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I know some of you never thought there will be more GT Queens coming from me here..

Kuangg! Kuang! Kuang! Kuanngggg! (you have to pronounce it with slight vibrator into it)

the previous post was GT queen from GT300 class only, while here are the GT500 queen..

even more hotter!!

surprise… surpriseee ;p

she’s taken ahh!!

Okay, this two for you guys to choose.

But not this two..

Both are taken.

Haa.. okay this two buleh

Nice smile..

Haaa.. mine is the second right

and the one on the left

One of my favorite GT Queen

Haa.. If you want to know what they all saying is ‘we love esharkk!!’

Okay this two you guys can pick la, recommended the one on the left (pasal dia tinggi cikit)

GT queen with cowboy hat??

Hmmm.. I wonder if I can be the horse

Urghh!! Nice hair

Nice skirt…

Err.. Nice costume actually

Ok! another announcement, all three are taken!

This one..

another one of my favorite GT queen

and yeahhhh, she also.

and again another announcement…. hmmm, okaylah I make an exception here, I just pick the one on the second left.

Not this one.. although she’s cute actually

Yearhhh!! this one is mine (kalau masuk Unduk Ngadau, gerenti dia champion punya walaupun ndak pandai cakap dusun)

and lastly this two hot GT queen.. panas! panas!

Stick to the center spot.. I mean just make sure your eye balls didn’t drop ahh!

Sure I don’t want to get involve if you get caught with your boss ah..

It’s the end guys (really it is!) .. go back to work

you can always drop by later… Heeeeee!

A long waited post… since the previous teaser

Nah!!! There you go!!

but before that.. those are married, turn + look behind, just to make sure your wife is not around.

those who enjoying this at the office, watch out for your boss lady ( if your boss is a guy then it’s okay)

enjoy guys ;p

One of my favorite costume.. manga kinda look.

Ohhh!! Lovely..

Ok! announcement, my favorite is the one with black hair… kamurang jangan ambik ahh!!

This two is for you Kay Uhuk! koff! koff! I mean.. bro! (especially the one on the right)

chitt! chitt! chitt! (Try to make a sound like a cicak) then only you can feel the heat.

Uhhh!!! smoookehhh!!

Okay.. my choice will be the far right.. errr wait.. no the second left, hmm.. wait I choose them all lah!

Haa.. this two you guys boleh pilih la.

Opps!! she forgot her dialogue.. (see a small paper note on her hand)

Finally… uuuhh!! Nice wicked nasty smile

This another one of my favorite costume.. mcm sailormoon daaa..

and she’s taken ah already..

One of my favorite pose, errr… I mean the way she standing bah for the show bah!

haaaa…. and this two, I know someone who really love the costume babes, he! he! it’s castello who else..

okay! you guys had enough??

now.. go back to work….

I know many of you out there have been waiting this post, this kind of post actually is not relevant to this blog itself, but I’m going to post this Autobacs Super GT Malaysian Series 2008 anyway, just doing a favor for you guys as a BONUS for keep visiting + commenting to my not so popular humble blog..

before that, since I have lots and lots and I mean lots of pictures only for this event, I will be posting into three different categories, and to make it more interesting, I just need your feedback of which one would you guys like to see first??

A – The Race…?


B – The Cars..?

or maybe….

Jeng!! Jen!! Jeng!!

C – The GT Queen….?

Let me know your choice of which post you like to see first on the comment box below..

The decision is all yours.. !!!