Most of you guys have already heard the winners of Sabah Unduk Ngadau state level 2008 which has been announce last week at the KDCA, Penampang. But for those Sabahan who still not aware or not really follow-up the Unduk Ngadau 2008 contestant, here are the full list of contestant that manage to the final round which I took during their short appearance on a day one of Pesta Kaamatan Peringkat Negeri Sabah 2008 last Friday.

Ms. Juliana Aping, Unduk Ngadau Lahad Datu 2008

Ms. Shirley Mervin, Unduk Ngadau Beluran 2008

Ms. Rozaini Bt. Ayu, Unduk Ngadau Pagalungan 2008

Ms. Gilda J Joelik, Unduk Ngadau Tawau 2008

Ms. Felicia Yapin, Unduk Ngadau Beaufort 2008

Ms. Adeline Joprine, Unduk Ngadau Kuala Penyu 2008

Ms. Norsitih Bt. Dayak, Unduk Ngadau Kemabong 2008

Ms. Surayani Sipin, Unduk Ngadau Nabawan 2008

Ms. Clayrina Liew, Unduk Ngadau Semporna 2008

Ms. Emily Majil, Unduk Ngadau Tambunan 2008

Ms. Mailin Julmin, Unduk Ngadau Tongod 2008

Ms. Stance Wong, Unduk Ngadau Labuan WP 2008

Ms. Marilyn Cindi John, Unduk Ngadau Matunggong 2008

Ms. Liaty Bt. Ahaya, Unduk Ngadau Sipitang 2008

Ms. Flina Runtum, Unduk Ngadau Likas 2008

Ms. Jilnah Majintal, Unduk Ngadau Banggi 2008

Ms. Leydiani P. Nealdson, Unduk Ngadau Ranau 2008

Ms. Raissey Sinuar, Unduk Ngadau Kota Marudu 2008

Ms. Rosziani Simon, Unduk Ngadau Tenom 2008

Ms. Aloysius Thecla Phillip, Unduk Ngadau Kota Belud 2008

Ms. Sylvia L. Sipayang, Unduk Ngadau Putatan 2008

Ms. Verone Lansu, Unduk Ngadau Keningau 2008

Ms. Audrey Joan Anthonius, Unduk Ngadau Tamparuli 2008

Ms. Florence Masimbin, Unduk Ngadau Kinabatangan 2008

Ms. Jessica Johnderry, Unduk Ngadau Sandakan 2008

Ms. Anne Mary Tan Khan, Unduk Ngadau Klang Valley 2008

Ms. Cecily Gismin, Unduk Ngadau Inanam 2008

Ms. Iris My Peter Jangki, Unduk Ngadau Membakut 2008

Ms. Masyin Madeyok, Unduk Ngadau Pitas

Ms. Jizeresta Jimmy, Unduk Ngadau Bandaraya KK 2008

Ms. Andrea Peter, Unduk Ngadau Tanjung Aru 2008

Ms. Petronella Cherry Benard, Unduk Ngadau Papar 2008

Ms. Deirdre Theseira Joannes, Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2008

Ms. Stephanie Rodney Chai, Unduk Ngadau Sook 2008

Ms. Leonie Lawrence Gontuni, Unduk Ngadau Penampang 2008

Maybe most of you Sabahan already knew who’s the winner right? But.. have you ever satisfy with the results?? Did your favorite contestant won anything?? or did any of the Unduk Ngadau from your district level awarded to any of the prizes?? No!!! what a pity.. cut the crap, here you can make your own Unduk Ngadau champion. What you need to do is to vote by writing a comment on the comment box. write your 3rd, 2nd and 1st choice and why.. apa lagi, sanang saja bah itu!!

let me make my own vote first..hee!

for more details result on the Unduk Ngadau Grand Final 2008, you can always check out this portal!

  1. esharkj says:

    Hmm.. judging on the pic taken above, I would go :

    1st : KENINGAU (gorgeous smile, bulih cair this!)
    2nd : KEMABONG (nice hair color, like it, aha!.. aha!)
    3rd : TAMBUNAN (Cutenya la kecik this girl)

    err.. sia kasi up lagi 2 org….

    4th : LAHAD DATU (I like her hair yg cover the forehead, contol tu!)
    5th : KOTA MARUDU (I like the anting2, orgnya pun buleh tahan)

  2. Taty says:

    1ST : KK

    Go Jizeresta go!

  3. Dave says:

    Nice photo 🙂

    1st : TAWAU
    2nd : TAMBUNAN
    3rd : KENINGAU
    4th : TANJUNG ARU
    5th : PUTATAN

  4. Gill says:

    Tidak cantik pun kebanyakan tahun ni, tahun lepas banyak cantik-cantik. sia pun mau vote bah.

    1st : KENINGAU (lawa bah dia ni)
    2nd : NABAWAN (boleh tahan la, macam ada mix cina)
    3RD : BELURAN (lawa senyumannya bah)

  5. esharkj says:

    Oh! thanks to the three voters, Taty, Dave and Gill.

    Now seems Ms. Verone Lansu from KENINGAU and Ms. Emily Majil from TAMBUNAN is quiet popular..

    4 Votes – KENINGAU
    3 Votes – TAMBUNAN
    2 Votes – LAHAD DATU
    2 Votes – KOTA MARUDU
    1 Vote – KEMABONG
    1 Vote – NABAWAN
    1 Vote – PUTATAN
    1 Vote – BELURAN
    1 Vote – KK
    1 Vote – TANJUNG ARU
    1 Vote – KK
    1 Vote – NABAWAN

    Those who have not yet voting.. apalagi!!, free saja ba teda charge this..

  6. Kay Kastum says:

    Eshark… OK bah kau ambil gambar ni. Menyerlah kejelitaan sumandak Sabah kita ni bila kau gambar…

  7. esharkj says:

    Oh Kay! Kambang sia, meletup sja ndak!! sia pun budak baru belajar photography ba this.. self taught la kunun. Actually the pic looks so yummy because of our sumandak-sumandak mimang cantik2 bah!

  8. Jean says:

    How come nobody picked papar?.. ..She was after all picked by ‘professional’ judges for the finals. Unfortunately not the untimate winner but would have been a better one from what I’ve seen in photographs. She’s such a beauty. Now I did not get the chance to see the real event… could it have been the way the interview part of the competition that determined the result? or was it pre picked since I’ve also read somewhere that they wanted the crown to return to Penampang this year.
    The penampang girl is no doubt in her own class of beauy… just doesnt have that particular look to win my vote.
    My choices would have been these.
    3.Lahad Datu
    I must leave a comment for esharkj…. you do take lovely photographs… take credit when given cos you deserved it.

