Are You Sabahan?

Once you enter into this humble blog.. don’t shy to welcome yourself in the comment box below.

This is the place I’m giving you all readers just to say Hi to everyone, say what do you think about Sabahan, say which tribe are you as a Sabahan, tell readers which part of Sabah you’re at, and even put your name or Blog address link so other readers can follow you, put your glamor name in or what ever name you like to and express your thoughts about this blog, share your experience about Sabah, share your experience about any interesting places/spot you’ve visited in Sabah and where you want to go next..

As what the title says.. Are You Sabahan??

  1. Amir1915 says:

    Well done jo for the nice blog, I’ve always proud to be a Sabahan, I love Sabah!

  2. esharkj says:

    Sabah rulessss!!! thanks for dropin by btw 😉

  3. Frank says:

    Nice snapshot. I could have been standing next to you clicking my camera at the same time. Know what I mean?
    Anyway, well done!!

  4. esharkj says:

    hi Frank!
    Oh! you’re a photographer too, that’s great! where you from? Sabahan also? buzz me lah sometime, we could go for photography outing bah..

  5. sofea says:

    Is this blog only for sabahan ??? Im not you know….can I joint, anway? Its a very interesting, knowledgable and attractive blog especially for those who wants to know more about the other site of the world…in malaysia..! Good job….! After visiting this blog eishark.., now only i know that there are lots of things that we can discover in Sabah. Ive been to KK once..just a short trip. Wish i could go there again one day….! Maybe write & show more photos about your local food, kampung area, type of houses, way of life, activities, nice places for holiday…bla..bla….

  6. calvin says:

    yeah thanks for am pround to be sabahan..i am Tobilung..orgin from Kota belud..and currently in penang..almost 4 years already….

  7. esharkj says:

    Hi Sofea,
    This blog is wrote and own by a pure Sabahan and it’s open to all readers that really enjoy reading all those interesting stuff of Sabahan facts, places, food and everything that relates to the land below the wind.

    Furthermore, Made In Sabah is not yet a club, but you’re actually free to join and drop by or make any comments you like to share.

    glad that you enjoy this blog very much. 😉
    btw, you’re from where actually?

  8. sofea says:

    Salam esharkj…
    Of course I am a malaysian…!! KL mari…!! What ashame kan… But to be honest, I was really ‘teruja’ when the first time i was visiting your blog ( itu pun tak sengaja). I feels like Sabah is so close to me…anyway, there are lots of promos around here about your interesting ‘Sabah’ but of course advertisment doest show much and you dont have the feel of it unless you experience it….but visiting your blog is good enough for me for the time being, before i really can go there. I like your raya trip to Lahad Datu last year……now i know that you are celebrating raya…just like us also ye…! Do you all giving up duit raya also ? What about raya this year …no interesting story to share?

  9. gagaukon says:

    Proud Sabahan!
    datang2 la pi Tenom. nanti sy belanja Kupi

  10. sofea says:

    are you talking to me gagaukon ???
    can…can…..nanti sy sampai.

  11. esharkj says:

    Hi gagaukon..
    yeaahhh!! Aramaitihhh!!
    Bah anti sia carik ko di Tenom ah!! 😉

    Hi again Sofea..
    Thanks for the ‘teruja’ thing, really appreciate your valuable comments. 😉

    Yes! We Sabahan here are doing the same as what you guys do in KL. We celebrate hari raya, we also giving duit raya. The different are mostly the foods and obviously the Sabahan are multi cultural races therefore, apart from hari raya, gong xi fa chai and deepavali, we actually celebrate more than 15 cultural festivals around the year. Heeee!!!

    err… KL which part actually? originally KL mari kah?

  12. sofea says:

    Salam esharkj…
    now visiting your ‘Made In Sabah’ is like a must to me. Thanks for the warm response from all of you..(TK gak sebab menerima sy sbg sbahagian daripada kalian semua) Yes, Im frm KL and working in Damansara to be exact…not far from KL City Centre. Im sure you hv been here…!

    Welll….meriahnya di sana yek…!! Almost everyday also festival klau mcm tu….! What about ‘kenduri kahwin’…can you post for our view…thanks eisharkj……..

  13. esharkj says:

    Not really everyday lah, almost every month ada festival actually. err.. talkin about ‘kenduri kawin’ , what we have here are almost the same there as what malays in west malaysia did.. however you might want to see this :

    So far I haven’t got any chance to snap photos for traditional kenduri kahwin for Kadazan or murut or bajau or brunei yet.

