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The Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre is first known as Likas Mangrove or Likas Swamp before it changed to Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary and later Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre. The area consist of 24 hectares of mangrove forest which has 9 different species of mangrove plants. The sanctuary become the feeding ground for many species of resident birds and some migrated bird species from Northern Asia.


Situated just within the Kota Kinabalu city centre, just beside the Likas Sport stadium.


The sanctuary was first designated as a bird sanctuary in 1996 while in 1998 it was designated as a State Cultural Heritage Site.


Once you enter the area, you’ll start the journey by following this path.


Before you enter further, you may look at the location map in order to see the overall location.


The path will take you about 1.5km boardwalk into the mangrove.


You have a choice to start with the path on your left (looks a bit scarry kan!!)


Maybe that’s why, they put this sign instead.. I would recommend that you don’t go alone (like me). The place is peaceful, very fresh and really quiet.


or you may go all the way straight (I choose to go straight instead)


The first hut you will find (there are total of 10 huts along the way)



Just take a look closer at the mangrove tree.


This shot taken during my early visit in the morning at around 8am.




After about 20 minutes walk, your will reach The Rotary Nature Activities. Actually its an outdoor classroom for environmental games + activities.. just at that time it was closed for renovation.


Then, later continue the journey along this path and if you’re lucky, you’ll witness groups of birds flying across this area.


After about 15 minutes walked from The Rotary Nature Activities, you will reach at this point.. actually this is my favorite spot!!


It’s actually a Bird hide, if you pronounce it in locals it will sound like ‘tapuk burung’


But I love to called it ‘tempat batimbak burung’.. The place you can hiding quietly while witness birds trying to catch a fish + small crabs + oysters.


and it’s time for….. ‘sniper mode’!!


I have waited about 20 minutes and suddenly one bird appear..


and later came another one..


Just this is the closest I can get..


After I have enjoyed my 45 minutes ‘batimbak burung’, I continue the journey..


Through this path and all the way…

kk_wetland_centre_kotakinabalu_0742 the observation tower, about 15 minutes walk from bird hide


some shots I took from the tower



Lastly, you will reach at one path where you can walk through a gravel of mud all the way until the starting point, those who love to get close to nature can actually try this path.


Shot taken at freshwater pond at the entrance of the starting point.. just playing with the 50mm lenses.


While this shot taken at the main entrance near the main gate of Kota Kinabalu Wet Land Centre.

Those who love to enjoy some nature in the city, this is the place you MUST go!!
I would recommend to visit Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre during the morning time (7am-8am) or late afternoon (4pm -5pm) as you might get to witness those birds + other inhabitants.

These are some birds species you may expect :
– White Breasted Waterhen or Keruak
– Spotted Dove or Merbok Balam
– Peaceful Dove or Merbok Aman
– Purple Heron or Pucung Serandau
– Little Heron or Pucung Keladi
– Common Redshank or Kedidi Kaki Merah
– Common Greenshank or Kedidi Kaki Hijau
– Pacific Golden Plover or Rapang Kerinyut
– Common Sandpiper or Kedidi Pasir
– Common Iora or Kunyit Kacat
– Little Green Pigeon or Punai Daun
– Philippine Glossy Starling or Perling Mata Merah
– Pink-Necked Green Pigeon or Punai Gading
– Green Imperial Pigeon or Pergam Besar
– Common Kingfisher or Pekaka Cit-Cit Kecil
– White Collared Kingfisher or Pekaka Sungai
– Stroked Bill Kingfisher or Pekaka Paruh Pendek

Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre also provides educational activities + programmes.
for more info go to : or call : 088-246955

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Open Day
Date : Sunday, 6 July 2008

08.15am – Arrival of guest
08.45am – Arrival of VIP
09.00am – Speech by th VIP
10.00am – Makan time
11.00am – Show
05.00pm – Closing

For more detail info, please contact 088-215353.

Entrance fee is FOC!!
Come and join the crowd as you might be seeing me there. See my previous post on Lok Kawi Wildlife Park visit for pictures + location map

Last Sun I went to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, its about 25km from the capital city of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu and about 3km from my place.. the park was just freshly launched and run by the Sabah Wildlife Department under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Environtment.