Poring Hot Spring, Kinabalu Park Sabah.
Well known mostly for its sulphuric minerals, located 40 km south-east of Kinabalu National Park in the district of Ranau at the edge of the Mamut rRiver, Sabah. Poring Hot Spring is managed by Sabah Parks and it took you about 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalau city centre. Visitors can enjoy a soak in sulphurous water channelled from the hot springs into tiled pools and tubs or even boil an eggs ranging between 49 – 60 degrees celcius.

What you’ll expect:
Hot springs with sulphuric minerals, hot + warm bath tub, butterfly farm, Kipungit waterfall, tropical garden, Orchid Conservation Centre, Poring canopy walkway, Laganan waterfall and lots of fun relaxing.

What you didn’t know:
During very long time ago, Poring was originally a small village lived by the Dusun community of Ranau, most of their houses are built with huge + rouded poles of bamboo and the word ‘Poring’ is actually known as ‘Bamboo’. Therefore, the village named Kampung Poring or Poring Village.

Detail post coming up soon! stay tuned..

  1. Massy says:

    Lama sudah inda pigi oh. The last time I went there was er…*thinks hard..I can’t remember, years ago #_#

  2. esharkj says:

    Adeh.. inila ni urang Sabah bah.. pigila during weekend, pulang balik trip. Cantik tul suda poring ni sekarang.

  3. Gallivanter says:

    Sia sudah dua kali ke sana, indak berapa syiok sia rasa…normal saja tu…

  4. sofea says:

    Ya…..best tempat nih, very the very…. !! Sakit urat di kaki pun boleh jalan terus lepas rendam dalam air panas nih tau….MIRACLE !

  5. Jingkung says:

    sudah lama tdk pigi di sini ooo .. mau tinguk bikini wakakakak

  6. Adry Sabry says:

    lama ndak pg situ ooo….

  7. esharkj says:

    Ya kalo ko sia bawak tempat yg extreme ckt.. Ko ada naik tu canopy walk ka dulu? ada pi trekking Langanan waterfall?


    kalu mo tinguk bikini di kadai sana byk tu jingkung.. kalu mo tinguk org pakai bikini haaa sana manukan ka sapi island lagi byk tu..

    ba pigila ba siok suda sana tu.


    I am interested in moths and butterflies , may be can i find some specimen to buy at Poring Butterfly farm ??
    Please can i direct Email to write to us ??
    Thanking you

  9. Alex Green says:

    Hey I saw that largest flower, Rafflesia arnoldii which was huge and around more or less 1 meter in its diameter. Then I had gone for Canopy Walk which was hypothetical to be a track walking path. Then the 2 different waterfalls. Bathe within the Japanese-fashion baths. I took a look at Butterfly Farm. Following url provides the information on “Things to see at Poring” http://www.expeditionasia.net/poring-malaysia.html

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