  14. sofea says:

    I know la…just joking…!

    Yeah….I really want to see your traditional kenduri kahwin…kampung-kampung punye…! You know..the hantaran, the gotong royong, the risik merisik…!! kalau boleh lah…appreciate if you could do that…

    Seen your friend wedding photos…great photos and the pengantin pun cantik…

  15. Kay Kastum says:

    Your blog represent KK/Sabah in the best way possible. Hope we will be able to continue reading your blog for a long way to come!


    always want to update my kampung at but doesnt have time. anyway feel free to visit my site to share your knowledge, my dreams to see true sabahan be a master in our lands. Insya Allah.

  17. esharkj says:

    Ohh!! bah! maybe nextime if i got chance to attend the kenduri kawin in the kampung2 somewhere here in Sabah sure will take pics for you all.. sure it’ll be interesting kan.
    Happy deepavali to you too… 😉

    Kay Kastum,
    Big thanks for the compliments.. so touching pulak! iskh! iskh!
    Will keep writing this humble blog as long as I’m capable + will try my very best to feature lots of Sabahan aramaitih post for you all. ThQ!

    Yeahh!! You have to be proud..
    It’s good to hear Sabahan here.. waa’aahh!! you got blog too?? ok anti sia pi checkitout.. Trimasss!!! sekali lagi atas sokongan anda. Bah! datang2 lah menyingah kemari ‘Made In Sabah’ kalau buring2.. 🙂

  18. sofea says:

    heee…heeee..!! thank you very much. Byk sgt pmintaan sy ni…!

  19. Ajilan says:

    best blog ni..ble byk pglaman dr mna dapt gambr bnyk

  20. esharkj says:

    Hi again Sofea,
    Okeh bah kalu kau..

    Hi Ajilan.. Thanks!! where you from? Sabahan? The gambar most of it snap sendiri daa.

  21. papajoneh says:

    visiting my fav sabahan friend …
    here from another true sabahan who eats “Vutod”, drink “tapai” bottoms up, walk around KK in shorts and slippers and dance “sumazau” even in the discotheque.

    Proud to be a Sabahan. Long live all Sabahans. Long live KadazanDusun and every natives in Sabah. We are all so beautiful indeed. 😀

  22. Sharma says:

    Nice blog.. and nice pictures….

    Indian + dusun here.. Was in KL for a long2 time, now back to my roots here in Sabah. Currently working in KK…

    Love your pictures.. I do a bit of photography as well, but not as nicely taken as urs…

  23. esharkj says:

    aramaitiihh!! ;p

    Hi Sharma,
    Thanks for the visit! I have one girl friend who is Kadazan married to Indian also.. both Sabahan, now they just had a baby of few months old, amazing!
    and I’m still in a learning process of photography actually.. 😉

  24. keningau mari says:

    nice blog and wonderful pict. la dude..
    keep it up, proud to be Sabahan

  25. esharkj says:

    keningau mari,

    thanks dude.. 😉 drop by la selalu bah..

    p/s : apa kabar orang Keningau?

  26. gagaukon says:

    bos.. enjoy reading ur latest posts. buli xchange link ka? 🙂

  27. esharkj says:

    bulih bah kalo ko geng!!

    err.. you haven’t introduce yourself yet, which part of Sabahan are you and which tribe?

  28. gagaukon says:

    Suri bos.. ni lah ni kalau masuk rumah urang nda ketuk pintu kan.. heheh
    Roy, Tenom, tribe = the timugons of sabah.. hehe
    teingat sy taim cating2 mirc dulu A/S/L plzz?

  29. esharkj says:

    oh! timugons.. welcome Roy!!

    kirim salam urang2 di tenom? Bah kalu sia singgah Tenom anti sia carik ko..

    klu free singgah2 la kemari selalu kio..

    All da best 😉

  30. baru seja aku maw buat web utk sabaham blogger.
    tp suda ada , malas la buat

  31. madarch says:

    Hai.. nice & very informative blog you have here… very nice pics as well..can belajar2 tips ka?

    Keep it pumping man..

    charles/kk-ranau-tambunan/dusun tribe

  32. esharkj says:

    Welcome madarch! happy to have another dusun tribe like you here.. thanks for the visit btw..

    tips ah!! errr.. sia ni bukan pro bah, budak still baru belajar photography jugak this…

  33. sumands09 says:

    YUp i’m sabahan currently away from sabah.. its so great n enjoying reading the bloggers all… miss hometown so much

  34. esharkj says:

    Welcome sumands09! thank you..
    bah! keep visiting 😉

  35. Gagaukon says:

    bos.. tattoo exibition bulan april ni ko buat buat review juga ka nanti?

