Yeah.. You’ve just read the title!!


Someone is/are using my photo without my written/verbal consent!!

This was not the second time actually, but it’s the FOURTH time I’ve been a victim to those I like to called ‘THEIF’ a.k.a ‘PENCURI BESAR’..

The photo mentioned is this one below, which I took during my previous visit at Sarawak Cultural Village last year. The photo was taken on Saturday, 24th May 2008 at 1.44pm and contributed to which been published in article of Sarawak Cultural Village.


Let me explain briefly how’s the experienced like to be a victim for the fourth time :

1st : The first time my photo was been used was published in a monthly leaflet by one local hotel (quiet a familiar name) here in Sabah. I’ve never talked/blog about it and never even communicate with the hotel since I’m okay with that and decided to just leave the matter as it was. 😦

2nd: The second time, I was a little bit disappointed with what just happened and later I’ve express my dissapointment through my blog last year, they seems have read my blog and they have express their apologies, since then everything are all settle. 🙂

3rd : I’ve never blog/talked about this one also (only few of my best buddies knows the story). One of my copyrighted photo has been used + published commercially all over K.K without my permission. However, they have settle the situation with professional manner and express their apologies + I’ve got my compensation paid with big sum of amount which granted them a license to use the photo, I even emailed the hi-resolution photo to them as well. 😉

4th : Now! AGAIN for the fourth times!! one of my copyrighted photo has been used by one ‘third party’ website which been managed by one local company here in K.K. The copyrighted photo has been published into one of their page website (don’t bother to click as at this point I’m writing, the URL + photo has been removed). The FUNNY thing is, even the photo has watermark on it, they never ASK or even SEEK for simple permission to use that photo instead publishing it ‘diam-diam tikus’ without my knowledge. >(

Click HERE to view full size screenshot!

Earlier, I’ve send an acknowledgment emailed to the following listed contacts in their website, but what I got replied was… they never ADMIT the ‘fact’ that they have used the photo without permission.

OK! enough writing, let me just leave  you to decide + judge yourself by reading the replied email below… click for larger version.

#1 – ” The said image was indeed taken from a third party website (not “
Ohh! Ya really?? auwww.. The only place that I’ve published/upload that mentioned photo is at on 23 July 2008. THEY LIED!!

#2 – ” we could not recall which website it was as it has been quite a while “
Hmm.. no wonder they cannot recall it, because if it’s true, what they need to do is to give me the correct URL from where they get the photo from actually, but I guaranteed it end up the source image most likely from itself. THEY LIED AGAIN!!

#3 – ” as there were no contact details in that website “
mannn.. are these bunch of people NOT even reading or they just don’t see it properly or they just ‘pok silap’ ignore the CONTACT FORM which are clearly visible. AGAIN.. THEY LIED!!

#4 – ” We at ……………. respect “
Teettttt!!!! WRONG statement there!! They don’t even bother to say ‘sorry‘ and they claimed they have this value of ‘respect’ .. come on! So skiddishhhh!!! Nenek sia pun tidak buli kena tipu this!!!.. THEY REALLY GOOD IN LYING.

It’s not a big deal actually for ‘stealing’, but ADMITTING + APOLOGIES that YOU ARE WRONG is something that is not hard to do bah..

Tips for future victims : If your photo is being use by someone/some parties without your knowledge even if there’s a watermark of your copyrighted name on it, don’t get angry just yet! cool down, it’s a good sign for you actually.. you cannot prevent people from stealing your photos, it’s  just a matter of dealing with them on how best to solve the matter at the end that really counts. Only if they play fool and didn’t really admit that there wrong, then load your weapon!

Moral of the story : Don’t mess + play skidish with BLOGGERS!!!
especially the big shark!!… jen.. jeng.. jen.. jen

  1. chegu carol says:

    the least the should do before using ur photo was to link the photo back to your site bah kan. at least, ppl know where the source of that photo.

    and not recalling which website they have gotten the picture shows that they are ignorance of the correct way to use other people’s copyright photos. tiada etika berinternet langsung…

  2. Zero says:

    These people got no class…

  3. Shawn says:

    This is another good example of internet fraud. Nowadays, lots of photographers became the victims to such big companies ‘with no class’. Usually, amateur photographers don’t get their compensation, but those photographers who is also a blogger are the one they have to be careful with. In your case, they have acted with lack of professional manner towards what was happen and I must say they are going to pay for the consequences from messing around with bloggers. Good luck to you!

