Tribe : Bajau
The Bajau tribe are one of the largest ethnic group in Sabah, Borneo Malaysia. Nowadays, there are also known as the “cowboys of the east” who originally has been believed migrated from the southern Philippines about few hundreds years ago. The Bajau are the fisherman, divers and farmers, they were also once before the most dangerous pirates within the Sulu Sea and various seas surrounding the Indonesian island in Sulawesi. While Bajau in the south eastern part of Sabah are very skillful with craftsmanship work where they built their own traditional fishing boat called lepa-lepa boat, they are also known as the Sea Bajau for this. These unique lepa-lepa boats are featured on every annual festival held in Semporna and these boats are decorated with colorful decoration and raced against each other in an annual celebration called Regatta Lepa which explains why they are still commonly called the “sea gypsies”.

Did You Know?
The most significant + symbolic animals to the Bajau is buffalo and horse.

  1. jareyj80 says:

    alaaaa…comel nyeeee….

  2. sofea says:

    Aaaah…laa…!!! cute gak mamat nih yek..tapi macam pernah ku lihat…….DI MANA YA…..?????

  3. esharkj says:

    Ya! his cute, jgn main2 this fellow has been photographed by many pro photographers and his face has been publish + printed out in quiet a number of brochures, hotels magazine and tourism catalogue here in Malaysia, especially in Sabah.

    I was lucky to have him in my photo collection. 😉

  4. papajoneh says:

    mcm sia pernah nampak si jareyj80 punya muka ni. Macam muka model yg pernah appeared in many car shows and even at the pc fairs. Wow!!

    Bahaya ni… sudah pandai komenting!!

  5. esharkj says:

    Yah.. ssshhhhhhhh! memang danger ni. jan kestau org, mcm dia la tuh. Heee!!!

  6. jareyj80 says:


  7. papajoneh says:

    konpom kah kau ni? Adehhhhhh… bah diam-diam lah sia ni. Nanti bini sia tanya, sia bilang bukan.. itu memang model si eshark bayar punya… dia sengaja cari yg muka sama supaya ndak brapa rindu juga bila bekerja ambil gambar.

  8. jareyj says:

    ha..haa..haaa..ya sialah ni…tp syssssshhhhh….

  9. gogoi says:

    i’ve also written an article about sama dilaut in my blog: girva.wordpress.com. some of them have already leave their traditional ways.

  10. gogoi says:

    i’ve have written an article about sama dilaut on my blog: girva.wordpress.com. sadly, here in the philippines, some of them have already leave their traditional ways.

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