  36. esharkj says:

    Ya sure.. misti sia pigi lagi nih nanti! you coming?

  37. amba says:

    Salam bro..memang la sabahan@tempatan….made in sabah..(tapi ada ‘lumpatan’ mengaku tempatan..u know la bro..)…kk mari juga ni..tahniah la sebab gambar2 yg ada,memang ‘klassss’ gitu.

  38. esharkj says:

    Salam diterima!

    Welcome amba!! oh! that ‘lumpatan’ part, mimang kita urang pun lama suda pening pikir bah.

    Tima kasih amba for the support! errr.. ko lupa kestau what tribe you are and which part you from.. btw thanks!

  39. amba says:

    aisey bro…actually i got +++ tribe(bajau,brunai and kadazan but i think paling banyak bajau la..)
    i can speak bajau and brunai(biasala tu) but kadazan language i only know “izziau no gi navo ku”(betul ka ni???) and i’m from papar…

  40. esharkj says:

    waa’ah! byk campuran tuh.. ya bah! urang Sabah skrg memang kebanyakan campur2 bah.

    Bah! alap bana tuh!…
    mun biskitani sanang2 kamari tah lagi..

    kirim salam urang Papar!

  41. amba says:

    Ba, mangannya mangan asal kurung-kurung…aku ni sanang banar,salam mu suda ku sampaikan sama urang-urang papar( berterais saja dari round about papar…)

  42. esharkj says:

    adedehh!! berterais sjak ko dari roundabout.. bah! ngam la tu ba tima kasih ah amba! singgah2 tah salalu ke sini.

  43. Jasmin says:

    aku sabahan jg..btw,d mana tattoo exhibition tu ah?minta info sikit.mcm minat mau p tgk..
    Ersharkj,keep up d good work!!

  44. Gagaukon says:

    Eshark.. i commented on ur other blog (esharkdesign.. mcm mana mo contact ko directly? i have something coming up this may and need some help

  45. Gagaukon says:

    i found ur email :). Pls check ur email.

  46. esharkj says:

    Gagaukon.. okeh! email ko sudah sia replied! 😉 Thanks!

  47. esharkj says:

    Hi Jasmin, Tatoo exhibition time tu di Monsopiad Cultural Village..

    this coming May ada lagi.. you wanna come? I’m sure coming lagi this. anything you don’t know the exact location just let me know la.. thanks ah!!

  48. desy_ca says:

    hi u all…..i’m glad 2 be here…

  49. esharkj says:

    Hi desy_ca!! welcome!! welcome!! 😉

    bahh! ko datang2 la salalu bah!

  50. Celine says:

    knock knock!
    I am also sabahan, grew up in Membakut 🙂

    Love this blog of yours… Bah, more info on places in Sabah kay!

  51. esharkj says:

    Welcome Celine!

    Waah! orang dari Membakut nih. Thanks Celine for dropin by.. kirim salam urang2 Membakut for me ah!

    Okeh! more info soon.. bole ba kalo ko! 😉

  52. l.b.t.w says:

    nice web…im proud to be a sabahan..sabah bulih ba!!! aramaitii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Mimzzzy says:

    uiii nah meriah jugak dalam nie..

    I always proud to be Sabahan.The way we speak (pronouncations), the way we live our lives, the foods, the islands, the pasar, the PTI, etc…wow!

    Sia sini KK jaks bah – dekat penjara (kepayan), bukan dalam ah.. dekaaattt jaks…

    Well done Ishak. bila lah buli blanja aku minum teh tarik nie…???

  54. esharkj says:

    yeahh!! Aramaiitihhh!!

    Akhirnya ko sampai jua kemari… Ya bah! meriah tul ni sini, sia pun tdk sangka2 sambutan ‘panas’ like this.. Tengkiu! tengkiu all! Oh now at Kepayan, jadi ko tidak di UK suda kah?

    p/s : Jangan kan blanja ko minum teh tarik, ko mo mintak ‘tarik’ sekali pun buleh bah kalo ko! Keh! keh! jan mara anti kena saman.

  55. org sabah says:

    informasi tentang negeri sabah msh kurang.

  56. esharkj says:

    org sabah,
    Ya betul! because Sabah has plenty of lots of many things to tell + story about.. that’s why lah the tag line is ” A little bit you need to know about Sabah “

  57. deansfam says:

    Hello Hello. Sabahan di indonesia sini.

