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Last year I didn’t manage to watch the 50th Merdeka Parade Celebration because I was overslept, but today.. its the day Malaysia once again celebrate its 51st Independence day and Yeayy!! I manage to get up early as 6am and went to see the parade..

pics above, shows an army is doing the preparation before they going for the parade.

More pics coming soon..

Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!

Hurry!! .. book NOW!!

As promised.. here is the continuation bangas post from the Super GT International Series Malaysia 2008 – Super Cars P1.

I start with this mean orange

Nissan 350Z

Wide Body BMW

I don’t seem to like the body kit la.. too square

Toyota MR2 Spyder with my part time model of the day

Nissan Slyvia

Nissan Slyvia Monster Garage

Look at the wide body kit..

Another BMW by Petronas Syntium Team.

This one is much better body compare to the previous white one..

she’s actually is a self taught amateur model

Another Toyota MR2

If you’ve seen the Yellow Bumble Bee of the Autobots..

here is the Nisan 350Z, code name ‘babang bii’ from the decepticons.

Volkswagen GTi

Zero to Hundred EVO 9 with stunning Yellow.

Zero to Hundred EVO 9

My dream machine… with RB26 Dett engine which can be tune up to 500hp or even 750hp with full super tune..

When can I get one of these park in my house garage…

18” 5 piece rims.. sialll punya cun!!

Black EVO9 tune by Zero To Hundred

Another tuned machine by Zero To Hundred, the Skyline GTR33.. love the body works

Lotus Elise S

Actually it’s not easy to get all this super cars photographed

and to get the best angle with your model of the day

with the crowd everywhere.. you really need to get a lot of patience..

especially a beginners photographer like me..

Hope you guys enjoy all the photos.. 😉

Next : Super GT International Series Malaysia 2008 – Race Day!!

Have you ever wonder how many photos have been uploaded into your blog?

Well, I was so surprised to find out mine was 1,813 photos.. gilak! I never thought my blog has this amount of photos.. are the WP counter is correct?? I don’t know you guys but to me, the amount is a lot. Speaking of a blog that has only 169 post, 589 comments with 87.9 MB used and 2.9 GB (97.1%) upload space remaining at an age of 1 year 1 month.

btw.. Happy belated birthday to huk! huk

You have witness the super hot GT babes from the previous post GT300 and GT500 queens.. and now it’s time to see the super cars.. a delayed continuation from previous teaser..

After an early Nasi Lemak breakfast.. me, Yazid, Wf + Slyvia headed to Sepang circuit on Sunday morning..

.. and we manage to snap a quick shot with this brand new Hummer outside one Auto dealer on the way to the circuit.

Yazid a.k.a Castello is the one who crazy with this Hummer

After around 35 minutes racing from KL, we arrived at Sepang Circuit and this is my ride of the day.. Waja R3

Since all parking spaces are full house during that race day, we have to park our car at this VIP spot..

Okay now let’s start with the visitors car, begins with this Malaysian made car, Gen2.

and another Malaysia made cars Perodua Viva with 14” Sport rim.

now comes the super cars.. Nissan Skyline GTR34, my dream car actually.

Typical brilliant blue of Subaru WRX.

The legendary Toyota SUPRA, Skyline’s close rival..

Nissan Silvia.. It’s a Skyline’s close brother.

Mitsubishi Evo 9, I like the front hood.

Sporty body kit, love the rear bumper also. FYGI.. this type of car has been use on a movie, 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Another Subaru WRX, also famously known as STi, one of the master of world rally.

Castello with another Skyline GTR34

See the GT Wings.. bulih sidai baju ohh!!

Another EVO 9, this time comes in Red color.

Love the look of the front bumper.. power tul

Main hall situated at the main entrance to the Main Grandstand.

Cik Ann, Yazid (with his payung), Slyvia and Wf.

At the moment you step into the main hall, you’ll get to see this monster.. the previous Super GT champion, Team Xanavi Nismo.

This two really like twins.. err.. maybe not.

So nice of Cik Ann to brought us up to her office to have some short drinks + chit chat.

and for me.. I can take photo from the top.

The view from the main entrance, can you see KLIA up a head?

View of the entrance gate to the Main grandstand.

A Yokohama girls.. uihh tingginya..

cilakak Castello manage to jealous me for his pic with this babe..

but this babe.. she’s local.. and hmm.. koff! koff! punya cunnnn.. I mean tu rimm.. koff! koff! (sapa ada ubat batuk)

and this babe too.. nica hair ahh..

Aik!! Wait.. this post is actually showcase the ‘SUPER CARS’ bah! how come now starting sumandak2 yang kuar nih.. I believed you guys had enough with the previous GT300 and GT500 queens sudah bah..

okay, before I lost somewhere… now we continue with the super cars..

Nissan 350Z.. same color as my ride, my fevret color this..

Damned lowered this car.. shit!! kalah lowered keta buruk sia..

Old skool.. Skyline GTR 32.

The legendary Toyota Trueno, drift master.

and Nissan Silvia

Silvia with her Nissan Silvia Team Bridgestone, driven by the famous Malaysian drifter, Tengku Djan Ley..

Just right inside the main Grandstand, you’ll find another monster..

Team Raybrig Honda NSX, the previous Super GT Champion.

Sorry guys to be continue..

more Super GT cars pics coming.. stay tuned..

The PIKOM PC fair in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah was held at the Sabah Trade Centre, Likas last week ago on the 8th to 10th August 2008.

The fair was not quiet impressive after all. Nothing special or what so ever.

Still most of the gadgets are quiet the same price as before.

Boring.. Maybe that’s because I don’t see any Apple booth or even PC fair queen..

But still people everywhere, the crowd is massive.

At one booth, they having this Streamyx promotion where you can register an online game for free on the spot.

Wf complete the registration and was so happy with her new online game name “HighStreet5”.

Free CD installation given, waaa.. wf was happy.. then the time when we get back home and try to install the game.. cilakak! NOT compatible with Mac computers…LOL

Lucky I know how to get it from Torrent..

10 days was over, but still I can feel the heat during the night of Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2008 last last Saturday. The gathering was a successful night indeed.. It’s been a pleasure and I’m honored to meet everyone. Click for zoom mode. Pic shot courtesy by Radz’s 450D.

Big thanks to the main sponsors Nuffnang

and Exabytes Network

A big clap to the organizing team.. Gallivanter, Papajoneh, Jacq, Wei Chuen, Dino, Julian, Fara and Emelda for a well succesfull organized gathering..

Well done you guys!!!!!

Also a huge thanks to the co sponsors.. Radius International Hotel, Canon, Veda Blue for FREE Ice cream, StarBucks Coffee for FREE hot drinks, Go Shop for FREE sticker, Louis Pang Studio, Scream Video for discount vouchers, Yong’s Color, KK Box, Olumis Borneo Batik House, Jofanna Bridal, Manggo, Hot Pots, SIA (Sabah Institute of Art), Alliance Global Agency and Pro Eve..

Not forgotten.. the Imperial International Hotel for a lovely venue for everyone.

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If any of those of you bloggers are not listed here, I’m sorry as I’m updating every bloggers on my list until today’s everyone last post. However, you may update your own blog post about the SBG 08 review in the comment box below..

Look forward to see everyone again on the next Sabahan Bloggers Gathering next year..