  9. esharkj says:

    Thanks Jean for the credit.. 😉
    This’s a place for everybody can be the judges, so every person are entitled to vote for their favorite Unduk Ngadau.
    Hmm.. lookin at ur votes, I must say you have excellent taste.. who says you can vote for PAPAR once??

  10. Tabazag says:

    Hi, eshark correction UN Penampang Leonie Lawrence Gontuni and not Papar. Let me vote:
    1st – Penampang
    2nd- Keningau
    3rd – Papar
    4th – Kemabong
    5th – Kota Belud
    6th – Kinabatangan
    7th – Likas

  11. esharkj says:

    Thanks to the voters so far, Jean and Tabazag!

    Here are the latest standings..

    6 Votes – KENINGAU
    3 Votes – TAMBUNAN
    3 Votes – LAHAD DATU
    3 Votes – KEMABONG
    2 Votes – KOTA MARUDU
    2 Votes – PENAMPANG
    2 Votes – KK
    1 Vote – NABAWAN
    1 Vote – PUTATAN
    1 Vote – BELURAN
    1 Vote – TANJUNG ARU
    1 Vote – NABAWAN
    1 Vote – TAMPARULI
    1 Vote – PAPAR
    1 Vote – KOTA BELUD
    1 Vote – LIKAS

    Come on guys!! let’s vote!

    p/s : Thanks Tabazag for the error checking!

  12. Jean says:

    Really?…. I can vote manyak manyak kali?… Ada hadiah kah ni..
    How do you add the votes?… Keningau got six which means regardless the places she’s put, a vote is given… right?
    How come penampang got two? I saw only one.
    AND….. why MY Papar got one only.
    Pakai kalatur bah…
    He he… then I vote my favourite (whom I still feel should have won!) again…
    1. PAPAR
    … eh..boleh vote lima kali kah?

  13. papajoneh says:

    Sia mau vote kampung sia.. but then.. ndak bagus jugakan.. hahahha.
    yg sedih tu yg real pemenang unduk ngadau.. ndak ramai org voted… kenapa ya 😉 hahahhaha

    Papar, Tambunan and Kemabong… entah sia confused sudah.. scroll banyak kali

  14. esharkj says:

    actually Penampang memang cun, sia pun suka and she’s officially crowned for the Unduk Ngadau 2008, and that’s it, while this a just section where people can vote for their favorite unduk ngadau based on above pics.. itu ja.

    ndak pa PapaJ ko vote ja mana2 ko rasa cun, sia tau taste ko always the best, district tu belakang cerita, because we’re voting based on sepa yang cun, bukan from which district right?

  15. RoSeS29 says:

    most of them are beautiful without make-up and when they’re wearing make-up, something just aint right with their faces hehe…but here goes my vote

    1. PAPAR (mcm mixed hehe)
    2. KEMABONG (cute girl)
    3. KINABATANGAN (love her smile..)
    4. tambunan
    5. kk

    as for the UN this yr, she’s cute alright! thats all hehe

  16. esharkj says:

    Thanks to Papajoneh, Jean and RoSeS29 for the votes, checkout the latest standings..

    6 Votes – KENINGAU
    5 Votes – TAMBUNAN
    5 Votes – KEMABONG
    4 Votes – PAPAR
    3 Votes – LAHAD DATU
    2 Votes – KK
    2 Votes – KOTA MARUDU
    2 Votes – PENAMPANG
    2 Votes – KINABATANGAN
    1 Vote – NABAWAN
    1 Vote – PUTATAN
    1 Vote – BELURAN
    1 Vote – TANJUNG ARU
    1 Vote – NABAWAN
    1 Vote – TAMPARULI
    1 Vote – KOTA BELUD
    1 Vote – LIKAS

    p/s : Jean, 10 x vote pun bulih, it’s FREE what!

  17. Clifforf says:

    Apapun kami tetap admire Beluran.she’s pretty even without make-up bah.friendly lagi tuh suka senyum…meet her twice suda…biarpun dia x dpt tpi dia tetap pemenang bagi kami…iseh,macam emo pula.tpi serious labah.she is pretty,smart,friendly n talented…go Beluran!

  18. esharkj says:

    So Clifforf do you want me to count your vote to Beluran this??

    p/s : yeah! si Shirley tu not bad also..

  19. RoSeS29 says: clifforf ni peminat setia si UN beluran pula.. well, dia just okay2 sa tgk..not so pretty not so ugly…talented? um..i have to think of that

  20. mavell says:


  21. bendy says:

    beautiful is very subjective actualy, each of people has their personal opinion. dont judges a book by it’s cover..
    i thougt all the contestants are pretty, and have their own interest..
    but this is my vote for them:
    01) penampang-5vote

  22. tanakwagu says:

    all the KDM sumandak are attractive ba.. very versatile..
    sabahan sumandak also talented..
    unduk ngadau contestant 2008.. sumenya santik2 belaka, menawan. know them more closer is the best choice to choose.. muka santik tp perangai hampeh meaningless juga kan.. huminodun crowned to leonie the cute sumandak from penampang..
    then i give all the contestant 5votes for each.. kounsikou gia..

  23. sumandak83 says:

    all UN 2008 pertty…but this is my vote for them

    8 vote-TAMBUNAN
    5 vote-KENINGAU
    5 vote-KOTA KINABALU
    3 vote-PAPAR
    2 vote-BELURAN

  24. esharkj says:

    Thanks to Mavell, Bendy, Tanakwagu and Sumandak83 for the votes.. Checkout latest standings..

    21 Votes – KENINGAU
    18 Votes – TAMBUNAN
    16 Votes – KK
    15 Votes – KINABATANGAN
    12 Votes – PAPAR
    12 Votes – PENAMPANG
    10 Votes – KEMABONG
    10 Votes – TANJUNG ARU
    9 Votes – KOTA MARUDU
    8 Votes – RANAU

    8 Votes – PITAS
    8 Votes – TUARAN
    8 Votes – LAHAD DATU
    8 Votes – BELURAN
    6 Votes – NABAWAN
    6 Votes – PUTATAN
    6 Votes – TAMPARULI
    6 Votes – KOTA BELUD
    6 Votes – LIKAS
    5 Votes – PAGALUNGAN
    5 Votes – BEAUFORT
    5 Votes – KUALA PENYU
    5 Votes – SEMPORNA
    5 Votes – TONGOD
    5 Votes – LABUAN
    5 Votes – MATUNGGONG
    5 Votes – SIPITANG
    5 Votes – BANGGI
    5 Votes – TENOM
    5 Votes – SANDAKAN
    5 Votes – KLANG VALLEY
    5 Votes – MEMBAKUT
    5 Votes – SOOK

    Looking at the TOP TEN list, UN KENINGAU has mantain the 1st position and TAMBUNAN at the 2nd place while UN KK has jump to the 3rd place from 6th place. It seems that KENINGAU is still everybody’s favorite so far..

    p/s : Tanakwagu, so generous of you to give 5 votes to all UN.. panat sia mengira gia!!