    Nice blog. Full of fun and purpose.

    Bah, update lah selalu, supaya orang Sabah yang merantau diluar (macam saya) bulih juga keep in touch sama happenings di Sabah.

    Well done.


  58. mahal says:

    i am proud as a sabahan n join this blog…i am at labuan.and my race is bajau

  59. esharkj says:

    Thanks deansfam..
    welcome! welcome! heh! heh! thanks for the support!
    wah so jauh you merantau, Indonesia which part actually?

    Salam mahal!
    First time Bajau tribe here.. good! if you fluent in Bajau languange or you know anyone or two buleh jugak contribute here..
    kirim salam awek2 Labuan.. err I mean org2 Labuan bah!

  60. deansfam says:

    Ello esharkj,

    Di Jawa Tengah, specifically kota Kudus. Tempat produce Gudang Garam,…:)

  61. amba says:

    eyan abar bro? lama juga inda singgah disini…apa yg aku tetinggal…??, SABAH MAJU JAYA dan esharkj terusss maju..lama sudah mau tanya apa u punya tribe..???

  62. esharkj says:

    alap bana!! (betul ka that??)
    Tengkiu! tengkiu1 atas sokongan anda.. my tribe.. err actually campur2 suda ba mcm rojak!

  63. esharkj says:

    deansfam.. wow! tempat original gudang garam tuhh..

  64. xanabioticx says:

    mantanani island. one of the best but unknown attraction in sabah. sa pon sabahan gia ne! ;D

  65. Ira says:


    wow happy sia dapt tau yg this kind of blog existed…yay! u got my support!

  66. Ira says:

    hi again…anyway..i js got back from Purba cave js right behind the Madai cave…it was nice and still left some historical value…still got few remaining ancient coffin… and the next day i went to Taliwas jungle reserve in Lahad Datu..also very interesting place to go for those who like nature environtments….shud check it out sabahan…all happening in Sabah…:)

  67. namron says:

    yup….proud to be sabahan….nice to know you…i’m sure aku pena nampak ko time wedding kawan aku c ijal dan marlinah (tp dah lupa agaknye)…hehe…aku baru ja nak blog2 ni..klu bule, mau minta tunjuk ajar dari sifu psl edit,kamera dan blog ni….hehe….support u bro to pomot sabah….

  68. esharkj says:

    Waa’aah! lama sia tidak muncul, meriah kamurang dalam ni ahh!! bagus! bagus!

    Hi Ira..
    Wow! seems like you are one tough girl haa, suka main panjat2 gua nih.. btw, thanks for visiting! 😉

    Aik! you saw me ka that day? how do you know me ah? anyway which one is you.. apa2 hal pun salam perkenalan! 😉
    Me also budak baru belajar this, still learning + always learning, but when it comes to sharing some few tips yang I know, ok bule jaba! Maybe some free time we go for photo outing la.. Thanks for de support! 😉

  69. vernjoe says:

    aramai ti..i hail from the valley of tambunan..n i’m proud to be sabahan.i’ve been to other malaysia n oversea but still sabah will always be home sweet olihuan e singgarung..hehehe..

  70. esharkj says:

    Hi vernjoe,
    You are almost welcome! buat macam rumah sendiri la sini kio.. 😉

  71. Dr.Lee Choong Hing says:

    kopivosian tadau tagazo do kamatan, (2009). To all kadazan dusun. From, Melbourne & K Lumpur.

  72. MW says:

    Hi, vernjoe, I miss those serene valleys of Sabah, like your beautiful Tambunan. I am a Sabahan, a pure, very pure one, but do baino, nakaansau nokoinsoduh kopio. I read voraciously on things Sabahan including but not limited to this portal . . . created to make us keep together at heart/mind in cyberspace. Yes, vernjoe, Sabah will be always home sweet home . . . and really I agree with you 100% : “au olihuan e pogiombolutan” I am sorry I don’t drink singarung. Remember, you do not find the real value of a thing until you lose it – you wont really miss Sabah until you are away for x number of years, like us here in BF

  73. Harold says:

    Proud to be Sabahan myself too.. Ba to enhance yr Sabahan skills, listen la Sabahan Online Radio at – “Best bah!..”

  74. esharkj says:

    Hi harold! tima kasih la drop by ere.. I didn’t know Sabahan got their own online radio, sikijap sia pi check nih.. 😉

  75. tracy says:

    mcm mn mau juin kamu urg nih???

