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It’s been almost two months (if I’m not mistaken la) since the Alexa pagerank have been updating their new rank for better web site traffic. And since then MadeInSabah’s blog got his new rank which is a bit far from the previous rank at 483,307 last March, until now reach at 1,482,034.

What I would like to share with you guys which I found out through my BlogStats search engine is something funny but interesting..

1 – someone trying a search term for malaysia airline by typing a complete address “www.malaysiaairline/low fare sabah” on the search box instead on the address box.. Ha! Ha!

2 – and last one some geeks is trying a search terms for “Hot Babes” then connected to this blog. Astagaaa!!! durang ingat ini ‘Tabu’ punya blog ka?? Buduhh..

I Got Page Rank ( Part 5 )

Posted: March 13, 2008 in What's Fresh
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It’s been already almost three months since the Alexa pagerank for MadeInSabah’s blog been away from my attention, from it’s ranked 327,907 early December last year until now its been crawling down gradually to 483,307. Hmm.. this probably cause by having inconsistency for updating every post, actually.. last this few weeks, yes! MadeInSabah’s blog is a bit behind from any new post and articles, well this due to the lousy connection, thanks to Streamyx! But that’s not really can be the reason when you can still update your blog outside, internet cafe maybe. After all, I don’t really measure this blog development through Alexa, but at least Alexa has given me some kind of guidelines on how my blogs are doing, also gives a good motivation to keep me blogging and posting a quality post.

for those who are new to this Alexa PageRank, if you are using FireFox then give it a try, download the Alexa Toolbar for FREE and use it for some period of time. You will not just understand your own blog’s development, but you’ll know how your enemy’s blog are doing.. He! He!

If those of you NOT understand what the FxxK I’m talking about this Alexa PageRank then picture this..

1 – Yahoo!
2 – YouTube
3 – Windows Live
4 – Google
5 – MySpace
6 – Facebook
7 – MSN
8 – Hi5
9 – Wikipedia
10 – Orkut

These site are currently today top 10 ranked websites in the world base on Alexa PageRank.. Imagine MadeInSabah is 483,307 compare to mmmm… MySpace is 5, lol!… one digit some more. So if your blog rank below or around 100,000 consider yourself you are on the right track for bloging.