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Hi everyone!! how’s your holiday season? hope everythin doing just good.

Sorry for my absent lately.. I’m actually at somewhere not around my home town K.K at this moment as I am now live blogging using Maxis 3G somewhere from West Malaysia!

I know I’ve been owing you guys photos of the previous F2 Sabah World Cup Powerboat 2008 all photos are ready and will comin up soon, meantime.. I have some interesting photos to share while I was in Melaka recently.. (ignore the kepala botak-keanu look, koff! koff! will explain to you guys later bah..)


It’s the International Xtreme Auto Show 2008…. Yeah! if you know what I’m talking about, its the biggest Autoshow ever in Malaysia featuring lots of one-of-a-kind modified cars from USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia featuring killer international pimped up rides.. Big Daddy and The Kustomizer, hooyeahh!!

Here are some photos I manage to snap during the International Xtreme Autoshow – Melaka road show..







of course will snap more photos during my visit to the largest gathering of extreme modified cars ever held here in Malaysia for you guys..

Bah! until then.. sia mo mandi luk nih!