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Having fun time photo shooting sumandak..

Raja Lawak Astro 4 – Alex

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Take a Brake
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In case you guys didn’t really watch the show, just take 2 minutes to watch the video.. he maybe not as funny as Jack Black with cute figure, but he came all the way from Papar, Sabah… a 28 years old urang kita named Alexander Ahat.

Go Alex!! buli ba kalu ko..

It’s been a while I didn’t upload any post for ‘I Know What You Did Last Sunday!’… so guys here goes..

Happy monday;)

The Lucky Laki

Posted: October 23, 2009 in Take a Brake
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I’m not a fan to Malay movies, I don’t watch Malay movie in the cinema, I might ter’watch Malay movies during the Raya movie specials on TV.. but when it comes to Malay movies by Yasmin Ahmad, I never get bored watching, especially TV commercials made by her.

Maybe some of you have already knew the sad news that Yasmin Ahmad (Malaysian active film maker) died last Saturday at 11.25pm. I’ve always admire her creative works in the advertising and film industry for making Malaysian into another level of way beyond typical Malaysian standard.

Here some of her creative works in advertising which I loved very much.. this commercial reminds me of my sweet childhood..

May her soul rest in peace, Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad… amin!


Just want to show off share kamurang what I did yesterday..

Happy Monday guys!!


How’s kamurang punya Sunday? Me.. went to watch the 24th Sabah Dragon Boat Race 2009 at beautiful fresh scenery near Likas bay.. just the sun was super hot! Lucky I was wearing smart Nike long sleeve jacket.. enough said, I wore the wrong pants, a short pants.. I’m burned again!!

Happy Monday guys!!

more event updates comin soon..