  25. tanakwagu says:

    haha.. sa pasti dan yakin ko teror akaun ni.. hak!




    5 votes for them
    p/s palan2 ko kira ah.. he3

  26. esharkj says:

    Waahh!! Tanakwagu! enjoy2 ko memvote ahh!! Okay sudah cukup2 la gia!

    Here are the latest updates..

    Still KENINGAU is in the top followed very close by TAMBUNAN and KK..

    40 Votes – KENINGAU
    38 Votes – TAMBUNAN
    36 Votes – KK
    34 Votes – KINABATANGAN
    31 Votes – PAPAR
    31 Votes – PENAMPANG
    28 Votes – TANJUNG ARU
    26 Votes – TUARAN
    25 Votes – KEMABONG
    23 Votes – PITAS

    23 Votes – TAMPARULI
    22 Votes – INANAM
    22 Votes – LAHAD DATU
    21 Votes – BELURAN
    21 Votes – KOTA BELUD
    21 Votes – PUTATAN
    20 Votes – KLANG VALLEY
    19 Votes – LIKAS
    18 Votes – SANDAKAN
    18 Votes – TAWAU
    18 Votes – TENOM
    14 Votes – KOTA MARUDU
    13 Votes – BANGGI
    13 Votes – MATUNGGONG
    13 Votes – RANAU
    11 Votes – NABAWAN
    10 Votes – BEAUFORT
    10 Votes – KUALA PENYU
    10 Votes – LABUAN
    10 Votes – MEMBAKUT
    10 Votes – PAGALUNGAN
    10 Votes – SEMPORNA
    10 Votes – SIPITANG
    10 Votes – SOOK
    10 Votes – TONGOD

    Those who are still not voting, you may do so..

  27. Clifford says:

    bukan laba sy ni peminat dia ahh jan salah faham kamurang 🙂 sy ni cuma memberi komen dengan apa yg sy nampak dengan mata kepala sy sndri.actually i 1st met c Shirly Beluran @ court ba.very friendly and all of us like her.tida sangka dia ikut unduk ngadau pula kkekeke…anyway sy mau vote la fevret sy ah..yg sya tingu2 yg mmg layak…:
    Beluran-10 vote
    Penampang-5 vote
    Kota Belud-7 vote
    Tamparuli-2 vote
    Tuaran – 2 vote
    sy pun pernah jadi pengadil bah.tpi lama suda.time regina intang menang 🙂

  28. Jordan says:

    wow…clifford such an enthusiasm.i know u Clifford..(wont mention ur real name) but one of de profesional judge in sabah 🙂 anyway,for me semua pun cantik,olundus la.but some peoples will just only vote for their favourite one mah,ho?for me…yeah Beluran is exotic,she is smart too,cute and friendly (why the title of miss friendly didnt goes to her?) we were there to see them anyway.Penampang,she is humble and very pretty lah.I saw her face 2 face tat day in KDCA.she deserve to win.and credit goes up to Miss Kota Belud also…she is silent ba pretty and sweet…here goes my vote to them.
    Beluran – 6
    Kota Belud – 2
    Papar – 4
    Keningau – 3

  29. esharkj says:

    Wah!! butul ka that!! How you knew Clifford then? are you one of the judges also ka??

    Ohh!! Regina Intang, UN 2000 from Melalap.. she’s preety!! It’s been such an honour to have you drop by here Clifford, it’s so k ba don’t be shy2 one.. kan Jordan. He! He!

    Btw, thanks to both of you for voting. 😉

    p/s : will updates you guys votes soon k!

  30. ryan says:

    Bandaraya dan Putatan bah yg muka komersil…

    yg lain tu bole la menang di kawasan masing2. nanti masuk di peringkat antarabangsa…tatap exotic bah tu muka..

  31. tanakwagu says:

    ba.. dats y. sometimes we cant judge them tru pic ja ba.. all the contestant has their personal interest actualy.

    we as a sabahan must be proud of our sumandak without them kamatan nda aramai tiii..

    haha… aramai ti kawan..

  32. girl85 says:


    Top Ten
    60 votes = TAMBUNAN
    25 votes = PAPAR
    20 votes = KINABATANGAN
    15 votes = DBKK
    15 votes = KENINGAU
    10 votes = LAHAD DATU
    10 votes = BELURAN
    10 votes = KEMABONG
    10 votes = LABUAN WP
    10 votes = PENAMPANG

    5 votes = beaufort
    5 votes = nabawan
    5 votes = kota marudu
    5 votes = tamparuli
    5 votes = tuaran
    3 votes = tawau
    3 votes = likas
    3 votes = klang vally
    3 votes = inanam
    3 votes = putatan

    1 vote = sandakan
    1 vote = tenom
    1 vote = tanjung aru
    1 vote = sook
    1 vote = membakut
    1 vote = tongod
    1 vote = ranau
    1 vote = kota belud
    1 vote = banggi
    1 vote = sipitang

  33. clifford, u saw UN beluran at court? what is she doing there? a lawyer….?

    well my vote goes to

    50 votes: KINABATANGAN
    50 votes: TAMBUNAN
    50 votes: KEMABONG
    50 votes: TUARAN
    50 votes: PAPAR

    jORdan…MAYBE she aint friendly enough that day! and lots of them also friendly. so susah mau pilih kali 😀

  34. esharkj says:

    Big thanks to Ryan, Tanakwagu (OMG not you again), girl85 and tumpang_sekaki for all your votes!! 😉

    All votes will be updated soon.

    p/s : Makin panat la sia mengira nih!

