Last Sun I went to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, its about 25km from the capital city of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu and about 3km from my place.. the park was just freshly launched and run by the Sabah Wildlife Department under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Environtment.



The signage just on the junction to the park.


Drive along further inside until you pass this welcome sign..


The main entrance to the park.


You’ll notice there’s are lots of Borneo flowers + orchids planted outside of the main entrance.




The first wildlife animal will you spot on the park was this ‘talking bird’, say Hello! the bird will reply ‘ellloo’ . Vernacular Name : Hill Myna / Family : Sturnidae / Species : Gracula religiosa


Another talking bird, (Common Name : Blue & Gold Macaw/Family : Psittacidae /Species : Ara araucanabut) this two fellow was really quiet that day, very serious, does’nt move at all, seems like a toy. “Burung kakak tuaa..Hingap di jendelaa..”


Another species of bird placed in the same cage.


When move forward, you’ll find a huge + tall bird cage, where you can find the famous Hornbill, (I have to zoom further up for this shot)




…Turtle?? what is he doing on the bird cage??


Further up you’ll find a place perfect for the kids, where your kids can ride along with the baby elephant for 2 rounds.


Well maybe I was wrong.. the parents can ride along too.


The baby elephant was around 6-7 years old.


Does he look familiar!! tapi dimana yaah (‘I Know What You Did Last Raya’)


When you move along, you’ll find more elephants, a family of 5.




Further up, you’ll meet the bear..




Next come to the place where you will meet up with the Malayan Tiger..


The Malayan Tiger can grow up to 2.84m long and 1.37m high, and the weight beetwen 150-195kg. (uihh berat jugak woo!!)


There are two options for you to watch this tigers, 1. is from the upper part where you can watch the tigers clearly from the top.. or you can even jump down.


2. or you can watch those tigers with a better view at the lower part covered with solid glass.. err I prefer upper part!


Normally when you say Orangutan, it only found at Sepilok, Sandakan.. but now in Kota Kinabalu the wild man of Borneo is here! Hooreyyy!


There are 4 orangutans that i found here that day at the park.



There are no cage or fence what so ever along the orangutans cages, but I found there’s a small man made lake surronding the area. Hmm.. I can imagine how long that the orangutans have not taken their shower..


A better view from the top of the small hill on the park.


There’s one small waterfall you’ll found on the way to the Proboscis monkey cage.


Like the others, the proboscis monkey are also stay in the cage.. who says you can only find the proboscis at Sukau and Gerama!!




Sometimes the Proboscis monkey can become more like a celebrity, except they dont know how to write a signature.


On some other occasions, the park ranger will take the proboscis monkey out from their cage to get close with the peoples.


Errr, but not this close… Hey you!! monkey! that’s my wife you’re flirtting on! Jaga kau ahh!!


Besides… The Burung kaki panjang yg ndak bulih terbang pun ada..


This is the entrance to the biggest bird cage I’ve ever found.. but pity, at this time my camera battery is getting low.


…and this is the time that my camera was totally out of battery..

Land Area : 280 acres
Species : 100++ Mammals & Birds
Others : Botanical Garden
In Progress : 1.4km jungle trekking,Canopy Walk,Mountain Biking
Bonus : Pitcher Plant(Nepenthes) + Orangutan
Open : Daily (0930 – 1730)
Hours of visit : +2Hours (Satisfied) / -1Hour(Just ok)

Tickets :
RM10 : 18+ years old (Local)
RM20 : 18+ years old (NON-local)
RM05 : -18 years old (Local)
RM10 : -18 years old (NON-Local)
FREE : Local Senior Citizens (60 years old),Local Handicapped,Students (-17 years old)


more information :
Jalan Penampang – papar Lama, W.D.T. No. 63
89507 Penampang.
Tel : +6088-765793 / Fax : +6088-765762

  1. […] and promote a new attractions to tourist and for the locals in Sabah, Malaysia to visit this Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. This 280 acres park situated about 25km from the Kota Kinabalu city, over 100 species of mammals […]

  2. Shemah says:

    Yeah.. been here..

