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The 2nd week of Nabil’s show is telling all the audience what kind of work he’s been working before he enter the Raja Lawak audition and beside his funny story, see how he make fun of his physical appearance relates to his joke which in results he make people laugh all the way.

one of my favourite week!

ceritera-raja-lawak-astro.jpgI’ve been so excited + enjoyed watching this programme since the very beginning, Raja Lawak Astro season 2 produced by Astro at Astro Prima. Actually I didn’t really follow the programme from season one, but only this time, Raja Lawak Astro Season 2 have bring up few talented stand-up comedian that brings out good quality comedy, I might say a some kind of a new spice on Malaysian comedy industry.. especially the fresh Raja Lawak Season 2 champ, Ahmad Nabil B. Ahmad or well known as Nabil, his a favorites among most of all contestant and I loved to watch most of his show. For those who missed the show on Astro Prima every friday which already finish last few days, I will put a video on every series of Nabil’s show every week until reach to the finals.. I bet sure you’ll love his comedy too.. Enjoy folks.

Nabil’s Raja Lawak Show week 1