  4. esharkj says:

    Yes chegu carol, that is the least they should do if they go by the rules, but it seems they have their own version of ‘rules’ by NOT admitting of stealing peoples photo and NOT even say SORRY!

    I guess they got 0.00%

    True.. thanks!

  5. ethel says: sorry it happened to you. Happened to me once too, a famous site that offers free graphics/blinkies for websites/blogs/forum posted a drawing that was created by me. And that person (a member of the site) claimed that it was hers! Aku punya panas terus email both that woman and the site owner. Glad my graphic had been removed tho.

    Good luck to you! I guess this thing can never stop lah..

  6. esharkj says:

    Wahh ethel! your case pun dahsyat..

    True, I think this kind of issue won’t stop la.
    err.. I wonder when will be the fifth time la this.

    btw tengkiu, lama ko tia pi sini nih.. rindu sia 😉

  7. papajoneh says:

    i saw.. i mean i heard this news from si Massy… that time.. as u said… u have not blogged about it. Terlampau betul lah diaorang ni. Part yg ndak mengaku tu yg bikin meradang tu … punyalah bodoh kan… as if the picture is so so common.

    Yg bikin meradang lagi tu, part yg respect tu… cissssss… sudah lah new company … konon besar sangat kah diaorang tu can just take others’ picture.

    nah panas sudah sia ni… coz mine pun pernah kena curi. kena pakai di forum and hard linking lagi.. diam2 ndak kasi tau.. stupe betul.. as if we cannot check… bikin meradang betullllllllllllllllllllll…. bah bagus sia pi munim nescafe dulu… kasi sajuk2 dulu.. all the best to u my friend. don worry… u have extra eyes here. If i find another place where yer pics used without permission.. sure kena lah diaorang tu.. 😀

  8. esharkj says:

    Oh tengkiu fren! mcm mo nangis pulak this..

  9. papajoneh says:

    don u cry.. nanti hilang macho tu 😀

    one more thing i wanna share or ask .. i still not agree on other blogger(s) using others’ picture without giving back the credit or ask permission 1st. I’ve seen many pictures taken from other site, they edit and post it as a supporting story but no link whatsoever … n not even mention it… ini pun satu gejala yg tak sihat….
    at least, mention their site or, the picture clickable to the source with the picture is saved in the local.. and not hardlinking as i call it. but of coz, the best thing is.. with permission.

    ok itu ja.. saja lepaskan geram sambil minum2 kupi ni 😀

  10. esharkj says:

    I think it all depends on that particular picture..

    if its a picture of an event like posters or flyers, Yes! bloggers should link the pictures to the original source of information.

    if its a picture of someone pictures, off course link back from where you get it.

    regarding the edited pictures, I think is also depends on the pictures itself, if say just resize the picture size to fit into bloggers’ blog, or just brighten + sharpen the pictures to look more stunning visible then for me I think is still okay la. at least bloggers is helping them to promote the event for FREE mah.

    bukan sia nangis.. mata sia masuk habuk ba this.. ko minum2 kupi tu kain jemuran suda angkat? mo hujan nih! 😉

  11. Mark says:

    I hate when people stealing!!
    Lucky your photos is not been use for postcards and been published by some parties without you knowing anything about it and they are really making money out of your effort.

  12. […] to ‘re-boot’ a somewhat dead blog… but hear me out; no wait, actually hear him AND her out. You really should. Trust me, especially to all the professional and/or aspiring […]

  13. Shan says:

    Dear Sir,

    My sincere apologies in this issue of not crediting images accordingly. I was only made aware of this problem recently as I personally do not handle the layout and imaging.

    I have been made to understand that this issue has already been rectified and should you wish to discuss in further detail I am more than happy to accomodate.

    Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead.