  35. here goes my vote again…hehe

    50 votes: KINABATANGAN
    50 votes: TAMBUNAN
    50 votes: KEMABONG
    50 votes: TUARAN
    50 votes: PAPAR

    blh lagi vote bah kan? 😀

  36. esharkj says:

    Latest standings as at today 11 July 08 :

    198 Votes – TAMBUNAN
    160 Votes – PAPAR
    154 Votes – KINABATANGAN
    135 Votes – KEMABONG
    83 Votes – TUARAN
    58 Votes – KENINGAU
    52 Votes – PENAMPANG
    51 Votes – KK
    47 Votes – BELURAN
    32 Votes – LAHAD DATU

    31 Votes – KOTA BELUD
    30 Votes – TAMPARULI
    29 Votes – TANJUNG ARU
    25 Votes – INANAM
    24 Votes – PUTATAN
    23 Votes – PITAS
    23 Votes – KLANG VALLEY
    22 Votes – LIKAS
    21 Votes – TAWAU
    20 Votes – LABUAN
    19 Votes – SANDAKAN
    19 Votes – TENOM
    19 Votes – KOTA MARUDU
    16 Votes – NABAWAN
    15 Votes – BEAUFORT
    14 Votes – BANGGI
    14 Votes – RANAU
    13 Votes – MATUNGGONG
    11 Votes – MEMBAKUT
    11 Votes – SIPITANG
    11 Votes – SOOK
    11 Votes – TONGOD
    10 Votes – KUALA PENYU
    10 Votes – PAGALUNGAN
    10 Votes – SEMPORNA

    Waa’aah!! Kamu kasi jatuh fevret aku KENINGAU ahh..

    Now on the top list is TAMBUNAN, and on the 2nd spot is PAPAR crawling pretty good from 5th spot, while KK is drop to 8th spot from 3rd spot last week where KINABATANGAN is now on the 3rd.

    Fuhhh!! Makin terer sia mengira oleh kamu..

    Big thanks to all voters… clap! clap! clap! clap!

  37. LYDIA says:


  38. esharkj says:

    You’re much welcome 😉

  39. esharkj….sa mau vote lagi, blh ka? siok pula tau hehe

    30 votes: tamparuli
    30 votes: putatan
    30 votes: klang valley
    30 votes: kuala penyu
    30 votes: PAPAR
    30 votes: likas

    thanks 😀

  40. esharkj says:

    tumpang_sekaki… Buleh bah kalo ko!

  41. Jordan says:

    im back!wah…c Tambunan ka skg ni ranking.for me,kamu suda lihat dia without make-up ka? *must see her* honestly, she’s not da type i like…c Beluran tu not a Lawyer but practical n she is doing Law study bah.from resources la..mau vote lagi la sy ni.

  42. aunty_beth69 says:

    wahh sini ka pula UN2 dipertaruhkan?aunty pun mau vote la..ok ka?

  43. aunty_beth69 says:

    for how many years aunty tingu UN ni kan,mmg year by year very improve la.smua lawa2 n jelita2.mmg susa mau judges.but this year…aunty suka tingu itu Beluran.cute ba dia tpi sayang la dia kecil.papar pun cute kecil macam Beluran..macam cute statue tu dua org aunty votes…
    kinabatangan (muka dusun asli)-30
    Kemabong (she is sweet)-20
    Keningau (cantikk!tpi x maintain style dia)-10

    Thank you.tu votes aunty time i can vote again kan?

  44. esharkj says:

    ya! TAMBUNAN sekarang ni top ranking, abis KENINGAU sia kana kasi turun ba..

    Buleh ba aunty, vote sja mana2 UN fevret aunty banyak2.. he! he!

    Thanks to the voters, all votes will be updated soon.. keep voting everyone!

  45. Jordan says:

    keningau ka pula favret ko bos?Ok ba keningau.pretty girl!


  46. Jordan says:

    cantik pula c Kota Marudu punya anting2 o…:D

  47. tumpang_sekaki says:

    my votes again.. hehe

    80 votes: kinabatangan
    80 votes: tambunan
    80 votes: klang valley
    30 votes: kuala penyu
    30 votes: PAPAR
    30 votes: tuaran

    jordan, i see she is doing her pratical?…urm..what college or uni do she attend?

  48. esharkj says:

    Latest standings as at today 17 July 08 :

    1st – TAMBUNAN
    3rd – PAPAR
    4th – KEMABONG
    5th – KLANG VALLEY
    6th – BELURAN
    7th – TUARAN
    8th – KUALA PENYU
    9th – PENAMPANG
    10th – KENINGAU

    60 Votes – TAMPARULI
    54 Votes – PUTATAN
    52 Votes – LIKAS
    51 Votes – KK
    32 Votes – LAHAD DATU
    31 Votes – KOTA BELUD
    29 Votes – TANJUNG ARU
    25 Votes – INANAM
    23 Votes – PITAS
    21 Votes – TAWAU
    20 Votes – LABUAN
    19 Votes – SANDAKAN
    19 Votes – TENOM
    19 Votes – KOTA MARUDU
    16 Votes – NABAWAN
    15 Votes – BEAUFORT
    14 Votes – BANGGI
    14 Votes – RANAU
    13 Votes – MATUNGGONG
    11 Votes – MEMBAKUT
    11 Votes – SIPITANG
    11 Votes – SOOK
    11 Votes – TONGOD
    10 Votes – PAGALUNGAN
    10 Votes – SEMPORNA

    TAMBUNAN still in the top list, PAPAR jatuh satu anak tangga dengan KINABATANGAN merampas kedudukan ke-2. KUALA PENYU berjaya menunjukan prestasi memberangsangkan dengan melompat jauh ke tangga ke-8 dari tangga ke-33, sampai jatuh last ke-10 KENINGAU sia ah! kamurang.

    Due to overwhelming reply from the voters, TOP TEN list will be feature without a number of current votes until further notice..

    however, you are still open to vote, new voters are encourage to vote.

    Tunggu apalagi.. Bah! undi bah!

  49. Jean says:

    APA!!!!!!!… Papar jatuh?…. mana buleh ni. Sudah lah enda manang betul betul, main main pun kalah?… hhmm
    50 x for my hometown girl..
    oopssss….terkena patan orang papar .

    aunty_beth69…ngam komen aunty…sokong abis termasuk muka dusun asli tu… he he he

    tumpang_sekaki seems to be enjoying him/herself with giving additional sums for esharkj to do… tapi macam tukar2 pula favret dia.
    Ni kes… semua ternampak cantik lah ni kan..sampai susah mau judge

  50. esharkj says:

    Tidakpa, sia tidak kasi tau urang ko dari Papar. Heee!!
    Istidi sia ko, ko vote jak la bah!

  51. Jean, siok bah undi2 sini ni…hehe PAPAR lawa bah jg! cute! anu bah, tukar2 tapi tambunan n kinabatangan ttp fav sa hehe

  52. sumandak83 says:

    Ryan….DBKK tu memang muka komersil….tp senyumanya x cantik/cute….hehe…jgn marah..

