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It’s now officially on!!.


Now they call it SABAHAN Bloggers Gathering, the first time they call it KK Bloggers Meet which is happening on a boat! Even though August is still long way to go but the title itself showing us that Sabahan bloggers community is getting larger + happening + aramaitihh!!! See last year’s KK Bloggers Meet on a boat in pictures here (Which I didn’t manage to go). This time gathering is aiming to 100 bloggers to participate as what Daniel mention on his official announcement. He’s the only one of the organizer that is NOT actually Sabahan (Respect you botak Daniel!!!) to make the first KK Bloggers Meet a success last year.

Those Sabahan who would love to join or participate or make a kind sponsor or any contribution, you can kindly contact the committee :

Jacq, Mel, Fara, Papa Joneh, Julian, Wei Chuen, Dinoza

Me as a Sabahan, would love to make a tiny little small contribution here to the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2008 by giving you more choice of the official banner suits with you blog’s/web site’s theme color to put wherever on your side bar.

p/s : Hope si Daniel tidak marah sia kasi warna warni the banner :

sbg-green-new.gif sbg-red-new.gif
sbg-yellow-new.gif sbg-blue-new.gif
*updated : new color (Merah Jambu aka Pink)