    Shan Sandhu
    Chief Editor

  14. Shan Sandhu says:

    Hi it’s me yet again.

    Should anyone reading this also have anything to add or ask regarding this particular issue and all the details, personal points and images listed specifically in this blog post you are also welcome to email me.

    Again, I am looking for rectification of this situation and would like to be fair to you now that I am aware of all the facts.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all very soon.

    Best wishes and have a great evening,


  15. esharkj says:

    Hi Shan,
    I accept the apologies, thank you!.. now someone is talking! just it’s kind of late a bit la.

    your names sounds familiar.. I guess you the one who approach me through this blog about the BIM08 last year right? anyway.. I’ve just talked about your comments here with the LifeinBorneo team members, and they will get in touch with you soon personally if there’s any solution with regards to this matter since you’re willing to be ‘fair’ to this issue.

    thanks again!

  16. esharkj says:

    is it just a story about stealing photo and published the photo as a postcards or it’s actually happens to you? if yes, then I’m sorry to hear that..

  17. Shan says:

    Hi Esharkj,

    Yes I am that very same Shan, previously from BIM. I know you guys are aware of me as Xander tagged my full name in his post.

    Just to update you, the entire feature for 50+1 in which your image was taken from has been removed entirely to prevent future further issues arising.

    Trust to have kept you updated. Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead.


    Shan Sandhu
    Chief Editor

  18. esharkj says:

    Hi again Shan!

    I didn’t knew that you as the chief editor until you’ve wrote your comments ere, but I just heard recently that you were part of the team, just I’m not sure which ‘shan’ you are actually.
    Well.. since you’re the chief editor, I believe at this time you’ve taken necessary action to your staff and don’t bother to remove that particular page as it doesn’t makes any difference now, just pls make sure this issue not happen again, not just to me but to other fellow photographers. If they like to use any of the photos, what they need to do is just ASK!


  19. Shan says:

    Hi Esharkj.

    The feature has been removed entirely and in full to avoid any further issue.

    As this was during our early days of starting out we made a genuine novice mistake.

    Currently all images received are either from inernational PR firms, directly from properties and companies featured or designated photographers.

    Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead.

    Shan Sandhu
    Chief Editor

  20. massy says:

    Oh aku termiss ini post. ada aku baca post si xander. Panas ko shark. *sweat.

  21. esharkj says:

    Ndaklah panas ba massy.. separuh mendidih ja this!

  22. Shan says:

    I’m sorry but correct me if I am wrong how could any of you possibly have missed anything? Aren’t you all in this together?

    I have kept quiet even though your friends, who are unaware of the actual problem and all the proper information, have been slandering my work and that of the company I work for.

    Our work has been knowingly and maliciously publicly defaced, we’ve endured slander and libel as well as your supporters using unpleasant language and calling us names. You have also knowingly exposed the images of our Strategic Partners.

    I have also been made to understand that there have been emails circulated highlighting this issue, albeit from your POV only.

    In the terms of the law, what we did was wrong. Yes. I have taken accountability and responsibility for it.

    However, what you are doing is also wrong. Libel and slander are 2 things I take very seriously.Be responsible for what you write and what you do.

    As a pioneer blogger myself and one who has never gotten involved in drama and nonsense, I am Embarassed at the sheep mentality displayed by certain local bloggers here. Shoot first, ask questions later is it?


  23. esharkj says:

    Hi again Shan..

    This blog only have one author, and that is me myself alone. NO one/groups/parties are behind this post other than me alone..

    I don’t ask for supporters, I don’t even look for sympathy, I don’t even know how to write proper ENG, but some of the readers here who you called with ‘sheep mentality’ are ‘matured’ enough to see + read which is right and which is wrong.

    Maybe you have to correct your sentences of you’ve been keep quite.. I’ve never put any of your names or even the company your work for, it was you the one who came up and wrote comments here with your own NAME + DESIGNATION + COMPANY.

    Yes! I am responsible of what I wrote, otherwise I wouldn’t even ‘APPROVED’ any of your comments to be appear here from the first place..

    and lastly, I didn’t ‘shoot’ anyone.. I’m the one who been SHOT here to be exact!!

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