    Great for a family outing. I posted about it as well.. could be found in the July archives. Anyways, cool blog you have here.. Perfect for tourists. And for orang KK like me that seldom go out. 🙂

  3. esharkj says:

    Indeed great family spot + urang2 KK. I like it here too.. bulih tinguk orangutan beside pigi Sandakan.

  4. […] it. In this tutorial, I choose this photos of my lovely beauty beloved wife which was taken at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park near my […]

  5. […] find mammals + birds and orangutan only in Lahad Datu, KK we have one something like this, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. Pity… the road to Tabin are totally not accessible and that’s why we didn’t go […]

  6. […] it. In this tutorial, I choose this photos of my lovely beauty beloved wife which was taken at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park near my […]

  7. […] find mammals + birds and orangutan only in Lahad Datu, KK we have one something like this, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. Pity… the road to Tabin are totally not accessible and that’s why we didn’t go […]

  8. Claire says:


  9. cartycalia says:

    cantek nyer picture nie
    its so interesting……

  10. […] Get more information about this from the author here […]

  11. This Zoo very beautiful!!!!I like it…

  12. esharkj says:

    Claire, cartycalia, Farah..
    Ya.. you should go there since now they having new daily animal show + botanical garden already open. For those have limited time, you don’t have to go far away to Sandakan to see Orangutan, to Kiulu to see Proboscis monkey, plus you don’t have to go Kundasang since they have pitcher plant!
    I’ll make my revisit soon.

  13. […] fee if FOC!! Come and join the crowd as you might be seeing me there. See my previous post on Lok Kawi Wildlife Park visit for pictures + location […]

  14. OLLa says:

    the Zoo is awesome..
    my school Nature Loving Club
    has gone there once..
    and the view was totally captivating..
    bast bah…

  15. i am coming to kota kinabalu in march this zoo lookes so good i could save time and money by going there instead of sepilok

  16. this zoo might save me from traveling to sepilok when i come to stay at the rasa rio in march

  17. Celine says:

    A better cover-up of the Lokawi zoo I have read! Keep it up!

  18. May says:

    de park scene is facinated me! the long path caused me n my fren tired n thirsty although tat time sun nt very heat,but we so disappointed wen v intend to go to de cafe inside the park to hav a sit and a cold drink mayb…but it was close already and tat time haven 5.30pm yet! how come the park haven close and still got visitors, but they close the cafe early?? this kind of service so poor..

  19. esharkj says:

    Hi May,
    I’m not so sure about the operating hours for the cafe, but I have one suggestion for you the next time you’re thinking to revisit Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, bring along 1 or 2 bottle of mineral water.. 😉

  20. […] Useful link:    Lok Kawi Wildlife Park   […]

  21. Dean K says:

    Hi guys its a great website/blog you have running here about Borneo! Really like it with good and humor text and pictures. By the way we are a company that does rental of motorbikes and is the first in KK to start something like this. Please do visit our website @ Send me an e mail when you get this msg there is something i want to discuss with you mate! Cheers! =)

  22. betty says:

    Tiket free utk student tu (-17yrs old) mereka kena pakai baju sekolah kah?

  23. esharkj says:

    Tidak sure pula, tapi rasanya kena pakai baju sekolah tu for student rate.

  24. esharkj says:

    Dean K,
    I must been overlooked your comment for so long, sorry ah. Thanks for the compliments. Dean K, if you are still looking for me for any discussion, u can always contact me through this email add esharkj[at]gmail[dot]com

  25. Maureen says:

    Not such a nice place. An orangutan drowned there last year. The orangutans are also taken from Sepilok where they were being educated for reintroduction to the wild. So their chances of freedom have been denied them. Shame on Sabah Tourism!

  26. elcy says:

    syiok! bah pergi lok kawi kan

  27. shars says:

    haha so funny, like the way u narrated it. ada pigi baru2, awesome place.

  28. Philip says:

    kalau naik bas nak pergi Lok Kawi Wildlife, di mana stesen bas di KK untuk pergi sana? dan berapa tambang? kalau naik teksi pula, berapa tambang dari KK ke sana? ada info?

    thank you

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