Apa kabar smua urang2 Sabah?
Today’s post is a bit different as I’m showing you guys some of Sabah’s early days photos, some of you might have seen these photos but for those (including me) I just couldn’t stop to post this and share to all of you.. Special thanks to one of Made In Sabah’s loyal readers + supporters from Klang KL, Ms. Hidayati for the effort and time to scanned + emailed me the photos for us here to share..

Jesselton (which now is known as Kota Kinabalu) was found by the British North Borneo Company in 1899 by Henry Walker as the Land Commisioner.

Jesselton-view-from-Signal-Hill-1909Jesselton view from Signal Hill in 1909. Can anyone spot the ‘Atkinson Clock Tower’

Jesselton 1903Jesselton in year 1903. Gaya island is just up ahead as you can see on the background.

Kampung-Air,-Jesselton-1905-Kampung Air, Jesselton in year 1905

HistoricalSabah-Community&Society All photos scanned from a book of National History Publication (Borneo) titled ‘Historical Sabah – Community & Society’ by Danny Wong Zee Ken

By looking at these photos, just keep me thinking that time is running really fast.. enjoy your live while you still can and preserve your mother heritage!

  1. sofea says:


  2. Flanegan says:

    mo tanya soalan sot ni.

    Where did you get that book?

  3. esharkj says:

    The book is actually from a national library somewhere in KL, since my client friend Ms. Hidayati (non Sabahan) is so passionate + interested about the Sabah history, she scanned some of those pages and email it to me.. later, I posted those pages here for sharing purpose.

    nasib bukan jwpn sot sia kasi.. haha!

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  5. sikurombi says:

    i love the old photos of jesselton…please upload more or.. send to me via email…thanks so much….
    (for you info currently there is an exhibition on old photos of Sabah taken since 1900’s at the sabah Museum)..

  6. it's me says:

    you can get the book at a bookstore wisma merdeka ground floor near the ATM machine.There’s a lot of book about old Sabah there. Go and get it.

  7. esharkj says:

    Thanks for the info.. for those who didn’t know, Wisma Merdeka is actually a shopping complex located just opposite the Hyatt Hotel next to Wisma Sabah in Kota Kinabalu..

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