    Jordan… i dah tengok TAMBUNAN, cantik….cute… without make-up…senyuman dia lawa bah..hehe..

    i nak vote lagi… buli kan…

    TAMBUNAN – 100
    PAPAR – 50
    KENINGAU – 30

    yg lain i give them 10 votes….

  53. olundus says:

    wow..even unduk ngadau sudah siap,kamurang masih vote pun mo undi…sa mo undi muka2 komersil mcm si ryan mention tu..

    100 vote for putatan(she have a natural
    beauty,mmg muka kormersil ni..)
    80 vote for keningau (mmg top list dia ni..)
    60 vote for tenom (muka komersil juga)
    40 vote for DBKK (muka kacukan)
    40 vote for penampang (mmg unique n
    ada komersil jga muka dia..hehe..)

    bah,jgn lupa update de vote..

  54. edwin says:

    Sia pun mo undi juga lah..sia nampak si miss PUTATAN and miss PAPAR di one borneo masa launching album c Linda Nanuwil…Baru sia taw ms.putatan tu model untuk video clip lagu c linda..kalau x silap tajuk lagu tu “upus tolidang”…mmg komersil lah muka c Putatan ni..sia suka tingu snyuman dia..hehe..

    100 vote untuk PUTATAN…

  55. esharkj says:

    Buli ba kalu ko… vote jak banyak2..

    Update vote… Bah! Buli ba jugak kalo ko

    Oh! beruntungnya ko ada terjumpa dorg tuh.. memang ko ni peminat setia UN Putatan kan.. bah! vote sijak bah!!

  56. ShiAmbal says:

    masham mana ni prenn… sia undi 100 undi untuk sumandak sa sendiri… patut ka? ada ini masham ka? sa 100% utk lahad datu… janji ko rilek jaa.. estidy bha!!!!!

  57. ShiAmbal says:

    1- lahad datu- byk aik
    2- lahad datu- cute berabis
    3- lahad datu- kalau dia senyum mati nyamuk
    4-lahada datu- masham di kee kee
    5-100 lahad datu lagi- sebab tu gambar dia punya la tu..

  58. diau says:

    hmmmm… papar paling cantik.. if i could date with her…

  59. diau says:

    oya.. lahad datu.. uuuhhhhh.. mantap.. tidak gemuk tidak juga kurus uhhhhhh….

  60. ReeDJr says:


    1. Keningau ( 100 vote)
    2. Putatan (95 vote)
    3. Penampang (85 vote)
    4. Tenom (75 vote)
    5. Likas (65 vote)
    6. DBKK (55 vote)
    7. Kemabong (45 vote)
    8. Kota Belud (35 vote)
    9. Papar (25 vote)
    10. Tambunan (15 vote)

  61. sumandak83 says:

    i nak vote lg lah….

    200 vote = Tambunan
    100 vote = Papar
    50 vote = Keningau
    20 vote = DBKK
    5 vote = Penampang
    5 vote = putatan

  62. esharkj says:

    Waa’aah!! thanks to all voters :

    sumandak83 suka btul ko sama Tambunan ahhh!!

    diau bah! dua-dua pun ko mo ka? mantep! mantep!

    ReeDJr thanks for voting + visiting.. 😉

    ShiAmbal ko truskan sijak bah voting..dari ko sejak tuh!

    bagus! bagus! semua..
    keep voting ya. All votes will be update soon and we’ll see who’s on the top.. jeng! jeng! jennn!!

  63. Kaduskobusak says:

    Woi… macam bagus ja response kau punya pertandingan ni? Kalu sia, sia pilih si gadis dari Pitas. Knapa? Ciri-cirinya sungguh menyerlah sebagi orang Kadus…

  64. KayVon Dough says:

    From my point of view..there is only five unduk that was outstanding among the others..

    I should say that this is the great competition..
    and if i am one of the judges i will pick and vote this five beautiful girls:

    Kemabong, Putatan, Lahad datu,Papar,and Kinabatangan.

    i give them 100 votes.

    to the owners of this site keep up the good work..

    Kay Von.

  65. deanzell says:


    wah,pnya bagus..ada carta unduk ngadau..

    bah..esharkj sya mo undi sumandak yg buat jantung sya bagagar..


    si sylvia unduk Putatan..
    walau ko tida manang..tapi ko tatap manang di hati sya..

    esharkj sya mo bagi dia 500 undi..buli kan..

  66. sinundu says:

    sa rasa paling cantik sini wakil dari KEMABONG.

    sa bagi 300 vote..

    Kasih up Kemabong….

    thanx esharkj

  67. guynexdoor says:

    nice site;)

    my vote goes to unduk ngadau Putatan

    Love her smile

    100 vote for her

  68. esharkj says:

    memang bagus bah! ha! ha! er… tapi ko vote yang mana satu ah?? you didn’t mention pun..

    KayVon Dough,
    Thanks for the compliments. 😉

    Oohhh!! tima kasihlah memvoting ere. Undi anda adalah bermakna n thanks sebab ko vote fevret sia!!

    OK! your votes.. counted!

  69. esharkj says:

    Latest standings as at 5th Nov 08, 1200am :

    1st – KEMABONG (previous – 4th)
    2nd – TAMBUNAN (previous – 1st)
    3rd – PUTATAN (previous – 12th)
    4th – PAPAR (previous – 3rd)
    5th – LAHAD DATU (previous – 15th)
    6th – KINABATANGAN (previous – 2nd)
    7th – KENINGAU (previous – 10th)
    8th – PENAMPANG (previous – 9th)
    9th – KK (previous – 14th)
    10th – TENOM (previous – 23rd)

    143 Votes – KLANG VALLEY
    127 Votes – LIKAS
    117 Votes – BELURAN
    113 Votes – TUARAN
    80 Votes – KUALA PENYU
    76 Votes – KOTA BELUD
    70 Votes – TAMPARULI
    39 Votes – TANJUNG ARU
    35 Votes – INANAM
    33 Votes – PITAS
    31 Votes – TAWAU
    30 Votes – LABUAN
    29 Votes – SANDAKAN
    29 Votes – KOTA MARUDU
    26 Votes – NABAWAN
    25 Votes – BEAUFORT
    24 Votes – BANGGI
    24 Votes – RANAU
    23 Votes – MATUNGGONG
    21 Votes – MEMBAKUT
    21 Votes – SIPITANG
    21 Votes – SOOK
    21 Votes – TONGOD
    20 Votes – PAGALUNGAN
    20 Votes – SEMPORNA

    KEMABONG has now leading the MadeInSabah ‘s Unduk Ngadau premiere league chart (uiisehh), from 4th place to the top spot knock down TAMBUNAN to the 2nd place. PUTATAN and LAHAD DATU has shown great improvement from 12th and 15th place on previous update to 3rd place for PUTATAN and 5th place for LAHAD DATU today. TENOM is showing a long way up as today’s chart grabbed on the 10th spot from only 23rd spot from last update.

    p/s : aisehmenn.. mcm komentar utk live telecast football match pulak nih..

    for all voters.. the top 4 highest spot of votes are now very close, (KEMABONG, TAMBUNAN, PUTATAN, PAPAR) and followed by the second 3 highest spot of votes (LAHAD DATU, KINABATANGAN, KENINGAU). Ba jadi pandai2 la kamurang kasi up fevret masing2 tuh..

