Learn Sabahan – Bangas

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Learn Sabahan
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Today’s Sabahan mother tongue that I’m goin to share with you guys is..



mouldy; stale; not new; something is not fresh

bangas sudah bah idea kau nih ketinggalan zaman butul..”

ENG : “The idea is no longer fresh..”
Malay: “Idea yang anda gunakan sudah lapuk..”

*correct me if I’m wrong somewhere there, I’m not the super duper prof with some language degree what so ever.. just sharing my mother tongue with all because it’s actually caring bah!

  1. Massy says:

    Yah butul penggunaan. But I think I seldom use this word. I think I use bidak more. XD

  2. esharkj says:

    Bidak pun buli jgk… tp kalu sia bilang macam nih; “bangas suda tu nasi kuning ko makan bah’ jadi begini pulak “bidak suda tu nasi kuning ko makan bah’… hahaha! mcm bidak pulak kan..

  3. Sauna says:

    Sauna sauna satış bakım destek malzemesi onarım servis malzemeleri

  4. Helloooo,
    stumble your blogs and picture while searching for pictures of our beautiful Sabah and culture. i want to ask your permission to print (A5 size) and display some of your pictures for our next Kaamatan here in the UK (August 2012). it is going to be very small gathering (about 60 people) of Sabahan from all over europe with our western guest. we would love to show them our culture by using your picture if you permit.


  5. Pendeta Bajau says:

    “bangas” tu bahasa BAJAU…bahasa sabah banyak dipengaruhi oleh bahasa BAJAU…
    bukan bahasa sabah saja..tetapi bahasa Melayu jugak…
    “tampan” ” sanggah” “sangkal” ” dangkal” “gebuk” “baharu atau baha’u”..dan banyak lagi….

  6. Pendeta Bajau says:

    bangas = basi
    tampan = menahan sesuatu dengan benda
    sanggah = melanggar sesuatu
    dangkal = pendek
    baha’u = baharu / baru
    gebuk = memukul sesuatu dengan tangan

    cuba tengok kamus dewan bahasa dan pustaka….banyak dlm tu adalah asli bahasa BAJAU…

  7. de ingen says:

    @Vella Bernard – you can also use some pic in my blog. Just go to my blog and search ‘Kaamatan’ or ‘Unduk Ngadau’.

    I love promoting Sabah, too.

    Hope esharkj won’t mind me commenting. Thanks.

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