  76. esharkj says:

    tracy.. Yuran keahlian FREE sepanjang hayat.. ha! ha! nothing much actually just write you are on which tribe and district mana asal, ko pandai2 la mengomen sini layan urang2 Sabah berspeaking dusun pun tiapa ba.

  77. emma says:


  78. BuToT says:

    Hi everyone!
    I’am proud to be Sabahan and with all the mixed-up blood in my system!!!
    Esharkj, you done a good job! I knew this site by accident bah today!
    Shiok juga to know we have this informative site, unfortunate for me I only knew a word or two of my mother tongue! but I’am eager to learn.
    Keep up the good work.
    Love BuToT!

  79. esharkj says:

    Hi BuToT!
    welcome! welcome!
    bah! ko suda tau ni blog, ko rajin2 la singgah sini, ramai urang kita sini nih!! Thanks anyway for the puji-pujian.. 😉

  80. sumandak says:

    hi there…..
    best nie da website for sabahan pple…
    nice job esharkj….. 😀
    pRoud tO be saBaHan GURL…

  81. Nicole19 says:


  82. Nicole19 says:

    hiii i dri sbh jugak sia dri penampang huhu
    memang asli org sabah…hehehee
    i come from a mixed blood …my dad is indian with urg putih and my mum is sino kadazan …so actually im mixed byk campuran hehehe…
    and im very fair heheeh
    im proud to be sabahan…
    rindu blik kk skrg nie tgh kerja kat kl… hehehe work in the airlines hehehe…..
    really miss my hometown i dri penamapang ehhee

  83. Nicole19 says:

    wah…….. mestilah i bangga i owg sbh ..huhuhu

  84. esharkj says:

    Bah! welcome.. welcome.. ko datang2 sini la kalu buring2.

    Hi to you too.. oh! mixed blood ko nih.. mcm sia jugak byk mix2. keja airlines?? aik! which airlines?
    bah! ko rindu2 Sabah di peninsular tu, selalu2 la singgah sini bercomunicate ngan urang2 Sabah. Nanti sia sampaikan salam sia sama urang2 hometown ko di Penampang.. 😉

  85. revolution kids says:

    wa….bro..bangga jadi sabahan tidak sia-sia aku lahir di sabah…uwah!!!!!!!!!!

  86. tasya says:

    im a sabahan!! sungai +suluk + a bit of everything else, im a true sabahan!

  87. esharkj says:

    revolution kids,
    Ya berbangalah kamu bro, jgn sia-sia kan status ‘urang Sabah’ tu. 😉

    Wa’aah! first time ere got sungai+suluk.. welcome! welcome! buat mcm rumah sendiri.. 😉

  88. tasya says:

    first time ka?
    nnt sa suruh my siblings join jugak la.

  89. syaz says:

    aku pun sungai+suluk ni. siapa x bangga jadi urang sabah. memg mau buat mcm rumah sndiri ni. huhu..

  90. esharkj says:

    Hi syah.. naahh kan, satu lagi sungai+suluk sini nih.. Welcome! welcome syah, ko buat sja mcm rumah sendiri sini nih, aramaiti kita.. 😉

  91. christ says:

    sabah is the best choice 4 holiday, welcome to sabah and enjoy it.

  92. tasya says:

    esharkj: syaz tu adik sa la.. hihihi
    bangga o ari tu dgr lg sayang kinabalu di radio #lupa radio apa, mcm era… trus ingat kampung ni

  93. esharkj says:

    Hi Christ,
    Not just the best choice.. Sabah is the PERFECT holiday vacation for all!

    Oh! adik ko kah.. haha! ‘sayang kinabalu’.. kalu bukan di misti di tuh ko dingar..

  94. mohd firdaus joe says:

    alo tempinai apa khabar bah kamu di sanaa…sy di sibu tu…keraja di sini bah…..sia saja je tegokx apa orang sabah buat tapiiii atokoi ok lah bah tu apax pn sia suka……..lama suda indak balik kg,siapa mao jumpa bole bah di kk kah di sanaaaaaaa ranau pn ok jua, no hp kamek kah ada…….0138176417

  95. berry says:

    hi geng,
    hehe..saja jak dtg melawat web di masa lapang nih. sia ni urang sabahan juga, jadi mau sukung2 urang sabah ni. ciao!

  96. esharkj says:

    mohd firdaus joe,
    Uihh! panjang nama ko nih mcm nama sia jgk pjg.. urang Sabah di Sibu ka ko nih, bah kirim salam urang2 sibu la, bila ko blk sabah nanti bwk tu sagu.. apa yg best di Sibu tu?