    THANK YOU to all VOTERS… ummpwahhhh!!!!

    vote seja kamurang.. jangan malu-malu bahh!!

  70. velerey says:

    gila lahad datu kasen sy ba tue. proud of u cousin! haha

  71. sasalakan says:

    wah..esharkj bagus oh respond utk site ko ni.Suka sa tgk2 komen2 org kita sama ni sumandak2 sabah.Mimang lawa2..

    untuk menghangatkan lg carta ko ni,sia mo undi juga lah.Buli bah kan?

    sia mo undi Tenom,Penampang dan Putatan.sia bagi 100 undi..

    Kotoluadan om kounsikaan kumaa dika eshakj;)

  72. esharkj says:

    Aik!! your kasen kah?? wah siok.. errr tapi ko lupa vote kasen ko daaa. btw thanks for the visit 😉

    tengkiu! sungguh tdk sia sangka2 sambutan begini bagus.. klu ko buring2 bah! ngam la itu ko datang2 sini bah lawat2. mimang ko pandai menghangatkan.. hangat! hangat! baru ko masuk sini suda vote 100 undi ahh.. berpaluh suda sia.

    sia skrg tgh tunggu dorang2 yg rajin2 memvote tu hari.. belum muncul2 lagi durang nih..

  73. otoh says:

    first of all,congrats to esharkj for the nice site.(aikseymen..)hihihihhi

    sia suka bah tgk sumandak2 sabah ni.Lawa2 semua kan esharkj.Tapi yang paling bagus kan sia dapat undi sumandak feveret sia ni.hihihi

    bah,sia mau undi untuk Tanjung Aru,Labuan sama Putatan.
    100 undi untuk ni sumandak2.

    trima kaseyy!

  74. edwin says:

    Hi Esharkj.
    edwin bah ni,pminat c putatan. hehehe.
    wah..ada peningkatan carta. ini yang sa suka ni. go go putatan.

    sia mo tambah undi dia lg lah.

    100 undi untuk putatan..palan2 kira kih esharkj..

    aramai tih!!

  75. esharkj says:

    Trimas kerana puji-pujian…. kembang minta puji suda sia nih! heeeeee 🙂

    ya bah! sia masi ingat ko.. peminat setia c Putatan tuh… bah! undi jak bah.. yeahh aramai tih!!

  76. christopher says:

    THATS MY GAL!!!!!…. my vote on behalf of the whole of sabah-malaysia-scotland–> JULIANA APING(mantad l.datu!)… with U N L I M I T E D percentage!!!!… try beat THAT!!!…

  77. shazy says:

    Memang Penampang lah menang..cantik bha… Yes yes penampang jugak yang selalu menang..

  78. Demphna says:

    Well,sa nampak sini based on natural beauty,
    Penampang,Putatan, Kemabong, Tenom and Kinabatangan layak dapat top 5.

    Eshark,i give them 100 votes.

    Shazy, sa dpt info dari unduk yg miss Putatan tu top 3 unduk ngadau Penampang 2008 jg.

  79. Andry says:

    Cantik bah c Raissey kan…Kenapa la bukan dia yg menang.buta kali bah pengadil dia.hahaha…

  80. Andry says:

    Dlu sa dlm dilema ni mau sokong yg mna d antara BELURAN sama KOTA MARUDU.sbb yg dr BELURAN 2 kwn sa, 1kampung, yg dr KOTA MARUDU 2 pla, ex gf sa…msa 2 sa msh syg dia lg.hehe…2la critanya…hahahaha….

  81. Andry says:

    O a, yg dr sandakan 2 pun sa mcm mau sokong2 jga sbb kwn sa begaduh jga itu dlm sms.hahahaha….

  82. Uncle Jo says:

    I’m from Penampang, and I’m proud that our Penampang Sumandaks won de title..congrats to u Leonie..u deserve it.we are very proud of u.Hope u will bring the spirit of huminodun in a good way..not forgotten to Putatan,which also a Penampang sumandaks,congrats to both of u.undi dan cintaku 100 persen.hukhukhuk.

    100 votes to both of them esharkj.thanks.

  83. valerie says:

    Putatan,model video clip Linda AF2..caya lah..

  84. esharkj says:

    Sorry! you votes doesn’t count, there’s no UNLIMITED vote..

    Uiih! ramai peminat Ms. Leonie dari Penampang nih.. btw, thanks for visiting 😉

    Okay your votes are in.. thanks for voting 😉

    Uisshhh.. pengadil tu ndak buta bah! every contestant has their own weakness and talent. what the jury votes are truly the best among the best.. just maybe some luck differentiate among those Unduk Ngadau contestant.
    Hmmm… X girlpren ko kah?? Butul kah itu?? Ko ndak tambirang ka? Aik.. ini mcm jejak kasih nih.

    Uncle Jo,
    Ok uncle.. your votes in! thanks for the visit 😉

    Aahhaaaa.. ya dialah tu model video clip si Linda..

  85. chris says:

    sia sokong Tamparuli, Putatan sama Tanjung Aru. semua ada kecantikan semulajadi sia nampak..hihi..100 undi lah untuk diorang.

  86. Andry says:

    Bukn ex gf…smbung uda kami balik.klu ko xpecaya p la cari dia.tnya sndiri.hehe…tahun dpn mgkin dia xikut unduk x suruh.hehehehe…

  87. esharkj says:

    Hi chris,
    Thanks for voting..

    Uiisehhh.. ah! butul bah?? balik suda kamurang, buleh tahan la ko.. next year ko tdk kasi ikut?? alala,, sayang jugak.. hah! ada byk lagi beauty pageant punya title tu next year, suru dia cuba2 lagiba..

  88. res-c says:

    haloo….nice 2 meet u i gve my vote..
    5-myself..ha3..juz kidding..
    tuaran is in the 5plce.

    4 andry,miz u..he3..

