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Are you ready for a 3-days Murut cultural celebration held at Murut Cultural Centre in Tenom town? Those who missed last year’s Kalimaran festival, now is your chance. Here is the previous post of Pesta Kalimaran 2009 festival and see what you’ve missed!

Pesta Kalimaran 2009

8th Pesta Kalimaran 2010
Date: 2nd – 4th April 2010
Venue: Murut Cultural Centre,Tenom, Sabah

What to expect: local handicrafts, variety of local foods, traditional kampung2 games, cultural song + dance performance by the sub-ethnic Murut community, and lastly off course the Sabahan Sumandaks..

Kalimaran Festival 2009, its a traditional Murut celebration which been held at Murut Cultural Centre in Tenom town, located in Interior Division of Sabah, East Malaysia.


Tenom is known as the “gateway to Murut country” with the majories are the Murut group comprises of several number of sub ethnic groups such as Alumbis, Ambual, Ganaa, Paluan, Nabai, Sambakung, Serudung, Tagol, Timogun and many more claimed to be the third largest indigenous ethnic group in Sabah.


Main entrance to the building of Murut Cultural Center.


Once you step in, you found hand-made Sabah handicrafts for sale at really cheap price compare to usual.


There also few booth of Murut sub ethnic group exhibition.


Displaying some of the Murut artifacts.


Also some various types of Murut weaponary.


The Timugon beauty


The Serudung warrior


One of the highlight during this year Kalimaran Festival was the Tagol Murut traditional wedding rite ceremony which was held at the Langsaran House (next to the main building of Murut Cultural Centre).



This traditional practice is also known as Tinauh, means the occasion for celebrates the final settlement of dowry given before the full wedding ceremony start.



These are some of the wedding gifts.


After the traditional Tinauh ceremony ends, the ceremony continue with ‘makan time’


and some Tuak (rice-wine) drinking.


This traditional ceremony was officiated by YB Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Bernard G. Dompok, President of Rumpun Momogun (FORUM).


The traditional bamboo cutting ceremony call ‘Ahimbalut’.


Some Murut beauties..


Some really Murut beauties.. ini baru la!


This part where I got the sun burn where at this point, most of the dancers are lining up waiting for the VIPs as the Kalimaran Festival 2009 continue with the performance of traditional dance competition by the local Murut dance group late afternoon.


Manyasal I didn’t get any long sleeve, the sun was terriblly HOT!!!


But it’s okay la, seeing all the photos, its consider berbaloi! (kasi sedap hati sendiri this..)


Next year, sia pakai ala ninja costume.


Ganaa beauties..


Traditional costume of Ganaa tribe for the male.. have anyone notice that leopard/cheetah skin?


Costume of Ganaa tribe for female.

and lastly..


Next :


Sabah Fest Extravaganza 2009 @ Magellan Sutera Harbor Resort, Kota Kinabalu.

Stay put!!


Traditional Mock Wedding Display
Date : Every Saturday of the month of November 2008
Venue : Monsopiad Cultural Village, Kg. Kuai
Time : 10.00am

Be mesmerize with the traditional wedding display from various types of ethnic community in Sabah. For more info, please contact : +6088 761336

I attended a wedding dinner invitation last weekend at Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu. It’s a wedding of my friend Martin (actually he was one of my client) and her sweet wife Edna. It was a lovely dinner function with lots of Sabahan smiley faces.

Just to share some of the shots I took from that night.

During the toasting

Just playing with a monochrome mode of shots. Happy faces..

Monochrome mode of shot really can brings out the classic feeling.

Sweet smile from Jovita Hee (left) and her friend (sorry didn’t get your name), they’re sitting the same table as mine.

Errr… I didn’t actually know this babe girl, it was her own request to snap her photo that nite. She say to me ” Hey! LengChai, kau ambik sia punya gambar bah sinih!”… btw I say tengkiu la bebeh!!

Some candid shot with the bride.

Just testing the 55-250 mm zoom lense.

I love it when people smiling the time you’re on a perfect time aiming from your camera lenses.

Playing with the shutter speed, this was during the Sumazau dance.

The wedding cake..

Everybody wants to take their photos with the bride.. err including me, koff!! koff!! of course with the groom la ba.

While the wedding couple really enjoyed their moment.. I really had a great time shooting with my new weapon camera..

big thanks to Martin & Edna for the invitation.. and may god bless their marriage with long lasting happily ever after.