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Another bangas post from me.. (well.. I’m not a reporter therefore it makes really a good excuse lah!)

I went to see the KL Tower International Jump 2008 last month at Menara Tun Mustapha with Radzie and few of my comrades. The event was held here for the 2nd year in a row with a tagline ‘Ultimate Test of Courage’ and it was really a good experience photographing.

Here I start with the photos taken from the ground..

The jumper started his jump.

The first small parachute starting to pop up

and the main parachute starts to opened.

and touch down.. actually, he landed far away from the drop zone..

here are another shots

Parachute normally comes with a material call woven nylon fabric.

and all jumpers are required to pack their own parachute bag, this to avoid any case involving of sabotage.

.. and now comes the thrill moment, shots taken from the top of Menara Tun Mustapha building..

treng! ten! ten!

I love high places..

This how it looks from the top. 1Borneo and UMS far ahead.

I don’t know his real name but everyone call him Chris, his the one who’s in charge of monitoring all the jumpers + as well as everyone up there.

This where we all began

it’s time for Radzie to get a spot..

Chris really a nice guy, n easy going of person to talk with. He gave us lots of tips for shooting in higher ground.

Radzie taking his moment photographing.. till

… someone is calling.. LOL!

and now it’s my turn to get my spot and I sat next to Radzie..

This how I attached with a rope tied around my waist + Radzie.

This how it really looks like from the top level of Tun Mustapha Tower.

The jumper began to start the jump.

and way he go down..

The jump was tremendously fast, I had to set the camera into ‘continuous shooting’ mode

then only I can get this shot..

for you guys to see.. koff! koff!

well.. thanks to Ali G for bringging us to the top.. (yup! it was him the one with blue shirt)

Xander a.k.a Asrizal was on the top too..

I really had a great time shooting in higher level.

Hopefully, there will be another jump event next year..