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Hi everyone!! how’s your holiday season? hope everythin doing just good.

Sorry for my absent lately.. I’m actually at somewhere not around my home town K.K at this moment as I am now live blogging using Maxis 3G somewhere from West Malaysia!

I know I’ve been owing you guys photos of the previous F2 Sabah World Cup Powerboat 2008 all photos are ready and will comin up soon, meantime.. I have some interesting photos to share while I was in Melaka recently.. (ignore the kepala botak-keanu look, koff! koff! will explain to you guys later bah..)


It’s the International Xtreme Auto Show 2008…. Yeah! if you know what I’m talking about, its the biggest Autoshow ever in Malaysia featuring lots of one-of-a-kind modified cars from USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia featuring killer international pimped up rides.. Big Daddy and The Kustomizer, hooyeahh!!

Here are some photos I manage to snap during the International Xtreme Autoshow – Melaka road show..







of course will snap more photos during my visit to the largest gathering of extreme modified cars ever held here in Malaysia for you guys..

Bah! until then.. sia mo mandi luk nih!

If you guys still remember from the previous post of Grafiti Spotted in Kota Kinabalu City.. here is an update!


I spotted these new additional painting at the same place last week..


This time the painting was in black colored with few cartoon-human figure.


It seems to me the painting illustrate something like a group of ‘skin head’ teenagers


Whom need some room of freedom from their noisy parents/guardian..


I’m not sure if the painting meant to be that way, well.. that’s what I thought la, if you have any further under standing of the painting, I would love to hear..  just the question still remain with no answer.. sepa punya kerja la ba this??

Show : Big Boyz Toys, Beauty & The Beast
Venue : 1Borneo shopping mall
Time : 10am – 9pm
Date : 16th October – 19th October 2008

Ignore the intro picture above.. here are some shots of what the ‘Big Boyz Toys’ really means are..

There you have it.. Ferrari, Lexus, Lotus, Range Rover, Harley Davidson, Virago.. but I prefer these two monsters instead..

Nissan Skyline GTR34 bodykit tuned by N1 Bodykit

Superb… my fevret car this..

Nissan Skyline GTR Proton Arena, bodykit tuned by N1 Bodykit

If you still don’t get it.. here are some shot that make the term complete.

ahhhh.. dis one my fevret nih!

During the show, there was a photo contest with a cash prize of RM500. What you need to do is to take your best shot of the beautiful show girls with the super cars and the session start at 2.30pm.

I decided to join and have some fun but it turn out that I only arrived at 3.30pm, 45minutes stuck in the jammed.. apala!! 😦

As announced, Monsopiad Cultural Village is now having their Tattoo and Art Exhibition along the month of October and me once as a fine art students before + tribal pattern was one of my favorite, I’ve managed to spend some time to visit the place and took some pics for you guys.

I can summarize on the first stage of a tattoo process, it can be said as an ‘introduction’ between you and the needle tattooer.

You’re free to choose a tattoo design from a catalog provided or you can just bring your own tattoo design.

The tools..

What’s in the bag..

and.. the second stage.. there’s none actually, you get the tattoo experience once you hear a sound of bbzzzttttttttt………

Experience that you can only imagine..

A tattooer has to be a quiet artistic person

In order to get one nice tattoo for their customer.

sorry.. have some commercial break just for a blink

A normal size of single colored tattoo normally will takes about 45 minutes to finish the whole process.

After all the pain!! after all the heat!! and all the bzzzttttt!!!! in the end

All are worth it!!

interested? Contact person : 088-761336  Ms. Nadia / Mr. Awad

Another bangas post from me.. (well.. I’m not a reporter therefore it makes really a good excuse lah!)

I went to see the KL Tower International Jump 2008 last month at Menara Tun Mustapha with Radzie and few of my comrades. The event was held here for the 2nd year in a row with a tagline ‘Ultimate Test of Courage’ and it was really a good experience photographing.

Here I start with the photos taken from the ground..

The jumper started his jump.

The first small parachute starting to pop up

and the main parachute starts to opened.

and touch down.. actually, he landed far away from the drop zone..

here are another shots

Parachute normally comes with a material call woven nylon fabric.

and all jumpers are required to pack their own parachute bag, this to avoid any case involving of sabotage.

.. and now comes the thrill moment, shots taken from the top of Menara Tun Mustapha building..

treng! ten! ten!

I love high places..

This how it looks from the top. 1Borneo and UMS far ahead.

I don’t know his real name but everyone call him Chris, his the one who’s in charge of monitoring all the jumpers + as well as everyone up there.

This where we all began

it’s time for Radzie to get a spot..

Chris really a nice guy, n easy going of person to talk with. He gave us lots of tips for shooting in higher ground.

Radzie taking his moment photographing.. till

… someone is calling.. LOL!

and now it’s my turn to get my spot and I sat next to Radzie..

This how I attached with a rope tied around my waist + Radzie.

This how it really looks like from the top level of Tun Mustapha Tower.

The jumper began to start the jump.

and way he go down..

The jump was tremendously fast, I had to set the camera into ‘continuous shooting’ mode

then only I can get this shot..

for you guys to see.. koff! koff!

well.. thanks to Ali G for bringging us to the top.. (yup! it was him the one with blue shirt)

Xander a.k.a Asrizal was on the top too..

I really had a great time shooting in higher level.

Hopefully, there will be another jump event next year..

It’s durians season now here + there.. what are you guys waiting for..

Venue : Segama, Kota Kinabalu (bawah jambatan)
Price : From RM10 – RM45
Time : Starting 5pm until 10pm

other venue : Likas to UMS road, Meruntum to Kinarut road, Sepanggar – Nexus road. (anymore you want to add?)

Razz Ma Tazz was having their 5th anniversary last Thursday, 10 July 2008 and one of the activities was the Razz Ma Tazz Mini Auto Show (well… that’s what they call it, more like a sound battle to me) and lucky I had chance to make a short visit.

The show was actually schedule to start at 4pm but due to heavy rain, the show just started at around 7.30pm

Kenari with its 2, 4, 6.. waaahh banyaknya speaker.

While this is a Jeep actually.

pukulan ‘Kancil’

My fevret is this one, so neat..

Iswara also tidak mau ketinggalan

The loudest so far that night for Iswara

but my favorite was this one, Perodua MyVi.. the sound was sharp + loud = bikin sakit telinga! Also the composition is neat + tidy x good lighting = smart mata memandang

beside cars, scooters were there too

and some of them really made a great body works

The crowd starting to get crowded when the time was about 9pm

while some are really enjoying himself

Actually, Razz Ma Tazz was having some special ceremony going on later that night to celebrate the 5th anniversary and I love to wait but I got an appointment for meetin at 8pm and that’s why I was late. (sorry guys)