    Hi Berry! bah selamat datang.. thanks for de visit, bah suda tau tu selalu2 la singgah sini ramai urang2 kita ni..

  97. mel says:

    nice jobs….

  98. Rahini says:

    Sesiapa yg ada recepi buat kuih penjaram, boleh tolong kongsi. Teringin juga mau cuba buat kuih tu tapi susah mau jumpa recepi.

    Thanks a lot!

  99. sal says:

    malingkat-malingkat tu’ud sumandak iban indak-indak sabahan tu…….mabayak aku kay mu samua……

  100. sal says:

    rahini kau ni urang bajau ka?

  101. sal says:

    hi tasya tausug kau yan?nah aku ni pun tausug jugak tausug + bajau

  102. cermin says:

    bini sia mau beranak suda..hahahaaaa…
    sia happy gila suda ni..
    anak yg mau kluar ni lg lelaki..bukan alang2 ini…
    aku suka butul…hahahahha…
    ni anak pertama sia..
    hai kwn2,siuk gia tu kalau bini mau beranak kan?

  103. baby says:

    tausug are not allowed to using this blog.
    keep away before all of u making a trouble..
    u’re never enough!

  104. lawanpedang says:

    cute la pulak awek sabahan nie

  105. Delilah says:

    Hi all! Yes I am and I’m proud to be one, although my slang ada kena modify sikit2 suda sebab my sem friend at school and watching too many indon drama. Hehe..

    My race is brunei (ikut bapa, dia pun brunei dalam sijil lahir), i have other races too. I live in KK.

    I think sabah is the best state of all malaysia cuz there are entertainment, no discriminations, nature and i feel safer here than any other places. =)

  106. e_jan says:

    Hyee all!
    WoAh!! I’am Sabahan! and so damn proud of it!! i think all sabahan should be proud of it.. proud to have our sabah, proud to have our “bah”.. we shouldnt forget dat… ini baru 1 minggu tggl kl, speaking mcm sda tggl sepuluh tahun sana.. pergghh~ gali sya dangar 😛
    Anyway.. god bless sabahan, god bless our state

  107. Dangin-Randolph says:

    Saya Sabahan juga! dari Kiulu. Rindu betul di sana. Kirim salam dari USA ya!

  108. fatin says:

    bestnya pigi zoo lokawi..aku pun belum pernah pigi situ..teda kereta..

  109. fatin says:

    rumah aku kat kota kinabalu..dekat kamg inanam…jauhnya kan

  110. esharkj says:

    Ya proud to be Sabahan.. err.. sapala la ba tu yg lupa daratan tu?

    Wahhh.. jauhnya ko dari Kiulu to USA with love.. apa ko bikin sana USA, karja? bah! nanti sia sampaikan salam ko sama urang2 Kiulu, sekrg musim hujan sini Sabah, naik la sungai Kiulu tuh..

    ko try bwk kawan yg ada kereta ba, actly naik basikal dari rmh sia pun sampai tu tempat. Kalu dari Inanam rmh ko ndak jauh tu, tapi yalah kena carik transport pi zoo dari sana.

  111. Delilah says:

    esharkj, kamu ckp pasal sy ka tu? yg lupa daratan tu.

  112. esharkj says:

    Adeh! bukan ko la Delilah, ntah sapa tu yg dimaksudkan oleh si e_jan tuh? member dia kali ka gf dia ka tu.. heheh! tp definately bukan biskita ni atu..

  113. Delilah says:

    Panggil Del sj. Aahhhh, kamu brunei juga esharkj?

  114. jeEp26 says:







  115. jeEp26 says:

    thanks to esharkj bcoz made this blog… you made this blog???

  116. esharkj says:

    Auk! ada jua campur Brunei mi ani..

    I’m the sole author to this humble blog.. Thanks for the support lah.. ;p

  117. Del says:

    Oooohhh patut la… =)

  118. noy says:

    ya sy sabahan tp kurang bpuas ht ngn rules untuk ptandingan pesta kalimaran n keamatan yg hanya boleh disertai oleh mereka yg bukan muslim sahaja sedangkan di sabah murut n dsun pun ada di kalangan mereka yg beragama muslim. lagi pu pada masa ini PM kita selalu laungkan slogan kata 1 malaysia tp nmpak sangat pesta ini tiada ciri2 1malaysia.

  119. delia says:

    im proud to be sabahan:)

  120. Richard says:

    Sabahan from the east coast – Tawau. 🙂

    The review on Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is great!

