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Apa kabar smua urang2 Sabah?
Today’s post is a bit different as I’m showing you guys some of Sabah’s early days photos, some of you might have seen these photos but for those (including me) I just couldn’t stop to post this and share to all of you.. Special thanks to one of Made In Sabah’s loyal readers + supporters from Klang KL, Ms. Hidayati for the effort and time to scanned + emailed me the photos for us here to share..

Jesselton (which now is known as Kota Kinabalu) was found by the British North Borneo Company in 1899 by Henry Walker as the Land Commisioner.

Jesselton-view-from-Signal-Hill-1909Jesselton view from Signal Hill in 1909. Can anyone spot the ‘Atkinson Clock Tower’

Jesselton 1903Jesselton in year 1903. Gaya island is just up ahead as you can see on the background.

Kampung-Air,-Jesselton-1905-Kampung Air, Jesselton in year 1905

HistoricalSabah-Community&Society All photos scanned from a book of National History Publication (Borneo) titled ‘Historical Sabah – Community & Society’ by Danny Wong Zee Ken

By looking at these photos, just keep me thinking that time is running really fast.. enjoy your live while you still can and preserve your mother heritage!


What is this all about?
“The only oceanic island in Malaysia which rises 600 meters from the seabed, Sipadan Island is a world wonder in its own right. It is formed by living corals engulfing an extinct volcano cone which took centuries to develop. Located at the centre of the Indo-Pacific basin, Sipadan Island has one of the world’s richest marine biodiversity in its ecosystem. Emerging from 222 participating countries, Sipadan Island has been nominated as one of the 261 qualified national and multinational nominees. Your votes will decide which of these nominees will make it to the top 77 in each group category. ”

Currently (at this point posting) Sipadan is rank 14th, which Sipadan need to climb three more places to qualify to the next preliminary round.

You have TWO choices of VOTE :
VOTE via website
VOTE via telephone

I’m writing NOT to get sympathy, I’m proud as a Sabahan, one of the most worth full nature in Sabah is Sipadan island, If you love Sabah like I do.. then VOTE NOW for Sipadan the New 7 Wonders of Nature!!

For more info, visit the official page site :

Hi everyone.. I’m now back from my year end vacation.. It’s been good to be back here in K.K. When talking about vacation, there’s one question you need to consider.. where will my dream vacation be?

Beside my places here in Sabah, which call Land Below The Wind.. there are lots of interesting + relaxing places to visits for your holiday in Malaysia, for example there’s some part in West Malaysia I love to choose for my next holiday vacation..


with Awana Hotels & Resort, you have three interesting places to choose yet worth of visit..


Awana Genting Higlands

Situated at 3,000 feet above sea level amidst the Malaysia’s largest, longest and oldest mountain range and be enthralled by the Resort’s crispy cool air, abundant greenery and lush panoramas.


Awana Kijal Golf, Beach & SPA Resort in Terengganu

Wake up in the morning to 800 acres of natural greenery overlooking a breathtaking 7.6km private beach which leading to the the scintillating South China Sea and take a break and rediscover complete peace of mind at the No. 1 Resort on Malaysia’s East Coast.


Awana Porto Malai in Langkawi.

Leave behind the rigors of city life and rejuvenate in a Mediterranean-inspired resort on the mystical island of Langkawi with 208 spacious and well-appointed guest rooms and suites. Offering great panoramic views of the lagoon and nearby islands and equipped with modern amenities and facilities for your total comfort and pleasure.

So, I’m hoping this post may brings you some list of options for your coming vacation plan in Malaysia through this new year 2009.. and you might interested with some of Awana Hotels & Resort ongoing promotions!!

I might probably choose Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi for my next honeymoon.. he! he!

Not forgotten, Happy New Year 2009 everyone!! Wish you all da best..