11th Kiulu 4M Challenge

Posted: November 26, 2008 in Events
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11th Kiulu 4M Challenge
Date : 7 December 2008
Venue : Kiulu, Tamparuli Sabah, Borneo Malaysia

An annual event of extreme race opens to the public held in nice river landscape of Kiulu the district of Tamparuli. This race featuring ‘4M’ (four) of the Dusun and Kadazan traditional games using Bamboo, which all activities name begin with a pronunciation of the letter ‘M’.
1st Manangkus : Running (5km/6km) to the rafting starting point.
2nd Mamangkar : Bamboo rafting (5km) at Kiulu river – Grade 2.
3rd Manampatau : Drift downriver and paddle-swim (1.3km) using bamboo pole.
4th Mamarampanau : Walking (0.2km) with bamboo stilts.

Contact person :
Mr. Ariffin Gadait (Ofc:+6088-225752/255972 / Mobile:+6019-8624585)

  1. That was fun. although its very tiring, still the adventure never stops. hope to see that event next year.

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