  89. Andry says:

    Kau ni mcm mengulu2 sja.cntik 2 gf korea.tgok la klu dia ikut thun dpn klh 2 suma yg len.klu dia klh pun 2 sbb pengadil buta.hehehe…

    4 Raissey@res-c, i miss u too n i love u so much…thun dpn syg ikut ka atau mau tumpu ma plajaran?klu syg ikut huny p tgok.confirm…thn dpn kta msti jumpa aa syg.nti msg hny.daa……

  90. Andry says:

    O ya, syg sokong c shirley?jgn la.p’jht 2.pura2 nda knl hny uda klu dpn bf nya.hahahaha…..sma jga mcm c Jessica Johnderry…

  91. res-c says:

    -miz penampang best sbb kmi sma2 bli sandal ari n miz sipitang skt kaki sbb pki high heel ja..pnt ba 2.miz penampang pnya sandal pla rosak,so t’pksa bli yg bru..he3
    -miz beluran pla cute n kmi sma2 kuat bckp tym d hotel ari 2..
    -miz sipitang pla my bestfren..kmi share room n c bb ni paling di sukai olh photograper sbb pndi bckp n peramah..he3..she’s the best..
    -miz putatan pla ska shopping…he3..tym kmi jln2 ma chaprone ari 2 dia ssh ati btl x dpt plih bju utk dinner kmi..;)
    -miz tuaran pla sa tgk natural beauty..jrg2 b’ckp ma dia,tp sa mmg ska tgk muka dia..;)

  92. esharkj says:

    tengkiu memvoting.. err.. banyak pula pengalaman ko dgn those unduk2 ngadau… are you one of the contestant kah?

  93. res-c says: was my best memory of all..;p

  94. esharkj says:

    waa’aah!! rupa-rupanya butul2 ada Unduk Ngadau queen pula di sini nih.. sungguh berbangganya sia sebagai pemilik blog MadeInSabah ni ada UN melawat pi sini.. bah! ngam labatu.. perkenalkan diri anda la.. jangan maluk2 bah.

  95. Diana James says:

    Hi esharkj, oh site blog ko ni,ada gambar unduk ngadau lg.Sa pnya kwn pun u.ngadau tahun ni. Dari Putatan. Nanti sa suruh dia view blog site ko ni. Mesti dia happy cos ada juga pminat dia di sini.heehee..

    Sa mau undi kawan sa lah.
    100 undi untuk dia.Luv u my friend.

    Thanks esharkj.

  96. res-c says: need mau m’pkenalkan dri ba..mlu sa..he3..nway lmn web ko ni mmg sgt2 bgs.. i gave u full mark n extra stars 4 dis website..^-^

  97. esharkj says:

    Diana James,
    tima kasih la bah! ya! banyak tu peminat dia disini, ko kestau dia jak.. Unduk Ngadau yg lain pun byk jugak peminat dorang disini nih, sampai panat sia mereply komen durang.. bah! ko undi jak kio.

    oh! tengkiu! tengkiu! tengkiu! extra2 4 stars jak.. err belanja makan teda kah? Heeeeeee!!

  98. sinakagon says:

    uinah..sumandak sabah bai ni.
    esharkj,ko tiada diorang punya personal info kah?
    mcm numbur talipon kah?single kah? umur?
    haha..santik-santik bah suma..haha..
    kirim salam sama tu sumandak keningau,putatan,sama kinabatangan kih..

  99. mr.vernon says:

    sabahan girls mmg cantik. i have been travelled to all state in malaysia…guess what? i found out that the sabahan girl especially the kadazan girls is very pretty.hope i can join the celebration of harvest festival next year.
    to esharkj,you have done a good job.

  100. esharkj says:

    yala, betul la bah tu.. ni la yg dikatan sumandak Sabah. Keep stay in aroung Kota Kinabalu somewhere in the month of May this year, sure you’ll get the chance to see the main

    Thanks for the visit mr.vernon.. keep visiting! 😉

  101. Jane says:

    vote2 nie masih ada kah? hahaha..
    i vote for penampang!!
    seriously she is very pretty and friendly too! i saw her few weeks ago at friend’s house. awesome!
    saya vote 1000%!! hehe..

  102. esharkj says:

    ada masih bah Jane.. will close till the next Unduk Ngadau this May 2009.. He! He! vote jak..

  103. playlut says:

    ahaaaaaa semuanya santik bha….macam puteri kayangan……yg penting enjoyyy……….

  104. sumandak says:

    i’m proud to be sabahan..proud to have the most beautiful and unique culture..

  105. res-c says:

    hai..lma x view ur site stdy ja skg..
    diz month ja sa uda 2kli t’jmpa ma UN dr putatan n papar tym wedding d p’pang ari 2..xdpt pla sa bckp ma UN putatan,Un papar ja sa ada tegur ni..nway hope smua contestant last year hepi ngan krjaya msg2..g2 jg ngn UN pitas yg slalu chat wif me..hehehe..

    gd luck esharkj!!!!!!!

    nnt klu kta t’jmpa ble jg sa vlnja2 ko ok ja ni..hehehe..nway, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY !!!

  106. loviea says:

    Hi res-c,how ru? wah,long tyme no see..pttn bah ni..hehe..(^_^). Hope u r fine there. aiyo, tdk nampak ko pula time wedding time mo buka mata besar2 lah ni,baru sa nampak smua org..haha..o ya,if u have fS or FB do add me at

    Sorry esharkj,mcm tempat jejak kasih pula site ko ni..hehe..anyway,this is among one of the interesting site dat i’ve been view..keep up da gud work..chaiyo2…

  107. esharkj says:

    Hi res-c, ya bah! lama ko tia pi sini.. tengkiu! good luck to you too in what ever you pursue..

    okeh! sia ingat tu ahh, belanja sia anti klu brjumpa.. Happy Valentine’s to you too 😉

    Ok bah kalo ko no hal punya! Thanks la for the puji-pujian!! 😉

  108. esharkj says:

    Oii kamurang.. lama suda sia tdk mengira, ini points terbaru..

