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Dusun of Ranau
The Dusun of Ranau district, which is located in the west coast of Sabah has a population of more than 50,000 of Dusun peoples along the Ranau district. The Dusun Ranau speaks in Dusunic language and Medtemu is one of their most famous ethnic dance.

The run has been over for few weeks now, you’ve read about the event introduction before and now only just got some free time to upload some photos from hundreds of shots I took during the Borneo International Marathon 2008 on last October 12, 2008.

Read the full articles + results + see more photos here!

or check out the event official site at

The Malaysia Craft Promotion 2008 was held at the Lintasan Deasoka, Kota Kinabalu on last friday which started at 10am until 10pm. Most of all these handicrafts are originally home-made by a number of Sabahan locals like Bajau, Muruts, Kadazan, Kadayan, Sungai and Brunei.

A number of home-made zipped hand bags.

a perfect souvenir for your NON Sabahan friends

Colorful patterned beads..

Most of the handicrafts comes with lots of choices for you to choose.

These are some of the tools mostly used by the Kadazan community.

Scale model wooden boat by the Sungai community

The exhibitions also showcase several live handicrafts demonstrations.

Hand-made viola..

Vinusak or Litai.. creative home-made beads by the Rungus community.

Borneon Gibbon
Borneon Gibbon or also call Kelawat, are slender arboreal primates without tales which can grow up to 6.7 to 7kg of body weight. Usually associates in groups of 2 to 6 individuals consisting of a male, female and their offsprings.

Habits : Travels very fast within the canopy of tall dipterocarp trees of Borneo.
Eat : Wild fruits, small insects, young leaves and loves to drink water from a tree hole.
scientific name : hylobates muelleri

As announced, Monsopiad Cultural Village is now having their Tattoo and Art Exhibition along the month of October and me once as a fine art students before + tribal pattern was one of my favorite, I’ve managed to spend some time to visit the place and took some pics for you guys.

I can summarize on the first stage of a tattoo process, it can be said as an ‘introduction’ between you and the needle tattooer.

You’re free to choose a tattoo design from a catalog provided or you can just bring your own tattoo design.

The tools..

What’s in the bag..

and.. the second stage.. there’s none actually, you get the tattoo experience once you hear a sound of bbzzzttttttttt………

Experience that you can only imagine..

A tattooer has to be a quiet artistic person

In order to get one nice tattoo for their customer.

sorry.. have some commercial break just for a blink

A normal size of single colored tattoo normally will takes about 45 minutes to finish the whole process.

After all the pain!! after all the heat!! and all the bzzzttttt!!!! in the end

All are worth it!!

interested? Contact person : 088-761336  Ms. Nadia / Mr. Awad

Tribe : Ganna
District : Keningau
Claimed to be the smallest tribe community in the world and also it was said to be the oldest tribe in Sabah where there are only 200 of Ganna people who knows how to speak Ganna language.

Book NOW mate!

51st Malaysia’s Independence Day Closing Celebration
“Success Through Unity”
Venue : Padang Merdeka, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Date : 18 October 2008.
Time : 7pm to 11pm.
Programme : Cultural show, song performance by local artist and poetry.

more info :

Art & Tattoo Exhibition

Venue : Monsopiad Cultural Village, Kg. Kuai
Time : 10am – 5pm (Sat to Sun) starting Oct 2008
On the spot tattoo : Min. RM50 (Local), Min. RM100 (Foreigners)

Contact person : 088-761336  Ms. Nadia / Mr. Awad

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