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Below are some pictures I took during the Borneo International Cat Show 2008 last month, held at Sabah Trade Centre.

Wf was there too.. Introducing Kiera, she’s in the Household Pet category.

The Borneo International Cat Show was actually the first show ever held here in Sabah which been officiated by the YB Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Yahya Hussin. There were 4 categories of cat.. Championship Class..

..Premiership Class

..Household Cat

and Kitten Class..

Becky Orlando, one of the professional jury from USA.

and Wayne Trevathan also comes from USA (I like this guy)

Those with DSLR really not want to miss a chance to snap all those cute gorgeous cats..

Including this familiar faces.. Oh! it’s Jacq!

and of course, Wei Chuen was there too.

During a cat show, the person you should ask about almost anything about cats that you don’t know is with the appointed CFA Ambassador (left). CFA Ambassador will guide you through the whole process during the cat show.

Just I’ve noticed.. aren’t the participants are not allowed to approach or even speak with the jury during a cat show?

but what’s up with this guy lady!!

Politics is always politics.. She won one of the 1st prize category cat.. mmmm… does her winning got something to do with the two picture above??

The CFA Ribbons..

The smallest kitten of the show.. 10th Best Household Cat

and introducing.. his name is Polar, Kiera’s brother. he’s not participating, just to keep Kiera comfort during the show.

Lastly, wf won the 4th Best Household Cat for Kiera .. not bad ha, for first timer.. yeayyy!! clap! clap! clap!

For photos of the overall winners.. click HERE!