    Latest standings as at 30th April 08 :

    1st – PENAMPANG (previous 8th)
    2nd – PUTATAN (previous 3rd)
    3rd – KEMABONG (previous 1st)
    4th – TAMBUNAN (previous 2nd)
    5th – PAPAR (previous 4th)
    7th – TENOM (previous 10th)
    8th – LAHAD DATU (previous 5th)
    9th – KENINGAU (previous 7th)
    10th – KK (previous 9th)

    239 Votes – TANJUNG ARU
    170 Votes – TAMPARULI
    143 Votes – KLANG VALLEY
    130 Votes – LABUAN
    127 Votes – LIKAS
    117 Votes – BELURAN
    113 Votes – TUARAN
    80 Votes – KUALA PENYU
    76 Votes – KOTA BELUD
    35 Votes – INANAM
    33 Votes – PITAS
    31 Votes – TAWAU
    29 Votes – SANDAKAN
    29 Votes – KOTA MARUDU
    26 Votes – NABAWAN
    25 Votes – BEAUFORT
    24 Votes – BANGGI
    24 Votes – RANAU
    23 Votes – MATUNGGONG
    21 Votes – MEMBAKUT
    21 Votes – SIPITANG
    21 Votes – SOOK
    21 Votes – TONGOD
    20 Votes – PAGALUNGAN
    20 Votes – SEMPORNA

    bah! kamurang apa lagi, masih ada few days before the Voting CLOSE : 5th May 2009! there still chance to vote for your favorite UN last year!! 😉

  109. tanak_wagu77 says:

    wah esharkj, Penampg diatas ka? almk! sia ni paminat si Juliana unduk Lahd datu sama unduk Kemabong, 250 votes sia kasi dorg. tima kasih ya. harap harap la dorang manang ba ni.

  110. mary jane says:

    My votes goes to TAMBUNAN, KEMABONG, LAHAD DATU dan KENINGAU. TAMBUNAN cute, photogenic, lawa. KEMABONG energetic, ayu, menawan. LAHAD DATU beautiful, manja dan she is my village people. KENINGAU very pretty, senyuman pembunuh dan memang cantik. 350 votes for tham ya esharkj! thks! love your blog, siok bah baca.

  111. cute girl says:


    i vote TAMBUNAN 300000, Keningau 100 and Lahad Datu 50.

    can kah….

  112. esharkj says:


    Tanak_wagu77, mary jane.. thanks for voting

    cute girl.. can bah kalo ko!

    wait sia punya final calculation ah.. kita tinguk sapa paling femes sini..

  113. jass says:

    hi..semua gds2 talawa om osuau…

  114. jass says:

    heloo…sapa 2 cute girl 2 kio…

  115. esharkj says:

    Treng teng ten ten tengggg…

    Ten.. tengggg..


    bah! kamurang suda sedia??
    Final standings as at 7th May 09, Unduk Ngadau 2008 yg paling byk dapat vote :

    Ten.. trrenggg (ada lagi blum abis!)

    1st place : UN TAMBUNAN – 300943 Votes

    2nd place : UN PENAMPANG – 1507 Votes

    3rd place : UN KEMABONG – 1298 Votes

    04th : UN PUTATAN – 1264 Votes
    05th : UN LAHAD DATU – 992 Votes
    06th : UN KENINGAU – 773 Votes
    07th : UN PAPAR – 558 Votes
    08th : UN KINABATANGAN – 444 Votes
    09th : UN TENOM – 364 Votes
    10th : UN TANJUNG ARU – 239 Votes

    11th : 176 Votes – KK
    12th : 170 Votes – TAMPARULI
    13th : 143 Votes – KLANG VALLEY
    14th : 130 Votes – LABUAN
    15th : 127 Votes – LIKAS
    16th : 117 Votes – BELURAN
    17th : 113 Votes – TUARAN
    18th : 80 Votes – KUALA PENYU
    19th : 76 Votes – KOTA BELUD
    20th : 35 Votes – INANAM
    21st : 33 Votes – PITAS
    22nd : 31 Votes – TAWAU
    23rd : 29 Votes – SANDAKAN
    24th : 29 Votes – KOTA MARUDU
    25th : 26 Votes – NABAWAN
    26th : 25 Votes – BEAUFORT
    27th : 24 Votes – BANGGI
    28th : 24 Votes – RANAU
    29th : 23 Votes – MATUNGGONG
    30th : 21 Votes – MEMBAKUT
    31st : 21 Votes – SIPITANG
    32nd : 21 Votes – SOOK
    33rd : 21 Votes – TONGOD
    34th : 20 Votes – PAGALUNGAN
    35th : 20 Votes – SEMPORNA

    Thanks a lot to all voters, readers, commentators, supporters, bloggers, silent readers, para skodeng2rs, for your support + votes + comments.. Hope you guys enjoy yourself!! I see you all at the Grand Finale Unduk Ngadau 2009 end this month!

    Those UN punya fevret yang make it to the TOP 10, syabas!! those fevret UN yg tidak berjaya, jgn merajuk2, don’t worries.. kita continue undi online for Unduk Ngadau 2009 Favourites!!

    aramaiitii 😉

  116. bujal says:

    in believe that my gf take apart on undukadau competition…..will done tambunan

  117. […] year will be a bit different compare to last year voting, you may vote from a number of 1 vote to even 100 votes (supaya sanang sia kira […]

  118. esharkj says:

    bujal, pics all 2009 contestants suda up.. ko pi check la, jgn lupa votes. err.. your gf on which level district suda that?

  119. Andry says:

    Resi, mna ko menghilang?da lama sa ada mo gtau ko ssuatu…plz…

  120. Andry says:

    Shirly, apa tlh t’jadi?

  121. esharkj says:

    Ko nih si Resi lah si Andry lah.. errr.. blum lg ko jumpa2 si Resi kah.. cuba Facebook bah!

  122. langou no.11 says:

    dau-dau no alawa sumandak sabah boh!.. alawaan oku ie ngaie diti sumandak. Yoku nopo tanak vogue mantad tamparuli. baino nopo hiti oku tuaran miion. kotutun oku hino sumandak tompoluri om kuta kinabalu nga au ku ie kotutun loh sumandak tuaran. Congratulation! for the winners and the contestants. Even you lost but you stil the winner! I love U all..

  123. sal says:

    lahad datu world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. kyuons ciyo says:

    sia mw lahad datu yg manang, sia tnguk,
    lahad datu yg pling cntk situ

  125. esharkj says:

    kyuons ciyo,
    TAMBUNAN bah yg manang suda tu, i mean yg manang votes di blog ni la.. tu ko lambat vote bah.. ko try vote yg Unduk 2009 pula..

  126. yoe says:

    semestinya kota marudu juga bha masuk unduk ngadau ni caya la

  127. cherry says:

    wah punya lama suda ni blog tp baru sy jumpa skrg..hehe.. siok pula bha baca komen2 dorg smua d atas 🙂

  128. cherry says:

    siok pla bha baca balik komen2 sni..haha… rindu pla sy ni moment 🙂 … UN Papar here hihi

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