Did I Miss This Year’s Super GT?

Posted: July 6, 2009 in Macam-Macam
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The answer to the question you’ve just read is something I’m a bit kesian…

YA! I’ve missed it!!

I’ve missed the SUPER GT 2009 race this year, I missed those loud sounds of 500hp engines, I missed the smell of burning Sepang track, I missed Mai Sakamoto (the RAYBRIG babes), Kaori Minami, Junko Iida (the ZENT babes), the Yokohama tyre gals, and lastly I missed shooting with my favorite sniper..

My absence to this one of the hottest race on earth is due to heavy work load a.k.a ndak kena suru pigi!

So, this morning while I was browsing for some fresh photos of the SUPER GT 2009 race event  (just to lepas my rindu la kunun), I stumble into one photography forum and spotted one photo of the last year race which I was on that photo!!

Wahh.. it’s actually rare to see me captured in action!


This photo was uploaded by a forum member named bugger, here is the link to this photo #19 at Velocity forum

Those who knows how I look, try if you can find which one is me on this photo?

Hint : Aiming the camera straight to the GT babes without no fears of anyone behind him!!

Thank you bugger! ;p

  1. sofea says:

    Hah………!!! I know dah…which one is you…Bukan main fokus nampakkk……sikit ja lagi nak tertiarap da tu…!

  2. esharkj says:

    Aik! ohh!! you noticed haa.. deh!! sampai mau tertiarap2 haaa, actually my ‘kuda-kuda’ tu kuat that time, tula org belakang cannot pigi depan, sia buat teknik ‘gaban mengunci bumi’..

  3. papajoneh says:

    kalau ndak silap… yg masi rambut crew cut tu… pakai topi tu…. kalau ndak paling depan.. ndak sah nanti.. dahlah close up.. lepas tu zoom lagi.. entah apalah menarik tu ah 😉

  4. esharkj says:

    Ha ha! ko ni ahh.. adala tu yg menarik tu bah, kusyuk btul time tu nih, the queue mo masuk sini punyala panjang sampai 200m berbaris, can you imagine, byr ticket RM100 pun berbaris pjg.. but I manage to sneak in the crowd until I’m on the first row, sebab sia pakai hikmat ‘Gerakan Ninja Tanpa Bayang peringkat ke-2’

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