Melissa Veronica
Mobile : 012 886 0056
Phone : 082 220603
Email :

Poor the wife.. she’s been so boring since this couple of weeks by being alone doing nothing wondering around while playing with mylo + Elma. I have left her into the world of boringness since I’m being packed with lots of design job pending to submit before this Hari Raya coming..

This is what I found on the table.. no wonder she’s asking me for an empty drawing paper and a pen the other day. (mmm.. bulih tahan jugak dia punya drawing nih!)



What can I do more.. I’m not a robot, even a robot also need to shut down and on again. If I have chance to choose a magic widget from Doraemon, I would like to have a duplicate of my self.. So I have myself doing the designing thing, and I have another one of myself washing the car, and I’ll have myself to company my beloved daring wife..

Sorry for the boringness situation, next week if free we go jalan-jalan cari makan ah!!

This was my first ever ‘jiwang’ post version..isk! isk!