  121. Nazmi says:

    Sabah is the best region in Malaysia. I’m Very proud

  122. esharkj says:

    berasas jgk pendapat Noy tuh, pertandingan unduk ngadau misalnya sudah pun dianjurkan bertahun2 dulu sebelum pengenalan konsep 1malaysia lagi, maka kalu mo diukur beasaskan kesesuaian 1Malaysia mungkin tdk adil, apapapun pendapat anda perlu diberi perhatian khas kepada semua pihak penganjur di Sabah.

    Hidup Sabah!!

    Thanks dude! ;p

    One of the best of the best among all state..

  123. murutswarrios says:

    saya bangga saya orang sabah.walaupun sudah 14 tahun saya di semenanjung slang sabah saya tidak pernah berubah.yang hairannya baru 1 bulan di semenanjung slang sabah sudah hilang.fikir-fikirkanlah anywhere i proud to be SABAHANS MAN……

  124. muhammad aiman says:

    saya bangga jadi anak sabah… yoho tanak dusun mantad kg. rungus tamparuli

  125. Hani says:

    Hi esharkj,
    I’m staying here in Inanam too, Kg Tatahan.. We just held our yearly Tadau Kaamatan last May 28 at Dewan Bersatu here in Tatahan… did u here about it, hope u did join..

    u mention about Kg Tobilung, do u know d story behind d Kg and what actually happen 100 yrs ago?

  126. sikurombi says:

    nice blog..

  127. c illa bh nie says:

    holla… !!! yoho nopo nga tanak kadazan dusun mantad papar…


  128. tze9 says:

    hoollaaa… yoho mantad papar..

    AVASI BOH..!!!

  129. Brian Balderstone says:

    Saya Cinta Sabah

  130. Kunsikang says:

    bah limpas2 dulu bah…….. jadi apa bah topik yang butul-butul sini? kalau urang sabah kenapa mau cakap urang putih … ehehehe.. apa-apa pun. ponsikou lah buat ini website . untuk urang sabah sija kai ni ? bah… logot-logot lah kamurang sini ah… satu kali sija sia mau limpas ni tau.. palan2……… buli bah kalau kauuuuuuuuuu!!!

  131. Santut Boy says:

    Uina ..bagus juga bah ada blog mcm ni….sa dulu membesar di Tuaran,tapi sekarang sudah menetap di Serdang…..kahwin sama org johor lagi..Sa bangga jadi org Sabahan bah,,sabah bulih….

  132. tyz says:

    …. so go to be sabahan, but im not, ….. im born in Johor and stay in Sabah. so do i still sabahan???

  133. veinge livinon says:


  134. hi selmt pagi kwn2… baik u?yayay sa mahu kenalkn kmu boleh kah tapi.. jan malu ok =)JD sape nama kamu? yeka sa orang deaf n kawan awak k?

  135. richer says:

    Arigato kozaimas for the info. this year is my first year celebrating Raya with my wife at Lahad Datu. Your post on Raya Trip 1-4 very useful. at least, i have an idea where to go this raya.thanx bro. amazing jobs!!!

  136. atukoi says:

    yohontih sabah nogi mantad hiti kinanam nga osong kopiyo tih haro tulun tokou korikot hiti semananjug minboros boros noh slang2 yolo …basug ngawi om ingga kotutokon bah iri2 noh kio tumalib oku toruhai poh kio kotuohadan mantad dkoyu…….:-)

  137. aidah says:

    hai siuk jgk jumpa…blog nie…cya pun org sabah tp kereja di KE EL…kahwin pulak org malaya… cya pastikan setahun sekali cya sm anak2 balik tg aru…sadap bah makan jaruk kepayas di tg aru…itu rujak….sup…hai sadapnya…

  138. louise says:

    hi eshark, this is a very cool blog! Sia pun sabahan ba, tapi jarang-jarang balik, nanti kalau sia pi kk, sia contact kau buli ka? send me email ok, prefer to speak privately. thanks!

  139. rebka yusuf says:


  140. Denny says:

    esharkj – Keep up this good site n your good work..!

    Bangsar –> KL –> KK –> best home town.. 🙂

  141. jacks says:

    aramaiti ba kita…..i guess you should become a leader la bro…..haha.sebab ko punya blog ba kan…….hihi…

  142. zul says:

    sia bangga jdi sabahan…anyway nice blog bro..lepas ni sia rjin2 sini la..haha ->zul@labuan

  143. Qye Rue Niesa says:

    hello~ this is nice..u really show the REAL Sabah…keep up the good work..
    btw, i had something to ask ,why Labuan is still known as part of Sabah, while it had changed to Wilayah Persekutuan?? napa bule acknowledge Putrajaya as Wilayah Persekutuan sdangkan Labuan lg senior…. sepa baca jgn trasa arr..

