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The PIKOM PC fair in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah was held at the Sabah Trade Centre, Likas last week ago on the 8th to 10th August 2008.

The fair was not quiet impressive after all. Nothing special or what so ever.

Still most of the gadgets are quiet the same price as before.

Boring.. Maybe that’s because I don’t see any Apple booth or even PC fair queen..

But still people everywhere, the crowd is massive.

At one booth, they having this Streamyx promotion where you can register an online game for free on the spot.

Wf complete the registration and was so happy with her new online game name “HighStreet5”.

Free CD installation given, waaa.. wf was happy.. then the time when we get back home and try to install the game.. cilakak! NOT compatible with Mac computers…LOL

Lucky I know how to get it from Torrent..

Date : 8 – 10 August 2008
Time : 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Venue :
Sabah Trade Centre, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Dewan Tun Hj Mustapha, Lahad Datu, Sabah

Expected participating exhibitors (Kota Kinabalu) :
(LG, Aztech, TM, Broadband Multimedia, Acomp Link, Epson, Emerge, Build Tech, Raidmax, FTEC, Inforce, Leapfrog, Twinhead, Abec, Contronetix, PC World, Boulevard Services, NEC, ScanArt, Hi Profile, Power Office, PC City, Picotec, Tele Dynamics, Forken, Esy-Ink, PCA, Esports, SDS Disc, Vertex, Omnitech, High Speed, Servex, DKSH, Datainfo, IT Network, D Mobile, Fosa, 2L Bersatu, Nationtech, HSBC, Brothers, Pre-Eminence, Plato, Swisspac, SDS tech, Comp War, CANON, SONY, Fuji Xerox, AV Future, Micro House, Planet Tech, Micron TM, BenQ, MCL, Tec Asia, Inter-Asia, TQS, Acer, Mavisco, City Comp, Wynner,SC Multimedia, AMT PC, Boulevard IT Superstore, Navotech)

Expected participating exhibitors (Lahad Datu) :
(Vismart, 2L Bersatu, Fida, TH, Digital Sight, HSBC, TQS, NEC, Jacky, High Speed, Inforce, Acer, CANON, SIS, Epson, MCL, Forken, DCPT, Contronetix)

Been to the PIKOM PC Fair 2008 last weekend at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, this was my second visit and just sharing few shots for you guys..

PIKOM PC Fair 2008

The crowd was total pack.. macam sardine!!

Everybody was walking like hungry zombies..

and some says (for those boys who is really ‘gatal’ a.k.a ‘getek’) this is heaven on earth.

Promoter can sometimes become like an insurance agent with nice color uniform..

Lookin at this two hot babes (Not actually hotter than my wife) with nice color sexy uniform, it fees like I’m in Tokyo, during the auto show.

Not bad for a RM80 per day part time job after all. (actually I want to snap from further lower angle)

views at the exit..

from left, Leleng.. wife’s best hardcore buddy, err.. exclude si kepala besar!

Big thanks to this loving couple Leleng + Yazid for bringing us to the PIKOM PC Fair 2008. Next year kami pigi lagi ahh!