  144. Johari.Y says:

    Nice Blog..Superb!

  145. maRia @ ren says:

    whO said sAbah is pOor??
    nO!! sAbah is fUll wiTh a wOnderful ‘kHazanaH’…..
    fuLL with a wonderful hiStory ….
    and full wiTh lOves ,peaCe and freedommmm……

  146. esharkj says:

    murutswarrios, muhammad aiman, Hani, sikurombi, c illa bh nie, tze9, Brian Balderstone, Kunsikang, Santut Boy, tyz, veinge livinon, richer, atukoi, aidah, louise, rebka yusuf, Denny, Johari.Y, maRia @ ren…. Thanks to all for the support!

    jacks@ iskhh! jan ko gitu bah boss.. gila kuasa nanti!

    Qye Rue Niesa@ Thanks! this are just my small role of contribution to the community of Sabah and Malaysia as well. Labuan is indeed acknowledge as Wilayah Persekutuan teritory.. no doubt about it.. walaupun Labuan ialah wilayah persekutuan tetapi kita (yang orang Sabah ni) tetap Labuan dekat di hati bah..

  147. sakinah lo says:

    Hi… I am Sabahan also, and really proud being Sabahan since now I live in Pahang…huhu… kind a sad…
    wanna share something, Everytime in sabah I hear about Malaysia racist problem, to me that prob is never exist ( i mean i believe that Malaysia don’t have such problem) but not until I move here, I was wrong the truth is Racis is not problem in Sabah or Sarwak but in peninsular…. ya.. in peninsular Racist is really a big prob, u shud experience u self…. I am just so grateful live in Sabah…

    Ok now start with myself… I am from k. Marudu, mixed os sino n bajau… I love Sabah so much… Sabah is the best country / state ever… btw sabah is big compared with

    Maw sabah pla…. makanan sabah sedap2… semua sedap, sup ayam, sayur di saba pn b’khasiat, manis, klaw kmu perna trasa sayur dr cameron adess mcm makan racun…. trus, r… tu ja la so far… LOVE SABAH….

  148. alya alisya says:

    sabahan bah kita nie juga….. ok bah

  149. Gabriel Sinit says:

    I have heard of the beautiful island, I am formerly Park Warden of the (then) Semporna Island Park now Tun Sakaran Dandai Marine Park.. I know your Marine Biologist Miss Mellisa Mangalis..hope to visit the Island one day as I am always traveling overseas and help to promote our Malaysian Tourism product..All the best..Good job, helping to conserve the marine ecosystem.

  150. jack says:

    Hi… I am Sabahan also, and really proud being Sabahan since now i work oversea,,,,,Ok now start with myself… I am from penampang, kadazan… I love Sabah so much… Sabah is the best country / state ever… aramai tii,,,,,,

  151. Sana says:

    sabaha thanks for sharing these knowledgeable articles.

  152. LensaDigital says:

    Sabahan too…but in Shah Alam now…blog aku di

  153. rincatherine says:

    hai hello,
    im sabahan live in KL.after 3 years study in Shah Alam, go back to sabah n working for about 5 years,now moved to KL (for forever kalik) n working here because “merajuk” sama org2 sana yg ssh mau terima sy kerja wooo T_T (kes kroni2 jak kann di ambil kerja,benci sy!) *nangis

    im googling about Tabin Wildlife Resort and nah, sampai ke sini. Will bookmark this blog. ❤ ❤ ❤

  154. Kenneth Kee says:

    Hi guys! Kenneth here.
    Im chinese living in Semenanjung but born in Sabah. Does that make me a Sabahan? I can’t find any information about the privileges being a Sabahan.

  155. Hi,
    I’m Lynn, I’m a sabahan a mix of cocos and kadazan 🙂 Currently im leaving in Singapore, married to a singaporean man. I’m so proud to be sabahan and for me no place better than the Land below the wind 🙂

    Bah sepa2 working in singapore currently, feel free lah to contact me ah, kita pegi kupi2 seja la sbb sa tdk araimatii 🙂

    Love frm SG,
    Lynn 🙂

  156. Assamarqandi Lee says:

    Hi Saya Assamarqandi Lee , Saya Chinese from SABAH…. May i share this website at my facebook ??

  157. Ady Sadde says:

    Yez…I’m 100% sungai ethnic

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